Tuesday, January 15, 2019

#TMITuesday : January 15, 2019 ~ Sex & Lovers

Do your thang! TMI Tuesday.

1. Who has the tendency to hold a grudge–you or your significant other?
~ I tend to hold onto my simmering unexpressed anger longer than my wife, but when she is unhappy she will let you know. Quickly. And dredge out every other thing you did wrong in the last 2-3 decades, because clearly I wasn't paying attention when she told me the first time.

2. When arguing with a loved one, who is most likely to “hit below the belt*” first?
(*attacking your partner’s character or something personal about them).
~ None of that per se but my wife's management skills come to the fore in any argument. She will keep at you until you agree it's you that's wrong not her. She will take whatever you say and turn it around back it you. ("So you're not happy with ...? And you would like me to...? Is that really want you want? Is that how it is? Because if that's how it is then....")

3. Do you have sex with your eyes open or closed?
~ Open, but the lights are out. But I usually keep a door open slightly to let some light in (or the lights dimmed down super low) because I do need to see my wife's naked body. I am a 'visual' person, and on occasion I have stopped mid-fuck to go turn the lights on (dimmed).

4.  The last time you had sex, was it meaningful (making love) or trivial (getting a much needed fuck)?
~ As per the above definition it was trivial. Which reminds me I need to write a Part 3

5. Is sex with your best friend a dream come true or the worst nightmare?
~ Neither. I already know it never works. Call me old and jaded!

Bonus: Share with us your best tip for making your online dating profile standout.
~ I find a strong (erect) dick pic works best. Ladies love those. Women are always private messaging me asking for dick pics. At least I think they're women. Some of these MeWe profiles are quite generic. (Here's mine - like the complete newbie that I am, I posted rude stuff - you're supposed to save that for the nsfw groups and the chat rooms)

Double Bonus: When I had sex with a prostitute I kept my eyes closed mostly - presumably out of shame?

Mood lighting is sexy, IMO

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

#SoSS with @_LittleSBitch @BrigitWrites @PosyChurchgate and May @more_matters

This image is the prompt for the Masturbation Monday meme, so hurry - there's still
time to enter something. The image is by Little Switch Bitch © you can see more here
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts. 

Brigit Delaney ~ Brigit Writes  "Erotic Journal Challenge"

Speaking of weekly memes Brigit has launched her own one, called the Erotic Journal Challenge. She's also revamped her blog for 2019, after taking a sabbatical from sex blogging last year. I'll let Brigit explain how the challenge works (this week's prompt is Discovery). Her newblog also has a Book Club :
This is a weekly journal prompt activity I’m starting to help myself explore my own eroticism. Over the past years, I feel like I’ve sort of fallen out of the habit of living an erotic life… or maybe I should just be honest and say, I’ve never really lived a fully erotic life, at least not in the way I’d like to.

[So] each week, I will post a topic or question that I plan to explore in my own journal. I’m going to post them and add a link-up so that readers can get in on the challenge, too. I encourage you to respond in whatever way seems most authentic – a journal entry, drawing, photo, video, story, poem… ANYTHING that can be posted on your website. Then, link your post here.

I’ll post the prompts on Friday or Saturday each week (depending on my schedule). The link-up will open Saturday at noon (US Pacific time) and remain open until the next Friday at 11:55 pm (US Pacific time)
...[much more]

Posy Churchgate ~ Pillow Talk - 'Fairground Ride' Part 2

Posy has written a two part erotic story about a woman who meets a stranger at the fairground. This is an excerpt from Part Two :
Judy kept her eyes on his face, his pretty mouth, but she felt the fabric falling away, revealing small breasts in a lacy bra. Evan’s expression was rapt as he traced the curves of each with rough fingers before tugging down one cup to drag her nipple to an aching stalk.

His voice was husky and low as he pulled the other breast free of lace to tweak the opposite nipple.“Hello girls, want to play?” He spoke to her tits directly. Judy felt a clench in her pussy.

Evan leaned forwards and licked first one nipple tip, gently like it was the tip of an ice cream cone. He moved to the other side and swirled his warm wet tongue round that nipple too. Judy watched with fascination as he went from one to the other, increasing the teasing pressure a little each time until he was sucking each nipple towards the back of his throat making her positively growl with excitement. The strands of lust tightened from breasts to pussy like bowstrings.

Without realising she was doing it, Judy had gathered her pleated skirt up till it was bunched in her hands, displaying her tiny matching thong, not much bigger than an eye patch!

“What have we here?” Evan’s voice was
... [much more]

May More ~ If Sex Matters - "Smut Marathon - My Journey "

With the 2019 Smutr Marathon about to get underway it's timely that May should write about her experience last year, when she entered for the first time. She placed well and has given a number of tips for people participating this year.  Read the whole piece because this is just an excerpt : 
How much sex should there be?

I actually came top in round 8 with Time Off – yet no sex took place. This is when the subject of how much smut/sex is needed in a erotic story began to interest me. I had really liked one of Cara’s earlier entries and noticed she hadn’t included any actual sex at all. It was the characters thoughts that were smutty. I learned from her story and decided two strangers in a lift were unlikely to get down and dirty so if any sexiness happened it would occur in the mind. I penned Time Off, with that thought.

Some erotica that involves copious amounts of sex is almost porn. I hastily add that I have nothing against porn but prefer it to be real-life rather than fiction
... [much more]

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

#WickedWednesday : We had sex - Twice! (Part 2)

In Part One I started to tell the story of how I had sex with my wife after a very long drought. The preamble is well worth reading (hot brides and very sexy bridesmaids) but we continue now with... the sex!
The party continued and then we went home. It was quite late and my wife was kinda trashed so I had no expectations of sex. But I was also horny since it had been a while. Luckily my wife was also horny since it had been a while. A long while. Months.
We climbed into bed as usual, and lay there with the lights out. In silence. Crickets.
Then she commented on what a lovely wedding it was, and how beautiful the bride and groom looked.
I replied by saying how hot all the bridesmaids were. And then I grabbed my wife's hand and placed it on my stiff cock.
That was all she needed. She was on me like a rat up a drain pipe...

Hopefully this image will meet Tumblr's new guidelines?
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't and triggered a ban.
She squeezed my dick, like she was checking if it was real. Like she'd forgotten what it felt like, but was slowly remembering. Yes, it had been that long since we'd shared any sexual intimacy at all.

She wrapped her hand around my dick and started pumping it slowly. She was lying flat on her back, as was I, next to her. She stroked me a few times, and then began stroking herself a few times as well. I could see what she was doing under the covers, but I made no attempt to join her. Or assist. Or take over.

I was in a mean mood (see Part One to understand why) and was not inclined to get her off. She could get me off first and then maybe I'd get her off.  Maybe. We'd see. 

The absurdity of my faux outrage made me laugh inside and even I knew I'd be on her pussy like a pig in shit once I'd got mine. But yes, I was in an ornery mood and I wanted her to 'make amends' for my enforced celibacy by getting me off. First.

In true male fashion the memory that I'd had sex with a prostitute three weeks earlier didn't even cross my mind. All I was thinking about was that my wife and I hadn't had sex in ages. And now it was time to correct that. And my wife had to atone for sins. (Yes, I was in caveman mode)

Maybe she picked up on my mood, or maybe she got herself off quickly and quietly, but she stopped what she was doing and turned to snuggle up close to me. Switching hands she started pumping my cock faster, and with a firmer grip. She jacked me off hard (but not too vigorously) for a few more minutes before throwing off the covers and climbing in between my legs. 

Crouching down she started licking my balls as she continued jerking my cock. I moaned appreciatively, making it clear I was enjoying her efforts greatly.

She ran her wet flat tongue up my length and then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. But only for a second before dropping back down, tonguing my balls again, and then running her tongue back up the other side of my dick. Still holding my cock in her hands she licked her lips wetly and again popped the head between her lips. She bobbed down, but only to the glans, before popping back up again. 

I wasn't sure if she was trying to tease me or just tipsy, but she was teasing me none the less. She was holding my stiff prick in one hand, my balls in the other, squeezing them both, and licking the head of my cock like a kitten. It was driving me crazy. 

Then she let go of everything, using only her mouth to hold me. With her lips around the head of my cock, but holding me there firmly with her suction, she placed her hands on either side of my hips and slowly moved her mouth down. Down on my cock. 

I groaned deeply as I felt every inch of my cock enter her mouth on her way down. When she reached the bottom she paused, her nose on my pubic bone and her chin on my balls, before rising back up just as slowly as she had gone down on me. I clutched the sheets and thrashed my head from side to side as strong shivers ran all over my spine, I was electrified. 

My wife resumed her hand job, which she continued to supplement with her mouth and tongue. When I noticed her free hand was between her legs, strumming her clit, I held her head gently in my hands to support her - and then started thrusting upwards. The thrusts became wilder and soon I was face fucking her, determined to once again get as much of my cock in her throat as I could. 

As I held her head firmly with both hands I began humping her mouth wildly - me still on my back, and her still diddling her clit as I did so. She was moaning now, using her free hand to hold herself up as I fucked her mouth. Her other hand was a blur between her legs, and she was moaning like a dirty whore at a gang bang.

"Oh yeah, fuck me with your dirty mouth" I grunted, "you love it you dirty girl"

My wife responded by humping her face on my cock and fingering herself even harder. She was slurping and moaning loudly.

"Omigod, you have such a great mouth, you're the best cocksucker ever" I said, continuing with my dirty talk.

My wife stopped playing with herself and attacked my dick with a gusto. She gobbed down harder on my dick, deep-throating me, before coming up for air and gasping for breath. She started fisting my cock, jacking me super fast into her open mouth. She had it open like an 'O' and my cock made sloppy popping sounds as it bounced against her open lips. She was ready to receive and I was ready to explode.

I grabbed my dick back, to stop myself from cumming. 

"If you want yours you better climb on top, because I'm ready to pop now!" I warned her, holding my dick out as an offering. 

"No no I'm fine, I just want you to cum -- cum in my mouth" said my wife, franticly. She was clearly overcome with lust and to prove it she pushed my legs up and apart and started tonguing my asshole and slurping on my balls. "I love your balls" she grunted, "they're so fucking big. I can feel all that cum in them, ready to explode!" And with that she was jacking me off again and rimming me. 

I didn't need much more encouragement, I was indeed ready to erupt.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, removing her from my ass and balls. She was oblivious and fought me, her tongue still sticking out like a snake as she tried to get back there. 

Wow! It was a long time since I'd seen her this wanton. 

"I'm going to cum!" I barked, to appease her, which it did. 

She relented and shifted her focus to my cock and once again wrapped her lips around the head in an 'O' fashion. She grabbed my balls and squeezed, as I pumped my cock a few times and exploded into her mouth. The hot jism flooded her mouth in heavy spurts and she responded by opening wider for more. When I was done she dropped her head down swallowed me again, sucking and slurping until I was sated, and twisting my balls in an attempt the wring out the last of my climax.

Honestly, I haven't seen her this cock crazy in a long time.  Maybe telling all those sex stories at the wedding reception had acted as foreplay for her? Maybe it had awakened some memories of how good we were? Whatever. I'd been well and truly fucked and was feeling very blissed out. "What about you?" I offered valiantly, "your turn?"

"Oh no, I'm good" she grinned, snuggling down next to me, "I'm fiiiiine...."

If she'd gotten herself off in the midst of all this she wasn't admitting it - but there was what seemed like a guilty glint in her eye. Or was I just projecting? I really couldn't tell. 

After a pause a voice whispered in the darkness: "But you can go down on me tomorrow night if you want..."


Oh dear, I guess we're headed to a Part 3 since I haven't got to 
the second time 'We Had Sex' yet. Oops!
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click here for more 'Wicked Wednesday' stories (NSFW)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

#TMITuesday : January 8, 2019 ~ New Year. New Hopes.

I joined MeWe - this is my header pic there

New Year. New Hopes. And another new TMI Tuesday. Cheers!
Fill in the blanks.

1. I want to repeat _____ . a good joke (I'm hopeless at remembering them!)
2. I want to lose _____ . weight
3. I want to gain _____ . muscle tone
4. I want to enjoy _____ . sex again
5. I want to savor _____ . a juicy cunt
6. I need more _____ . real passion in my life

Bonus: I will succeed in _____ . 2019?

Double Bonus: Some people seem to have enjoyed my Paying for Sex at Xmas! series, which you can find here: Part 1, Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 (Final)

Triple Bonus: I joined MeWe since Tumblr no longer allow NSFW pics (and take a very broad view of what is NSFW). I haven't figured it out at all but if you're on this new social media platform then  look me up here. And invite me to some groups!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Masturbation Monday : We had sex - Twice!

As some of you may know, I use the 'we had sex' tag/label on this blog so that I can keep track of the dates/how often I actually have sex with my wife. I am often quick to complain about not getting any, and yet tardy when it's time to write about the instances we do have sex. So now it's time to play catch-up, and not with one but two occasions where we had sex over Christmas.

Actually I use the term 'Christmas' loosely since both times were well after Christmas. I would have written this up sooner but we have had two families visiting us, and one is still here. Neither staying with us, thank god, or none of this sex would have happened, I'm sure. Anyway, it went down like this:

Complaints v Gratitude

My wife and I went to a wedding the Saturday just before Xmas, and another wedding the Saturday just after Xmas. Both weddings were for couples my wife knew, and both were second marriages for each couple.

As everyone knows, weddings are very romantic occasions and (generally speaking) women tend to get more emotional as they reflect on their own marriage or a past relationship. Or a desire to have a relationship as loving and bonded as the one they're witnessing. 

Add in an open bar at the reception afterwards and you have the synopsis of many romantic comedies churned out by Hollywood year after year. People do strange things at wedding receptions, fueled by romantic lust and alcohol.

My wife is no exception. 

The first wedding was late afternoon, held in the function room of the pub/bar next door.  It was a lovely ceremony (non religious) and afterwards we all adjourned next door for drinks and nibbles (they'd booked out the bar, it was smallish). My wife didn't eat much (it was finger food) but enjoyed the free champagne. And then mojitos. Suffice to say my wife was quickly in high spirits and determined to be the life of the party - without overshadowing the bride, to her credit. She had an easy icebreaker: she was the one who had introduced the two to each other and the romance blossomed from there.

Being in high spirits my wife got all mushy over me and very PDA*, which is unusual for her. During the evening something happened at the reception that wasn't sexual but made clear she felt very bonded to me and wanted everyone to know it. And then she expected me to reciprocate, which made it quite awkward since Nero don't play dat. Another thing I had to nip in the bud was her telling everyone that we (me and her) should renew our vows and have another wedding ourselves this year because we were... even she couldn't remember how long we'd been together.

That's when I knew she was drunk and it was time to take her home.  Sadly for me when we got home she seemed to have sobered up markedly. It was like a switch had been flicked and as soon as we entered the front door we were back to normal.  All that romance had been left at the bar apparently. She went straight to the kitchen, opened her laptop, and 'checked her emails'. On a Saturday night FFS*. Three days until Xmas but no sex, thank you.

The bride was stunning - and so were the bridesmaids. All five of them!
A week later we were attending another wedding and it went pretty much the same as above. The ceremony was held in a very small church (old) and then we adjourned across the road to a restaurant that had been booked for the occasion. The first couple married had been photogenic thirtysomething 'hipsters', this couple were photogenic fortysomething 'entrepreneurs'. The bride was drop dead gorgeous but when her five sisters (all bridesmaids) marched in (yes, it was a Catholic service!) my draw dropped. Each one was more stunning than the last. I looked at the groom and thought "Oh.my.god. You lucky lucky bastard".

Seriously with women like that you'd be happy to attend any family function ever. I'm not overstating it, these women were hotAF*. And none of them were models, which genuinely surprised me.

Anyway, the reception involved lots of free alcohol and a sit down dinner. Followed by a DJ and dancing and more free alcohol so we didn't leave until 11pm. We'd been seated with bunch of her BNG* buddies so of course the conversation (and behavior) got completive as the night wore on. Those guys are all about oneupmanship. Although we don't look too much older they are in fact all much younger than us, so my wife acts their age in order to move she's not old.

Suffice to say she was giving me its of PDA's again, and when the subject turned to sex my wife was telling all sorts of stories about us. When she told one couple one story I knew she'd already told them at another wedding months ago I tried to cut her off but she was insistent they hadn't heard it. Even when the other guy said 'Yes, you've told us how you met' she was determined to continue, which she did by dragging others at the table into the conversation. 

So my wife is telling them all what a sex god I am, and I'm thinking (but not saying) "that's nice, but it would be nice to have some new stories to tell, but of course that would involve us actually having sex" when she starts telling the table what we're getting up to now. Which is a lie because we aren't fucking having sex and we haven't for months. This naturally pisses me off but I have to hold my tongue because to correct her would just make us look doubley sad.

Her lies remind me of one of her previous bosses twenty years ago, before my wife left to start her own company. That boss had initially been a great mentor to her and my wife thought the sun shone out of her ass. I had a different view: I thought she was a fake and was exploiting my wife, making her do all the shit work, creating all the success in the company - credit for which she would steal from my wife. It was only after slaving for this woman for seven years that my wife finally woke up and quit.

But I digress. What's relevant is that one of the things this woman used to do was always go on about how she and her husband were having lots and lots of hot and heavy sex, and wild and crazy sex. She would tell these stories at Friday night drinks, at work social functions, anytime she got liquored up basically.  Then of course came the day her husband left her and we all found out he'd been having an affair with his neighbor for months because they hadn't had sex for years because his wife was the CEO of this big company and never home.

That incident always stuck with me and I always wondered when my wife would follow suit. My wife had always idolized her boss and wanted to be as 'successful' as her, right up until the time she realized the woman was a bully and had exploited her badly. And here we were, 20 years later, and now it was my wife telling the table how she and I were having lots and lots of hot and heavy sex, and wild and crazy sex.

I got up and left, feigning a need for the bathroom. My wife followed me, saying she needed to go too. Both stalls (male and female) were 'engaged' but the wheelchair-accessible one was free. My wife beckoned me, trying to get me to come in with her. "There's room enough for two!" she said smiling. Yes, there was room enough for two people to fuck in there too, but I knew my wife well enough to know that that would never happen. I also knew my wife was in a funny mood, and if she wanted people to think we were fucking in there then I wasn't going to play that game. I declined. 

The party continued and then we went home. It was quite late and my wife was kinda trashed so I had no expectations of sex. But I was also horny since it had been a while. Luckily my wife was also horny since it had been a while. A long while. Months.

We climbed into bed as usual, and lay there with the lights out. In silence. Crickets.

Then she commented on what a lovely wedding it was, and how beautiful the bride and groom looked.

I replied by saying how hot all the bridesmaids were. And then I grabbed my wife's hand and placed it on my stiff cock.

That was all she needed. She was on me like a rat up a drain pipe... 

continued in Part 2 on Wednesday, since tomorrow is TMI Tuesday.


*PDA = Public Display of Affection
*FFS = For fuck's sake
*HotAF = Hot as fuck
*BNG = Business Networking Group
This post has also been submitted to Masturbation MondayClick this link for stories more erotic than mine!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Reading - Anaconda

So my wife has been buying books again. Should I be worried about her size fetish, or just be happy they don't seem to be as hardcore as before. Maybe she's mellowing with age and prefers 'sexy romantic' rather than 'xxxx' now? 

All books can be ordered online via Amazon.com © original authors/publishers. Click on the images to zoom.