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When you’re getting fucked in the shower and...

When you’re getting fucked in the shower and...

... your room mate is there watching.
With a camera...

Last week I published a post called Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY!! ~ (Part 2) and I was going to use the above pic to illustrate the following:

Steven took her inside and immediately pushed her up against the wall and started kissing her. Hands were everywhere and soon the clothes were coming off. In order to maintain some privacy he pulled her into the bathroom, which was a large tiled wet room complete with vanity, bathtub, and shower. And that's where it gets messy. Steven had her up against the basin and was banging her hard from behind. Josh insists he was already in the shower washing off the pool water when they came in and started fucking. 
That's the story he was insisting upon next morning at breakfast. That he was in the guest villa bathroom, instead of his own, taking a shower when Steven and the girl burst in and were so consumed by lust they didn't notice him. Steven said he only noticed Josh at the end but didn't care because it wasn't the first time Josh had been in the room while he fucked someone. Apparently the girl didn't mind either because she...  [more]

In the end I chose something less confronting. You can see the pic I did use last Wednesday here, or read the full story here.

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OPP: A Completely Unforeseen Mouth Fucking

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info)
(FYI: all links in this post are working)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "Mama's Boy is one of my best and oldest friends in the US whom I haven't had sex with in almost 7 years. So when I went to crash at his place for the night after my weekend with Karlo and before I got on a bus back to Unitown the next morning, I had absol"

recovered post on Pervertically Virtuous

A Completely Unforeseen Mouth Fucking

by Pervertically Virtuous

Mama's Boy is one of my best and oldest friends in the US whom I haven't had sex with in almost 7 years. So when I went to crash at his place for the night after my weekend with Karlo and before I got on a bus back to Unitown the next morning, I had absolutely no idea that I would end up with his cock down my throat. Really. Zero idea, zero intention.

I met Mama's Boy in my first week of moving to the States. He and his roommates were a breath of fresh air in the sea of boring, unattractive, badly dressed, suburban or rural, socially conservative, drinking-game obsessed engineering grad students that were my housemates. Mama's Boy and his housemates were also All-American, suburban upper-middle class, fiscally conservative, drinking-game playing engineering grad students, but at least they were hot – tall, blond, pretty faces, in great shape, and decently well dressed. Mama's boy and I hooked up that same night, and a few other times in the upcoming weeks. It was alright, but he was too inexperienced (had only 1 sex partner before me – his ex-girlfriend), too insecure, and too awkward about whole sex thing to handle a fuck buddy situation. After he developed an imaginary (i.e., psychosomatic) STI out of fear for fucking this crazy, promiscuous Eastern European, we decided we should just be friends. We haven't hooked up since. There was no reason to think that weekend was going to be an exception.

After the amazing 20 hours spent with Karlo, followed by a fun few hours of lounging on my friends' roof in Brooklyn afterpartying with cocaine and ketamine (some of that had yet to slept from the night before), I went to SOHO for a lovely dinner and drinks with Tye, the oldest friend I have who was visiting from Africa and the main reason I was in NYC that weekend. I had been hoping we would end up in a hotel room fucking each other's brains out, but he was staying with an ex-girlfriend with whom he wasn't having sex, yet couldn't really fuck me either. Complicated. I'll have much more to say about Tye in the future – not least because he agreed to write up the many sexual adventures we have experienced together over the 16 years we've known each other. He apparently remembers them much better than I do.

When Tye decided to go home, I contemplated texting Karlo and going back to his place for round two, but decided against it – too inconvenient for catching the bus back to Unitown in the morning, my pussy was already quite sore, and it was more fun leaving something for next time. I was also looking forward to seeing Mama's Boy.

Mama's Boy had just returned from a dinner and drinks with an Australian girl he'd met on the subway a few weeks ago - which was a pretty major success given how shy he is around women he finds attractive. This night was her last night in NYC before heading back to Australia – yet despite their mutual attraction, no one had made the first move, and they had parted ways without even a kiss. When I walked into his apartment he had just gotten a text from her.

Her: "I'm curious. Did you wanna sleep with me?"

Him: "Honestly, yes. Did you?"

Her: "Yeah. Damn, missed opportunity."

I was furious. "Why, oh why, didn't you make the move?!"

"I wasn't sure if she were interested," was his excuse.

"Well of course you weren't sure! Usually signs that someone is attracted to you are subtle. What were you expecting? A neon billboard up on Times Square? A 'fuck me, please' whispered in your ear? Those don't happen very often," I was practically yelling at him. "Especially if your time is limited, as in this case, you have to make a move in that state of uncertainty and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out, you have nothing to lose."

"Yeah, but what if the sex was bad?" he tried to further justify his inaction.

"And what if it was amazing sex?" I wasn't letting go.

"Well, it's not that big of a deal. It's just a night of casual sex," was his final attempt at an excuse.

"Sure, it's just a night of casual sex, but it's those little moments of fun and pleasure that make our lives exciting. And I want you to have an exciting life," I countered.

I really do. I've been trying to get him out of his timid, insecure shell for a long time. I feel like he's letting his life slip away in incessant doubt and anxiety, missing out on so many amazing opportunities NYC has to offer...

It was late and we got ready for bed: we always share his bed when I crash in his one-bedroom apartment . Before turning the lights off, I asked for the usual "abs check": Every time I see him, I like to lift up his shirt, get a good look at his torso, and run my fingers over his hard, toned stomach. This is never meant to arouse him or lead to something more. It's just a fun, playful way of showing him that his persistent workout efforts are paying off and that he should appreciate his beautiful body more, all the while relishing the wonderfully sculpted muscular flesh under my fingertips.

He usually lets me do this for a minute, then gets uncomfortable and pushes me away. But this time, he didn't push me away. Not only did he not push me away, he actually muttered something about how good that felt. I was a little puzzled, but kept rubbing his chest, stomach, and arms. Slowly and gently, savoring his soft and mostly hairless skin, each bulging muscle, each protruding vein. He really has a delightful body. After about 6-7 minutes of this, the naughty thoughts started cagily forming in my mind.

"What's going on with you tonight? You never let me do this for more than a minute?" I asked.

"I don't know. It feels good," he replied.

"Yeah, but it always feels good," I wasn't happy with that answer.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just horny, after all that happened with the Australian girl..." he offered.

I took that as a potential invitation to go further. The next time my hand was on his abdomen, I didn't stop there, I kept going down and briefly ran my hand over his boxers. He was soft, but, again, he didn't try to stop me. I went back to rubbing his torso. A minute later, I returned to his cock. He was semi-hard now. Promising. I gave his cock a few squeezes over the boxers. He got fully erect. After having had Karlo's monster dick in my hand, Mama's Boy's average-sized member felt small, but I remembered to put things in perspective. I fished his erection out of the boxers and started gently jerking him.

Mama's Boy circumcision has been done pretty tightly, with very little extra skin left on his shaft, so it's impossible to jerk him off without lube. I also didn't want to just give him a handjob; I wanted an orgasm myself. The feverish lust built up in me from the weekend with Karlo lingered on, and I knew it wouldn't take long to add one more orgasm to the daily count. But I didn't really want to fuck. My pussy was sore and swollen, and fucking just seemed like a lot of work for my exhausted body. Mama's Boy didn't wanna fuck either – it'd be too big of a jump from nothing to penetration for his shy, cautious self. So I decided on the one thing I knew was going to make both of us cum easily, quickly, and without too much effort or bodily involvement.

"Fuck my mouth," I suggested. "Not a blowjob, a mouthfucking. That way I can come too."

I quickly threw the t-shirt and sweats off my body, and positioned myself underneath him so I could look at his hard body kneeling over me. He slid his cock in my mouth and started pounding. My hand reached down into my panties and started playing with my clit. I couldn't stop thinking about how ridiculously slutty and insatiable I was being. Surely one shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun?

I knew it was going to be hard to cum with him on his knees and me on my back, so after a bit I flipped both of us over to our sides. In less than a minute, I was screaming into his cock in an orgasm, almost immediately followed by the sensation of his sperm hitting the back of my throat.

"Nice. I needed that," he said smiling.

"Yeah, I bet," I nodded knowingly. "So did I."

We put our clothes back on and went to sleep. In the morning, we got coffee at the local coffee shop, and chatted about life, work, relationships, and sex. He swore he was OK with what happened the night before, and promised he wouldn't get all weird on me. He walked me over to the subway, and off I went back to Unitown.
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In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

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TMI Tuesday: Mary 22, 2018 ~ Yanny or Laurel or… the Royal Wedding!

Yanny or Laurel…Royal Wedding…blah blah blah. The real excitement is it’s time for TMI Tuesday.

1. If you had a whole week (no work, no kids) to do things with your significant other, what would you do?
~ Probably an intensive week long 'workshop' to repair our marriage. My wife told me when she was in China at the beginning of the month that that she realized our relationship with our daughter is dysfunctional and that to a certain degree so is ours. She said she really wanted us to fix our relationship (as well as our daughter, of course) and promised to work on it when she got back. She's been back almost three weeks and... zilch.

2. What is your idea of a long-term relationship?
~ Marriage is a long term relationship! When I was much younger I figured things were getting serious after 3 months and by the 6 month mark they were getting real serious. 1-2 years was a 'long term relationship' when I was 18-22.

3. What is a healthy relationship?
~ when you get 5+ A Day.

4. How did you meet your current (or last) lover?
~ My wife and I met in a nightclub. Where we both worked. (So the correct answer is 'at work!) 

5. What is the first thing you do after having sex?
~ Agonize over whether it was any good for my wife or was she just pretending to make me feel better? When I was younger and having one night stands I would think "Oh god, why did I do this? How do I get out of here?"

Bonus: Do you have any bad habits that you hide from your significant other? You can tell us… or not.
~ Yes. But they're way too TMI !! Nothing evil or dangerous or weird though - just oddball stuff.

Double Bonus: I finally finished the Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY ~ Finale and maybe you'd like to hear about how I jumped into a Time Machine on Friday night and went back to the 80s and 90s and did some coke and ecstasy again? Don't do Drugs - #SinfulSunday 

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Last Night of the Conference - POOL PARTY!! ~ Final

[You can read the Prelude,  Part 1, and Part 2 if you haven't already but I promise you - this is the end of the story! You really should read the second half of Part 2 at least, if only to know that in addition to my wife and her 7 friends from her BNG 'pod' they'd been joined by Eddie and Jamie (who were getting a divorce after the conference - which explained why she was hitting on the other guys) and Scottie who had just told my wife that he and his wife had an open marriage and could fuck other people. Remember, this story is written as told to me by my wife, from her P.O.V.]
So after the 'last night dinner' came the 'last night party'. They're always pretty wild because of course it's the last night. Everyone leaves the following day and we're all on a high having had such a great three days, meeting new people, and making new connections. As I mentioned, I've been in BNG for just over 5 years and I have a rep (a good one!) as being a great person to know and a great person to party with. So I always find that at these international events there's no shortage of people willing to talk to me. I'm the Queen of Networking!

© Milo Manara
As I always tell my husband: I love being the 'Go to' Gal, I'm the facilitator, I love making things happen. Social things. I get the party started, and encourage others to let their hair down. But I never cross the line myself. Mostly. (There was that time we skipped LA one night on a whim and took a limo to Tijuana and spent the night in strip bar owned by Mexican bikers. One of our guys was so distraught about his wife leaving him we all chipped in and bought him a private lap dance in the VIP Room. We gave the girl so much money she fucked him back there - it was a wild night alright! It's what built our rep as the BNG party people - and I've only told my husband half of what happened)

The 'last night party' kicked off proper at 10pm when the DJ came on. We'd all been drinking through dinner and after dessert, just waiting for the music to crank up, and were hyped. We'd been told by the organizers she was one of Asia's top female DJ's and highly sought after. When she stepped up to the DJ stage we could see why. She had enormous breasts! They were huge - 44DD at least - and since she was Asian you knew they were implants. You could tell.

She wasn't trying to hide it either, given she was dressed in very tight shorts, exposed legs and midriff, and a bra top reinforced with very strong shoulder straps. One that still fully displayed her ample bosom of course! The guys thought she was fantastic and one of my Harem went right up the DJ booth and stood there for 20 minutes filming her! From the side, five feet away!

Naturally I had to get involved so I went up to her and told how great she was and how fabulous she looked, and how all my boys loved her tits. Okay, yeah, I was a bit loose by that time, but it was all good fun. She explained she was from Thailand and had been flown in especially for the conference. As we chatted she explained she normally wore a little bit more clothing but would start stripping off the layers as her set progressed. She said depending on the crowd, like if they were going off, she'd usually be topless by the end of the night! She said she wouldn't do that tonight because the organizers warned her the Chinese authorities would arrest her.

When I told my husband this (when I got home) he said there was whole sub-market of 'Topless DJs' who did exactly that - primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe. He said the women couldn't actually DJ, they were just paid to press play on a premixed CD, and 'perform' for the crowd by twiddling knobs on the DJ mixer and then progressively get their tits out.  He said YouTube was full of clips of them.

I told him he was mansplaining but that he was right. Her mixing wasn't that great and as the set progressed she got completely out of it, by which time her mixing was shit. She was just playing one track after the next, without mixing, so I guess she didn't even have a premixed CD. Luckily we were all quite drunk ourselves too so it didn't seem to matter. She played a great bunch of hits, and Jamie and I got up in the booth with her and boogied together.

We had a mock Battle of the Boobs!
Jamie had also had a boob job (not as huge as the DJs, but still obvious) and there are photos* of the three of us dancing. I'm pointing at both their tits in mock horror, or I'm in the middle of their 'sandwich' as they both grind up on me.  I have a nice pair of good sized tits too, proportionate to my body size (unlike the other two girls) so there's also a shot of the three of us holding up our boobs like Fembots, bouncing nipples against each other.  

As I said, we were all in very high spirits. The DJ finished her set at midnight and hung out with us for about half an hour but then disappeared. She was completely trashed by then so I guess one of the organizers dragged her away. Jamie was also drunk as fuck, and dirty dancing with my Harem while her husband Eddie looked on. For some reason he had attached himself to me so I had to hold fort while so the other guys could do their thing.

It started to get very messy, and since the next DJ was too underground we decided at 1am to head back to our compound 'for a swim' aka a private party. I think the boys just wanted to get the ladies back in their bikinis and in the pool! So we all piled into a mini-bus and headed back to ours - bringing with us Eddie, Jaime, Scottie and that girl Steven had picked up the night before.

Eddie sat up the front with me and behind us was Scottie, followed by Steven and his girl. They started making out straight away. Behind them were Jamie and the Harem. She started kissing two of the guys over the seat backs, while the others watched - with their tongues literally hanging out! She was seated on her own between two rows of guys and by the time we were halfway home there were more than two sets of hands on her. The other guys were copping feels!

Eddie was going green and Scottie told him if he had problem he should speak up. Scottie said even though he and his wife had an open relationship he wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior in front of him (she had gone back to their hotel room after dessert BTW, saying she was tired. WTF she was really doing I have no idea). Eddie insisted he was fine and reminded us they were getting divorced - but I could tell he wasn't fine with it.

"Hey!" I shouted down to the back of the mini-bus "that's Eddie's wife guys! So take your tongues out of her mouth and your hands off her tits!"

Okay, maybe I was a bit loose too but it worked. Everyone sat up immediately, dead quiet, and all looking like naughty schoolboys. Jamie was lying on the seat with her legs splayed and her head against the window. She had a glazed look on her face but she didn't seem distraught. Her tight maxi skirt had a slit up the leg all the way to her thigh and I could see she wasn't wearing panties.

I'd suspected as much during the night since how could you with a dress that tight? She'd been flashing that leg all night and bending over to twerk the guys at various points along the way. Now we were on the mini-bus and I'm pretty sure someone had been finger banging her. I never found out because what happened later in the night superseded what happened on the mini-bus, but I knew that either way Eddie couldn't see how she was sitting from where he was seated - which was probably a good thing.

When we got back to the compound I took Jamie to my room and lent her a bikini since she didn't have one and yes, she was naked under that skin tight dress. I had to help peel it off her and by god, she did have a very nice boob job. Larger than I would choose but with her yoga body she did look hot. As fuck. Poor old Eddie, I thought to myself, he had paid for them only a few months before she told him '"it's not working out".

Jamie couldn't stop her breasts spilling out of my bikini
Jamie was drunk but not so drunk she couldn't put on my spare bikini (with my help) so we headed for the pool. It wasn't a string bikini but it looked like one on her. Her boobs were so big the cups just covered her areola. I double tied the string behind her neck to give her extra support but of course as soon as she jumped in the pool everything slipped sideways (more on that later!). Steve's girl was already in - she'd just slipped off her dress and dived in wearing her bra and panties. Which she managed to do without a wardrobe malfunction - unlike Jamie.

More drinks were poured and soon we were all in the water - but split into three groups at various places around the large pool. The guys mingled with each group, which was based around one girl. Steven's girl's group consisted of Steven, Josh, and someone else (it rotated); I had Eddie, Scottie, one of my Harem (it rotated)  and another guy who had apparently jumped into the passenger seat of the mini-bus as we shuttled back to the compound.

I'll compress the following three hours into a few paragraphs, as best I can.

Eddie, Scottie and I gossiped in our corner - mostly about the other two groups, but also about their 'slutty' wives.  I say 'slutty' but I honestly wasn't judging them - we were just shooting the shit and I was empathizing with the guys. Scottie was clearly pissed that his wife was having more sex than him in their 'open relationship' and Eddie was clearly unhappy about what was happening at the far end of the pool. Not that he would admit it.

The guys at the far end were 'helping' her float on her back, and gently moving her around in slow circles. Her eyes were closed and she seemed quite blissed out. Halfway down the pool was Josh, Steven, his girl, and one of the other guys talking about god knows what. I told my group that Josh had watched Steven fuck her the night before and we laughed and speculated they were probably organizing a more traditional threeway for later.

Jaime was clearly enjoying having five or six guys fawning over her at her end of the pool. My bikini top kept falling to the sides of her implants and the guys kept trying to 'fix' it but I could see they were just copping feels. One of the guys (the former pro-athlete) sat on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water and she lay on her back between his legs, her head resting in his lap. I know he had a hard on because when I shouted for him to bring me a drink he said couldn't move or he would embarrass himself.

Jamie still had three of my Harem in the water with her at this point, and they were all making out with her at various points. I'm pretty sure the athlete was massaging her tits while the other guys fingered her too because we could hear her long deep moans from our end of the pool. This was when Scottie told Eddie he really should go down there and check on her, divorce or no divorce.

Eddie swam down there and asked her if she was okay, and we could hear and see the other guys all also at great pains to check that everything was cool with her and (oh so bro casual) was everything cool with Eddie? Eddie said yes and swam back to Scottie and me. He said she was pretty messed up but knew what she was doing and seemed fine. And that the guys were looking out for her. Scottie snorted at that, and we all laughed out loud.

Eddie was the first to say that she was probably going to bang one of the guys so we all started trying to guess which one. We agreed it would be the former athlete since he had the best body and so we moved on to trying to guess who would be her second choice, if she decided togo that far. The talk got very sexual and Scottie started sharing stories about his three sexual conquests during his burgeoning 'open marriage'. He was very proud of himself, but became morose when he was reminded of his wife's five encounters during that same period.

I felt bad for bringing that up again so I tried to change the subject by commenting that the four guys Jamie had on the hook were chicken shits really and still hadn't done anything other than feel her up and make out. The group in the middle of the pool had left by now, meaning it was just me and Jaime at each end, with our respective men. Eddie said Jamie would probably appreciate some help getting things started so Scottie suggested I go down there and sort the guys out.

Jamie seemed to enjoy getting fondled and making out with my guys
(not actual photo - Jamie was brunette with magnificent breasts)
I swam down there and sure enough my bikini top was floating around her neck, her big boobs sitting in the water like floatation devices. I asked her how she was and she moaned and told me how great the pool was and how fucking relaxing it was. I attempted to fix her bikini top back in place so of course one of the guys told me to have a feel and tell them what I thought of her tits. Y'know, from a woman's perspective.

I reached over and grabbed both breasts and gave them a little squeeze. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly so I massaged them a little, just for a laugh, but then I saw the lustful looks on the guys faces and suddenly I was the chicken shit.

When I told my husband this part of the story he laughed and asked me if her nipples were hard, but I didn't fall for it. He smiles when he asks but I know he's just baiting me - trying to get me to let slip what really happened. Her boobs felt great and of course her nipples were hard (and poking out like pencil erasers), but I told him nothing. I told him I just swam back to Eddie and Scottie, as the guys behind me called for me to come back.

I told Eddie that Jamie seemed fine, and happy, but that he should probably take her back to the hotel - or they could crash in one of our spare guest villas if they wanted to. He gave me a hug and told me what a great woman I was for looking out for Jamie all the time, and then Scottie moved in and we had a group hug. Eddie said he wasn't sure Jamie would appreciate leaving just yet, and repeated that she probably just wanted me to give her permission to 'play' (since she already had his) because I was the only other woman left and they were my friends and she wouldn't want to seem like a total slut.

I said "she can do what she likes, I won't judge" but as I said it I realized that although Scottie had released me from the group hug he was still standing awfully close to me. Eddie hadn't released me at all. He had his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder, almost whispering in my ear as he continued to hug me from behind. He pulled me in close and Scottie stepped in front of me - he reached out and started massaging my shoulders.
There was nothing threatening about what they were doing but I realized then that what Eddie had meant when he said Jamie would probably appreciate some help 'getting things started' was that he and I should start fooling around at our end of the pool so that she could do her thing at her end.  I may have been very drunk myself but I would never cheat on my husband, so I removed myself fro the guys (before it became a sandwich) and told everyone it was late and I was going to bed.

Which is what I did because it was almost 4am. I stumbled to my room and collapsed onto my bed. The room was spinning and I blacked out.**


The above is an account of that happened - as told to me by my wife. Many other things happened, but always with other people, so I've condensed the 'Last Night Party' story because it was already too long. Whether other things happened involving my wife I obviously can't know since she hasn't told me. But I did see some photos I wasn't meant to so I've used them in the above story as well. **The last paragraph is something I overheard her telling someone else last Friday night.

This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday. Click this link for more stories like mine!

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Don't do Drugs - #SinfulSunday

The placement of this picture will become apparent shortly

So we went out last night (Friday) to one of my wife's BNG buddies place in town 'for drinks'. He has an apartment in the city directly overlooking the water so its pretty swell. We were supposed to be there at 6.30pm because it was just 'a casual thing' and 'NOT a dinner thing' so we made sure to be there no earlier than 7pm which was nice because we got to see the sun set.

There were only a dozen people there but half of them were BNG. The other half were friends of the other half and all knew about BNG (no, I'm not explaining it now - click the tag/label 'BNG' and figure it out from a previous posts). Everyone was about 25-45, making us the oldest people. But people think we're about 45-48 so all's good. My wife was offered a glass from the bottle of red she brought, and I had a beer. A couple of others arrived, also BNG. 

These guys weren't drinking (aside from RedBull) because that 'Retreat' they'd all just been on (but not me) had been so inspiring - the'd taken onboard the idea/challenge to make the coming year a year of transformation. To change past behaviors and live a more meaningful life. This meant the two new guys weren't drinking alcohol that night - indeed, they'd challenged eachother to not drink any alcohol until Christmas and there was a big wager riding on it.

Hey, that's very laudable, seriously, and {YAY!} that means more beer for me - win/win!

So within 20 minutes Mr Redbull came over and asked me if I want to do some MDMA.  I'm thinking "WTF happened to this leading a clean sober and more meaningful life BS you just told us?" but instead I said "You mean ecstasy? You've got some?". To which he replied "yeah, I bought a bag of powdered Molly, you want some?"

Hey, when I did that stuff last century it was always in tablet/pill form so immediately I was thinking "aw shit, am I expected to snort it?" but instead I said "I'm not sure if my wife would let me do that" because my wife is a senior member of BNG and on their Board and I'm not sure if she wants her husband doing MDMA while all her BNG buddies are there. (Never mind that the guy offering was BNG too, right?)

So the guy walks up to my wife and asked her if she'd like some, and she says "No, I'm fine I'll stick to wine thanks". So the guy then says "Is it okay if Nero has some then? Is he allowed? He said you wouldn't let him!" I'm standing about ten feet away thinking "WTF?!" but my wife now has to decide whether she follows through on what she tells me at home ie "I'm (meaning 'we') too old for that shit, I'd much rather prefer a bottle of wine - it's legal and I can get just as happy as with illegal drugs. Besides, you never really know what's in them do you, it's risky isn't it? Not worth it" 

All of which is true. You can't travel too far with a drug conviction on your Passport.

But instead of saying that, because she's on the spot now (is she gonna be 'cool' in front of all these young people, or is she gonna be Little Miss Dowdy Old Lady Fiftysomething and screw up her nose in disapproval?) she chose neither and instead said nonchalantly "Oh god he's old enough to do what he likes, doesn't bother me."  Yippee! That means Nero can jump in his Time Machine and go back the 90s! (And the 80s as I'd discover later)

But I didn't. I went over to Mr RedBull. He'd returned to his previous spot at the dining table where he pulled out his baggie and scooped up a small amount with a knife, tipped it into a champagne glass then added a small dollop of water. "Take that!" he said as he swirled the water in the glass, mixing the powder, and then offering it up to me: "Get that down ya!"

But I didn't fall for it. 

My wife never did drugs when we were young, even when I mixed with the Rave crowd in the 90s and Ecstasy was everywhere. I did it once at a gay club - she said she wouldn't but I could and she would look after me. So I popped one and got an instant hard on when it came on and I was rock fucking hard on the dance floor, so I shoved her hand in my crotch to prove just how hard I was, and then she stroked it so I was grinding on her front and back on the dance floor, and she was grinding back, and it felt really good, and I said we should find a toilet to fuck in, and she said no we should go home and fuck there, and I said nofuckingwaythisstuffisawesome! And then I grabbed her and said we were going back to Da Man to get some more, because she just had to try it.

At which point my wife grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the club and took me home and we had sex. For a long time. Because I was loved up and hard as hell. For the longest time. My dick was bigger and harder than any of those three little maids pictured above (but that's still not the reason for the picture, so keep reading)

So I told Mr RedBull thanks, I was fine, maybe later but not right now, because despite what my wife had just said I knew she didn't like seeing me do drugs (or doing them either, I suppose). And because I was a bit buzzy on the beer I went fishing and said "we just have a weird relationship in that regard - she doesn't like seeing me doing them, and I yet I know that she occasionally does them with you BNG guys when I'm not there. It's just this thing - she doesn't want to see me doing it and she doesn't want me seeing her do it. So we do it behind each others backs. It's crazy, I know".

I was fishing because I don't know for sure -  I'm just guessing she does the odd line or pill with the guys (I've told you about her severe FOMO). My fishing trip was rewarded: "Yeah, it got pretty wild in China. That last night. We couldn't believe that Aussie guy was mad enough to bring coke into China for fucks sake. Man, that last night at the compound got so fucking wild. And then he started racking up in your wife's ensuite! Fuck! We all asked him what the fuck he was doing - there were spare empty guest villas and yet he uses your wife's personal living space?" 

"Yeah," I replied, "but that didn't stop all of you getting in there and doing a line or three did it?"

I was still fishing with that. My wife had told me about the Aussie using her bathroom for the coke but said he did it solo and left when she told him off.

"Yeah", he continued "Well we had to get all that stuff outta your wife's bedroom so we figured it was the quickest safest way." He laughed, then looked over at my wife and laughed again. I know my wife and when she told me the story the first time she was kinda chuckling because it was 'naughty' - but then got all stern and faux-angry: "Can you believe that Aussie guy?"  But BNG consider themselves the  Live Hard Play Hard types, so I don't think anyone was really too mad. He sure as hell wasn't taking that coke home was he?

Anyway, I said thanks but left Mr RedBull to it. I walked over to get another beer and the Host of the party intercepted me. He's also BNG and says to me "You okay? Do you want something else?" I told him the beer was good, and I was fine, but he persisted. "I've got some coke if you wanna do a line or two. You and [my wife] are welcome to it".  

I couldn't fucking believe it! Honestly these BNG guys are so Type A competitive - I've got one guy in once corner trying to give me MDMA and another guy in the opposite corner offering me cocaine! WTF?!!  See, back in my day we were kinda discreet about these things but both of these guys had a big white dinner plate in front of them with their respective powder of choice emptied out on the plate - in front of everyone!

It was hilarious and of course I told the Host the same thing I'd told Mr RedBull: "not in front of my wife, she doesn't like seeing me do that sort of thing, but maybe later." The latter is added so they don't lose face and think you're some wowser puritan who thinks recreational drugs are bad m'kay? So I watched as about eight of the fourteen people in the room gravitated to one dinner plate or the other (and some greedy cats did both) during the next 10 minutes. It goes so fast!

So about ten minutes after that the Host pulls me into a bedroom, with an ensuite, and shows me the two lines he's racked up. He hands me a fifty dollar note and says "these are for you." 

"Both?" I replied, and proceeded to hoover them up, one down each nostril. The burn and the drip were almost immediate and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. I wasn't high but it was nice little toot and it immediately took me back to my younger days - when were were wild and young and free, to misquote some rapper who's name I've forgotten.

So we come out of the bedroom and Mr RedBull is standing right outside the door, waiting with two champagne flutes. "Get these down ya!" he says, and thrust them at us both. Honestly I did think it was champagne, and I wondered why the pour was so small. As I slugged mine down I realized it was water with MDMA mixed in. So that was that.

I became energized and started talking to everyone, which my wife loves, because she is always off talking to everyone herself, by herself, and usually leaves me standing in the kitchen at parties. Like Jonah Lewie. In no time at all (but it was probably longer) Mr RedBull came over and offered me more MDMA. Not wanting to seem an asshole I went over to his little spot at the dining table, with his dinner plate, and watched as he simply poked the tip of a cutlery knife into his baggie, tipped a smudge into a champagne flute, and then added a splash or three of water. 

You could totally tell he thought he was Walter White in 'Breaking Bad' - it was hilarious. 

He offered me the flute and I said no, and started asking him how he could say he was on a quest to live a clean and sober life until Christmas, but here he was doing ecstasy... but he wasn't listening. He held up the flute and shouted over to my wife who was standing at the kitchen island bench with her BNG bestie (female): "Hey [Mrs Nero] do you want another top up?" 

My wife did not look mortified. She looked like someone trying not to look mortified. She told him "No thanks" and then turned and resumed her conversation with her bestie. Since she wasn't looking I grabbed the flute and swallowed it. Mr RedBull laughed. 

"I told you she'd do one if I wasn't there to see it" I said laughing back at him, even though I was really fishing again. Searching for clues as to whether my wife really did do drugs with her BNG buddies. 

"Yeah," laughed Mr RedBull again "as soon as you and [the Host] went into that bedroom Kim [my wife's bestie] came over with your wife and they both had one each. You know those two are trouble when they get together!"

I did indeed. Kim was single and loved to make mischief. And live it up. Party it up. With my wife as her partner in crime.

I also decided I would not continue with this farce any longer. During the course of the night I did six lines, and probably as much Molly, off those dinner plates. Openly. 

I definitely felt them both but the MDMA felt different. My dick was not hard. I stood at the island bench with both hands clamped to the bench and my teeth gritted together. They weren't grinding though, so I was able to talk coherently, and in fact (I'm not making this up even tho' its so frikken cliche) people were very engaged with me and started talking about what a cool guy I was and then when my wife came over (after pretty much mingling solo all night - albeit only 14-16 people there) they'd tell her what a cool guy I was... no, a seriously cool guy!!

They would get all insistent that my wife know I was a cool guy, and why I was a cool guy. And my wife would say "Yes, my husband is soooo cool" and then she'd put her arms around me and say "I'm so lucky to have him, we've been together 25+ years!" Which is the other person's cue to say "Noooo!" and "OMG how old are you then?". Which is their other cue to say "Nooooo! OMG you don't look it, I thought you were only XYZ" which my wife fucking loves hearing.

I loved it too, because I thought they were all hilarious. Hilarious as in, I'm laughing at you, not with you. I've always said I felt the BNG was like a cult, and they're mostly all entitled wankers who think they're the new face of business when in fact they're just the same as the old face - but younger and with better tech. So when a crowd assembled and some idiot said "Omigod this party is really awesome I'm having such great discussions with everyone, you know like real conversations about real things..." and then everyone cooed and agreed and said yes twice just to confirm they all agreed that this was a pretty damn good party and we're all keeping it real... bro.

And then I said... "No, you're not. You're all high and just think you're talking like real people about real stuff. But all you're really doing is talking shit and thinking its real - it's not, its shit. Y'all talking shit!"

And (as you and I both knew was coming) they all cheered and agreed they were just talking shit and how cool was I for seeing that, and saying that, and calling them all on it? Fucking Cool, that's how cool I was.  And then someone tried to High 5 me, which I ignored, but my wife caught it and soon they are all high fiving each other and telling the other guy next them what a cool guy I was. And he or she would nod and agree.

I swear I'm not making this up based on some drugged out dream state where I thought everyone worshipped me. They loved me, but Donald Trump could have probably walked in and they would have hugged him too. (Yes, we were at the hugging stage by this time). And then when Trump walked out they would have all said "Omigod! How cool was that - Trump was just here!" and then "I know he's a complete dick, and an asshole, but OMG how cool is he? He seemed so real..."

Drugs, stay off 'em kids.  They'll turn you into a Republican.

At midnight my wife decided we had to go home There & Then. None of the usual 'I need 20 minutes to exit the party because I need to say good bye to everyone' which usually mean 30 minutes because the last ten minutes are spent saying good bye again to the people she already said goodbye to at the beginning. Because 25 minutes ago we said goodbye to them but then we didn't leave straight away but we're leaving now so we have say goodbye to them. Again.

My wife decided we had to go because I'd been baiting her. I don't think she knew I was, but she knew if she stayed any longer she would get into trouble. If I wasn't there she would have stayed til 4am, after having probably gone to a club at 1am and then back to the Host's apartment at 3.30am (he was in the club part of town). But I was there and my wife (as I'd said to the plate holders, Mr RedBull and the Host, already) doesn't want me to see how far she lets hair down when she's with Her Harem (the fun name she's given the seven guys in her BNG pod).

I'd been baiting her by doing what I know the BNG boys do when I'm not there. I started urging my wife and her bestie to take their jackets off and dance for us, which they did. And then I told them to kiss while I took a photo with my wife's phone, which they did. And then her bestie started talking about threeways, and how she and my wife had shared a room on that infamous 'Last Night of the Retreat' and decided they had multiple options. Apparently all three of us would fuck each other in turns, while the third watched the other two go at it. And then when that was done we'd all go for it together to finish. 

And then my wife blurted out "and we decided if you couldn't manage it, if you weren't up to it, you could just fetch us drinks instead, because we'd need plenty of liquids to maintain stamina"

Hmmm, it doesn't take much to get my wife all lezzy, I thought to myself, for about the millionth time in our 25+ years together. I know my wife had drunk more than a few glasses of wine, and I'm pretty sure she only took one MDMA hit (and possibly a quick puff on that joint I saw passed around on the balcony) but she sobered up pretty quickly when saw her bestie wrap her arms around me and cuddle me. And then she grabbed my wife and pulled her in and tried to kiss us both.

That was when my wife decided it was time to escape! She's playful and she's flirty but once that sexy banter gets real she runs. Her bestie followed us out (I'd offered her a ride home since she was on the way) and then kissed me again at the door. Right on the smacker - but no tongue!

We got home fairly quickly and on the way I pondered the likelihood of us having sex. She normally gets frisky when she's high, followed by horny, and then sometimes 'Hellcat in the sack'. But not tonight. I think she was buzzing in a way that alarmed her. All she could say was (and she kept repeating it) "I'm so glad we left when did. That was about to get really messy. I could just see what was about to happen with those guys. All of them. We were right to get out when we did...."

And with that she kissed me good night and said "I'm gonna crash now, I'm soooo tired - don't stay up too late!" and then ran off (walked briskly TBH) to the stairs and off to bed she went. 

Which left me looking at the clock and wondering what I was gonna do at 12.43am.

So I sat down and banged out this post. In one go, really fast. Just typing away furiously. Non stop. Even though I had consumed a fair amount of beer, and cleaned up a few dinner plates. And I haven't done too badly if I say so myself. A bit long but that's what people do when they're high. They drivel on and think they're having really fascinating conversations with really fascinating people, like you  dear reader. Y'know - 'Keeping It Real!' 

But before I did all that I said to myself I will need an illustration to illustrate my post. I decided I would go to Twitter, scroll through my feed and the first pic that caught my eye I would download and use as my prompt for this post. And so I did. And I saw these three big breasted Asian cuties pictured above and immediately thought {BINGO!}. So I clicked on the image... at which point I saw the whole picture and got the surprise of my life.

Chicks with dicks are not my thing, but it did make me laugh. I love hentai (Japanese anime porn) but you see some seriously weird shit on the internet. Those are girls but they have dicks so they can fuck each other. Because apparently there are many many Japanese (and men around the world) who want to see girls have sex with each other but they also want to see those girls fucked by cocks so {VOILA!} they magically have cocks. But you're not gay for enjoying watching them fuck each other with their magic cocks, because they're chicks not she-males. Chicks with dicks is all.

But it's not my thing, so I couldn't write a story about it so I wrote the one I've just told you now instead. Which I will proof-read tomorrow because even though I might be dumb enough to drunk-blog I'm not #$%ing dumb enough to drunk-publish! Who knows what I'll think of this really real and great discussion in the morning? I hope it doesn't turn out I've been talking shit all this time?

Damn! How come it's 4am? How can that be? I typed this all in one sitting, non-stop, and I went really really fast....? 

Update ~ No major typos but 3,599 words? WTF?! How high was I last night?

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OPP: #SoSS - Wicked Wednesday Replay - Part 2

© May More - you may see more images here

The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited during the month. 10 days ago I had the honor of 'judging' the submissions to Wicked Wednesday. It was very difficult since all the writing was so great, but I managed to choose what I thought were the best three (you can find those here).  This left a lot out, so here's another three that I thought were also great. [See last week's #SoSS for more Wicked Wednesday stories] Click the links below for the full stories, because these are just excerpts:

Althea Hunt ~ When I'm On My Own "Courage (Part 2)"

Althea has started a series about Jac, a strong woman who like to take the dominant role during sex. And peg the guys. I've never been pegged but I did once have sex with a woman who was stronger than me. She tossed me around that bed like I was a doll, and it was fantastic:
I scoot my hand under my shorts and wet my fingers. Paint my lips and kiss him again. No complaints this time. My hand finds his cock, heavy and full against his stomach and I let my fingers capture his slick. Licking their tips, I ask him to open for me. He doesn’t at first, flinching away for a second or two, lips clamped shut before he finally opens his mouth and lets my fingers in, cleans them with his tongue.
A smile curves his lips as we move together for a kiss.
“Some kinky shite alright,” he murmurs against my mouth.

“’bout to get more kinky,” I smile back and slide my hand purposefully over his cock and down between his thighs. “You got lube?”

“God. Yeah. Here…somewhere.”

I used to hate my height, my build. When the growth spurt hit at puberty it put me a foot taller than anyone I fancied and they didn’t catch up for years. Some of them never did. Now, with his matching body beneath me everything made sense. These moments, few and far between, when suddenly I fit in my skin, are just something else. Something to cling to.
His hair caught between my fingers, I steer our kisses and wait for him to relax. Hands curl around my waist, rubbing lightly against my sides, the motions slow and gentle and with each pass he settles further into the slide of our lips. Lubing my other hand, thank fuck for pump action bottles, I slide two fingers into the tight crease of his backside, seeking and finding my goal.

“Open up for me.” He murmurs something and tried to reach back into the kiss. I pull back on his hair, pull my hand free of his arse and slap his thigh. “Open up. Bring you knee higher and... [much more]

Livvy Libertine ~  "The Show Begins"

Livvy has crafted a highly erotic tale about a woman who is treated to an erotic show but gets more than she bargained for. Curiosity can be a dangerous thing to a woman of good character :
Her benefactor had told her these were not generally mixed sex affairs and here she was alone with three strange men about to watch a show of decadence and debauchery. A frisson of fear tingled along her spine and she straightened herself in her seat, took a sip of wine, and stared straight ahead. This was supposed to be a thrilling thing, yet she was so nervous.

The lights came up and there was a couple on the stage, locked in a lover’s embrace. A spotlight shone upon them and illuminated every curve and bend of their bodies, the way his strong arms cradled her and the way she clung tightly to him. As she became more absorbed in what was happening on stage, she did not notice that the men were moving to surround her. She watched only as the couple moved from a simple embrace to something more intimate, much more foreign to her and she gasped as she watched the salaciousness unfold on the stage.

Before too long she was unwittingly squirming in her seat. She could feel a dampness between her thighs that she’d never felt before and wondered what it was, what these new feelings of lust meant. Was she a wanton at heart and had never known it? Would she fall prey to her own desires? Or to the men around her? That last thought made her head spin a little and she poured herself another glass of wine, fairly gulping it down this time, hoping to calm herself. 
One of the men drew her attention and she turned gasping as she saw that his… his member was out and erect and he spoke to her. “Sure you don’t wanna play? It seems from your movements you just might want a little something.” And he rubbed himself while flashing her a devilish grin. Jacqui’s eyes closed and she...  [much more]

Posy Churchgate ~ "A Dragon Tale - Part 4"

This is Part 4 of a fantasy series about... a Dragon. Like the Dragon I'm a bit of a voyeur so Posy's description of Violetta's self pleasure 'struck a chord' with me :
“Here,” the dragon’s voice was soothing now, “lean against my chest for warmth". Despite the harsh surroundings, Violetta was so tired that she was soon asleep, breathing softly but deeply. The dragon closed his eyes, feeling content.

A tickling sensation roused the dragon as the dawn light began to streak the sky, illuminating the shadowy cave interior. He smelt a sweet, spicy musk and felt tickling and brushing against his ribs. He watched with fascination as Violetta pleasured herself in her sleep, her hands stroking and rubbing at the apex of her thighs, while soft mewling sounds of frustration and pleasure escaped her parted lips. The curtain of her red hair obscured most of her face but he saw and heard her hands working harder and faster to take her to a joyous climax.
The deliciously liquid sounds her fingers made dipping in and stroking around her warm wet cunny lips made his mouth water, while his forked tongue flickered out to taste the fragrance of Violetta’s lust on the air. Oh how he longed to let its split tip taste the nectar that was gathering there, in her fleshy pink folds, while she rubbed at the nub of her clitoris. He could easily let it slither inside her to tickle and tease while savouring her juices, but he didn’t want to startle her and she was still so wrapped up in her clothes.

He watched her delicious self-torment build to its climax, her head thrashing, legs straining painfully, before she began to throb and convulse with involuntary spasms which made her belly and pelvis twitch and jerk with waves of pleasure. While he watched he hatched a plan. He’d get her out of her clothes and...
[much more]

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OPP: Period Woes, Celebrity Sex Tapes, and OTK

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info)
(FYI: all links in this post are good)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "The two weeks following the swinger/BDSM play party in NYC were largely sexless. First it took a couple of days to recover from the partying and lack of sleep. Even after I recovered physically, I was in a weird funk: I was supposed to be working on my ne"

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

Period Woes, Celebrity Sex Tapes, and OTK

by Pervertically Virtuous

[photo added 2016, original lost in transfer]
The two weeks following the swinger/BDSM play party in NYC were largely sexless. First it took a couple of days to recover from the partying and lack of sleep. Even after I recovered physically, I was in a weird funk: I was supposed to be working on my next academic paper, but didn't feel like it; all I wanted to do was blog. Slave-boy wasn't around for almost a week - right after the party he went to his parents' house in Boston to help them move to Florida. When he got back, he had to work until late every single day. On top of that, it was the week before getting my period when my sex drive is in the gutter. So I hadn't played with slave-boy - or anyone else - since the play party.

And then, my period was late. That never happens, except the two times when I was pregnant. My whole adult life, my period has been remarkably regular: Over the last couple of years, it has visited me every 26 days with at most 1 day fluctuations. So this was really unusual. I felt bloated and heavy and grumpy as if I were going to get my period, but that could be from my body just doing it out of habit. I had felt those signs those two times I was pregnant around the time I was supposed to be getting my period and I never did.

I didn't think I could be pregnant, there was no reason to. Sure, I'm not on hormonal birth control and I have unprotected sex with my husband and slave-boy, but neither of them had come inside me. I've been using the coitus interruptus method of pregnancy prevention for a very long time and it has never failed me. I've heard of people getting pregnant that way – from pre-cum, but the risk is so minuscule that I've decided it is worth it. Yet, on the 28th day I started to get a bit worried. After all, the risk is not 0. I sent slave-boy out to get a pregnancy test. Peed on the thing as soon as I could. Negative. Phew.

The evening on the 29th day – slave-boy's first day off since he came back from Boston and the day I had planned and promised him a nice beating – I got my period. I started cramping, I was not feeling like wielding a paddle or doing anything that required any physical strength. Unsurprisingly, I was also not feeling particularly sexual.

So instead, we watched Backdoor Teen Mom: The new 'celebrity' sex tape with a former reality show Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, and everybody's favorite male porn star these days, James Deen. I don't follow pop culture much, so I had no idea who Farrah was or what this sex tape was about, but the night before I had been following Epiphora's live tweets about it (check them out at #FarrahDeen), and they were so hysterical that I decided I had to watch the movie. I had slave-boy pirate it for free (I would never pay for something like that) and after dinner we sat down to watch it.

[photo added 2016, original lost in transfer]
It was bad. It was really bad. It was so obvious that this was not an amateur sex tape between two people who are dating (as Farrah was apparently trying to portray it); it was so obvious that she was doing this in some desperate attempt at Kardashian-type stardom; it was so obvious that she wasn't really enjoying herself. In fact, she was a retard, a complete moron with a 5-second attention span at best, who seemed to have no idea how sex works. Deen showed an incredible amount of tolerance and gentlemanly behavior, patiently leading Farrah – step-by-step – into doing what she had paid him to do there: shoot a porno. Aside from the few times he managed to shut her up and hold her still long enough to fuck her for a few minutes (and even made her squirt at one point!), it was painful yet irresistible to watch this young woman make a complete idiot out of herself. It was like watching the porn version of Ricky Gervais' The Extras. Like watching a train wreck. You cringe, but cannot look away.
After the movie was over, my morbid curiosity was peaked and I had to see what this girl was like in that reality show that made her a 'celebrity' in the first place (please note I'm using this term very loosely). We found on Netflix the 1st episode of the Teen Mom season she was in, and sure enough, she was a complete moron when she was a teen too. Only with fewer plastic surgery adjustments. No surprises there. My god, that show was pathetic. Everyone on it was so pathetic and desperate. I couldn't stop thinking how lucky I've been... or lamenting the days when MTV was actually a music TV station...

By the time we finished the show, the ibuprofen had started working and I wasn't cramping as much. I so wanted to give slave-boy a bit of a beating, but one that didn't require much of a setup. So I thought I'd try something different, something we have never done before – an over-the-knee spanking (or paddling, to be more precise)! I had him bring the paddle. Unrestrained, just bent over my knee, I started striking his ass with light and medium strokes. It was a unique experience. The skin-to-skin contact, holding him close to me, on my own body while pounding his ass was very different from the tactilely detached experience of beating someone off your body. Most of our impact play is done with restraints as slave-boy really enjoys the sense of helplessness that comes with them, so OTK never seemed like something special or extreme enough. But I was starting to get the appeal of it.

We enjoyed that for a bit. It wasn't going to lead to any orgasms for either of us - at least not that evening, but I had definitely discovered something that I might do again. It was getting late though, and we eventually went to bed.

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Pervertically Virtuous | May 17, 2013 at 10:09 am | Tags: abortion, celebrity sex, OTK, period, porn, slave | Categories: BDSM, Life According to Z 
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.