Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#TMITuesday ~ April 16, 2019 - Spanks a lot!

1. Would you rather get a spanking in front of your family or do a striptease at your workplace?
~ I'm assuming there's a gun pointed at my head, because I would never do either if I had a choice, so... um... actually, the lawyer* in me has just changed my answer. I'd get a spanking in front of the family, since that option has not specified nudity. And nudity is implied in the word 'striptease'. So yes, let's have a laugh like in the picture above - Nero's getting a spanking in front of the whole family. What a riot Nero is! 
(*I was never a lawyer - I dropped out of University)

2. You are a sexy _____ .
~ Muthafucker!
Sorry, the Prince is strong in me. I grew up with his music. All I can think of is that song.

3. Hey baby tonight _____ me.
~ spank?
Personally I have no desire to be spanked but at this stage I'll try anything to kick start my wife's libido. I spanked her once a few years ago (at her request - kind of - it was a very passive aggressive request)) which went okay-ish but the next time I suggested/offered it she replied 'maybe I'll spank you one day!' - and then changed the subject.

4. Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life?
~ Spooky! Last weekend I watched an episode of the rebooted Twilight Zone that had that exact same premise. Based on that episode I guess I'll have to take the rewind option - very helpful when someone you love gets killed!

5. Would you rather have noisy sex neighbors or nosy neighbors?
~ I'm gonna go for noisy sex neighbors in the hope they're not too noisy, not too frequent, and that's it's erotic. But I know the story of the Genie and the 3 Wishes so I'm guessing there's a twist in the tale. Like I get a hard on and start jerking off and then realize one of the people making all that noise is my wife!

Bonus: Would you rather never age mentally or never age physically? Why?
~ I had this discussion with my wife last night. She doesn't want either, and will not accept either. I'm more pragmatic and know that it's impossible to defy aging. I rather keep my mental faculties thank you, I'm gonna need them when I'm 99.

Double Bonus: Last week I made the Top 3 for the Wicked Wednesday meme - yay for me! You can read #WickedWednesday - Mental Health vs Sex Bloggers if you haven't already. Check out my #MasturbationMonday ~ A Voyeur at a Sex Party too!

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, April 15, 2019

#MasturbationMonday ~ A Voyeur at a Sex Party

"If this woman is throwing a sex party I'm moving to Australia!" 😍

That was my response comment to the following post on Instagram:
Post from @kinkit_by_jana ©️
"Want to explore your sexual desires, but unsure where, who & how to start? Would you want to be in a safe environment, know that people around are like minded, open & welcoming? Coming soon!"
#swingers #luxuryparties #desires #comingsoon #sexparties

So I came across Jana's Instagram account at the beginning of the year and I have been smitten ever since. She lives in Australia and designs lingerie for a shop called Bras & Things. She's not a model and yet she models her own stuff, in her own house (or hotel room if she's away on business), and she's absolutely real. There's no pretense, she's not trying to win likes, she's just very down to earth.

And last week out of the blue she hinted that she may be throwing a sex party soon. I've never been to one but straight away I thought "I'm in!"

I've no idea what type of sex party it is but ... "I'm in!"

Well, that's the fantasy. The reality is that I'm not flying halfway around the world to Australia just for a sex party - especially since I wouldn't dream of going to one in my own city (or even one in another city I'm visiting).

Besides, the other reality that I know will crush the dream is that I'm over 50, overweight, and would be attending solo. And people like that (me) are the absolute worst guests for a sex party. When you think of going to a sex party you imagine it full of sexy glamorous urbane cosmopolitan people dressed in sexy attire and putting on a fabulous show for eachother. The last thing you want is a bunch of overweight single men over 50 wandering the halls and lecherously asking "are you gonna fuck her yet? C'mon lets get this party started!"

Which is a shame because I'm a bit of voyeur and I do like to watch and I won't be a nuisance, I promise! I would be respectful, I wouldn't grab the tits and ass as it passes me by, and I certainly wouldn't interrupt anyone fucking. I wouldn't try and finger you while his cock is in your mouth, nor would I stand in the corner jerking off while you're doing a scene with your partner.

Unless you specifically invited your audience me to do that, of course. 


This post has also been submitted to Masturbation MondayClick this link for stories more erotic than mine! Also May More has guest post on Voyeurs this week, you can read that one here. As I said on May's blog:
I consider myself a voyeur, but I wouldn’t call how I feel about it a fetish either. I don't go out 'peeping' but if I'm in a situation where I can watch and/or observe I will. A lot of the pornclips I watch are solo women masturbating, either with toys or without. What I'm looking at (and listening for) is the look on their faces when they climax. I love the ecstasy, both visually and orally.  

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Mrs Nero’s Book Club ~ Submit: XXX Maxim Book 1

So my wife bought another half dozen books on Kindleporn three weeks ago, and has been avidly reading them ever since. Unlike a year or more ago this has not sparked her libido vis a vis sex with me. Whereas once it used to be a kind of foreplay for her, now it's just something she does for her. Yes, we haven't had sex for months. This is one of the books she purchased:

Below is just an excerpt, as provided by Amazon. If you wish to purchase the entire story please click here: Submit: XXX Maxim Book 1  by Lana Sky ©. You can click the Mrs Nero’s Book Club tag below to see more titles she's been reading. Click on the images to make them zoom up to a readable font...

And that is how Lana Sky introduces us to Frankie, a solo mother who works in a department store by day but prostitutes herself at night for a little extra cash to make ends meet. Then her pimp tells her about a man named Koslov - a man with 'peculiar tastes' who is looking for the exclusive use of a woman and will pay accordingly. The only catch is that she will have to sign a contract - one which gives Koslov absolute control over her. Frankie takes up the offer of an initial meeting in return for one thousand dollars, no strings attached...

If you wish to purchase the entire story please click here: Submit: XXX Maxim Book 1  by Lana Sky

Saturday, April 13, 2019

#SoSS ~ @PosyChurchgate @May_Matters @theWickedJade

Image © May More - from this post on Sex Matters
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favorite blogs we’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

May More - Sex Matters ~ "Fear Factor"

May is a housewife living in Des Moines, Iowa, with her five children. When not helping her husband harvesting the crops on their 100 acre farm she writes erotica, or opines on the state of sex today. May also takes and posts pictures of herself, with some of them taken by her man (the ones of her bound and gagged in their barn, as above).
“Open your legs,” I demanded.

Spreading her thighs she displayed her shaved cunt. The fleshy folds were fresh and pink, her hole glistening and damp. Perfect.

I pulled the hood on to her head and taking the leather belt from my trousers cracked it across her waist. She cried out as if distressed but when I examined her cunt it was dripping. One thwack is all she needs.

Taking my trousers off I folded them over the arm chair and pulled Eve to the edge of the bed, put my hands either side and impaled her with my cock. It was swollen and ready. Her sex embraced it, clasping and pulling me in further.

What a dirty bitch.
Then she did it. Just when I was in full swing, pumping, the foreskin being pulled like silk back and forth over my dick. She took the hood off her head. As soon as her eyes found me, and saw the need, I went soft.

This was not in our agreement. Leaning forward I slapped her face sharply.

“I told you never ever to do that..."
The above is just an excerpt you can read the whole thing here.
(Trigger warning: this story takes a dark turn)

Posy Churchgate - Pillow Talk ~ "Second Place"

Posy has been writing erotica for other people to read since 2016. She first started writing stories and posting them on Literotica but soon decided she wanted all the glory for herself, so she started her blog Pillow Talk. Posy writes both short stories and serials, and if we're lucky will occasionally post a picture of herself looking gorgeous in something sexy. This is a piece of 'flash fiction':
“Kneel,” he commanded, whipping the belt from its loops. Fastening it round her wrists, he forced her down by the shoulders.

Her face was level with his denim crotch as he unzipped his flies. Out sprang his cock, hard and ready for action. Her head said ‘protest’, while her body said ‘please’ so she opened her lips and drew the tip into her mouth, welcoming him home.

“Good girl,” he growled, low and feral.
She slurped and sucked him into her warm depths. Her bound state and the risk of discovery made her heart hammer while her pussy clenched. Joe thrust hard and greedily at her, simply using her mouth as hole to fuck. She maintained suction as best she could but...
The above is just an excerpt you can read the whole thing here

Jade - The Wicked Jade ~ "Nipples"

The Wicked Jade is the sexier, sassier and more badass alter ego of a 40-something divorced single mum and lawyer in London. She started her Instagram account by mostly posing in her knickers because she wanted to say something about how she makes an erotic statement with her clothing – how she brings fetish-inspired style out of the sub-culture and into the mainstream. Her blog sees her writing about subjects that go a little deeper than just what she's wearing (on Instagram).

To say they are a gateway to sexual pleasure would be an understatement. My nipples are connected directly to my crotch by some kind of electrical current. I would go so far as to say that my nipples are my primary form of sexual pleasure, on a par with the clitoris. Without nipple stimulation, getting aroused is almost impossible. With the right conditions, I can reach orgasm with just nipple stimulation alone. I consider myself very lucky.
In the intersection of my lingerie and sex life, this means I seek ways to signal that I want my nipples to be front of mind, in my mind and in my lover’s. Open or ouvert bra styles are the easy way to frame the breasts and provide an erotic signpost. Nipple clamps or jewellery zone in on the issue at hand (or mouth). My latest acquisition is the Clea Cage bra from Studio Pia which ticks all the boxes in my list of requirements. The bondage style image of a caged breast, the ring encircling the nipple, which, in my case, pokes out like a doorknob – open the door by twisting the knob, and enter the erotic scene. I want to celebrate my nipples, and thank them for giving me simple joy...
The above is just an excerpt you can read the whole thing here
(Trigger warning: Jade includes a story about a friend with breast cancer)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

#WickedWednesday ~ Mental Health vs Sex Bloggers

The prompt for 'Wicked Wednesday' this week is 'Mental Health', which IMO isn't very sexy so I guess there won't be many fictional stories this week (if they stick to the prompt). But it's an important subject so I shall submit the following (even though I probably shouldn't).

Firstly, I'm no expert, I have no medical training, so I'm not really qualified to speak on the matter. My experience is limited to having a mother that drove me nuts growing up, and marrying a woman who turned out to be a lot more like my mother than I could ever have expected. Yes, I know the old adage 'you marry your mother' but trust me, if you'd met my wife when I met her there was no way on earth anyone on this planet would have said the two were similar.

Secondly, I don't believe that I have any mental health issues, other than what I consider to be the normal human experiences. Some days I feel like life is great, and some days I feel 'meh'. I might be bored, or grumpy, but I've never felt down enough to want to harm or kill myself. That said, I'm totally aware that this not the case for all people.

Some people within my own extended family circle have benefited from medication, and I once considered seeing a doctor so I could get Prozac prescribed. I wanted it because my wife said she was fed up with my shitty attitude, that I needed to be happier, and that I was bumming her out with my grumpiness. She said we lived a great life that anyone would be jealous of, so why the fuck was I so moody all the time?

It starts with a few sexy selfies for your man, but pretty soon
you're banging strangers in a Best Western near the freeway (#jk)
I won't bore you with the answer because it's a long one and I don't want this to be another post about me kvetching about my wife. Suffice to say I didn't get the Prozac because my wife found out, and made it clear that no husband of hers was going to be medicated due to mental illness - all I needed was to buck up my ideas and adopt a positive attitude.

Which brings us back to the topic at hand. If you feel 'off' or depressed, or even worse, then DO seek medical advice from someone qualified. It's great having a support network that can boost your self esteem but don't let people who aren't qualified or experienced give you advice. Just because they've read a few online articles doesn't mean they know shit really. And don't let friends or family try to marginalize how you feel. It's quite possible you will need more than "a walk in the park to clear your head"!

Anyway, on to the last point which I'm scared to say since some of you may not like it. And it's just my experience, so it's purely anecdotal and nothing more than that...

I've been reading/following sex blogs since about 2009/2010. Before that I would read articles in magazines - I've always been fascinated by the subject of sex!  Along the way I would come across many great sex bloggers, and due to my CIS het status I would invariably be drawn to female authors. As you'll know from your own journey through the blogosphere many of those bloggers were at various stages of their own sexual journey.

Some were just 'starting out', trying new things, exploring their sexuality, seeing what they liked/disliked, and sharing it with those of us reading along.  Others were more advanced - they knew what they liked, they knew what they wanted, and they certainly went out and got it. They would regale us with stories of their adventures, their conquests, and their pursuit of sexual happiness. 

Their sexual exploits were the stuff of great inspiration and men and women alike (mostly women, because male readers were wary of seeming too leery) would comment about how they wish they could be more like the author, or do even half the stuff she had done. (As an aside: it's crazy to recall that ten years ago personal blogs could attract 20-30 comments, and most of them would be at least one paragraph long - not the one or two sentences that seem standard today. If you can even get anyone to comment anymore, it all seems too much bother now)

At the Best Western, with those guys you met on Craigs List
But I digress. Back to Mental Health...

These women would write about the random guy they hooked up with at a bar or a work function/conference. Or the guy they met online specifically for a hook up, either in a hotel room or a nooner back at their place. Some had husbands/partners do kinky shit to them, other were fucking a neighbor(s) behind his back. Some went to sex clubs, dressing up in hot outfits made of leather or latex. They'd post pictures of themselves in these hot outfits, proving their stories were real. Other posted pictures of themselves going down on another man or woman, while their husband fucked them from behind at a Swingers Party.

The stories were hot, real, and made readers jealous. We collectively vowed to make our own relationships more like theirs, even if sometimes we'd confess that some of that freaky shit was well out of our comfort zones and most likely to stay in our fantasies really. It was all very erotic, and showed what was possible if we were willing to try a little harder to escape our vanilla sex lives.

But then I noticed a pattern of sorts. Again, I hasten to add it's a vast generalization, but it happened often enough for me to notice it...

After two or three or four years some of these female sex bloggers with voracious healthy sexual appetites would invariably announce they had been diagnosed with some form of mental condition, for which their doctor had prescribed some new pill. As a reader I was left wondering if their exponentially growing sex life was due to that mental problem? Was that the reason they were seeking out increasingly more risky or kinky sex? More partners? 

All this time did they have a rising libido or were they just manic?

Whatever it was (like I said, I'm no expert) the second pattern I noticed was that once these women started taking medication for their diagnosed mental health issue their libido would slide. They'd have less sex, or no sex. They no longer had that drive to go to a Swingers Party or a Sex Club anymore - and if they did they'd complain afterwards that it was a bust. 

Was their lack of libido due to the medication, or that the mania was gone?

Some of these female sex bloggers would discuss this issue, but by and large most would choose to stay on the medication (or switch to something else, with a similar result). Invariably their sex lives would dwindle and the gaps between blog posts would increase until... one day they'd stop apologizing (for not blogging as often as they once did) and announce that they were just stopping entirely. 

And that would be that. 

Another hot sexy sex-blogging Goddess would vanish into the ether. 


This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday

click here for more 'Wicked Wednesday' stories (NSFW)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

#TMITuesday ~ Ex GF's and other things

I found this image in a folder marked 'Arthouse Porn' - whatever that means? At least it's Tumblr safe!

1. Did you leave your last love for some one else or no one else?
~ I was 'dating' four women at once (quite successfully/happily/consentually) before I decided to go 'exclusive' with just one of them. We ended up getting married.

2. Do you enjoy being alone? Yes or No
~ Yes.

3. Which of these reasons is most likely to spark your motivation for solitude:
a. It sparks my creativity
b. I enjoy the quiet
c. Being alone helps me get in touch with my spirituality
d. I value the privacy
e. I do not feel liked when I am around others
f. I cannot be my true self when I am around others

4. Have you ever tried to win back an ex-significant other?
– Yes or No
– Were you successful?
– If yes, did you regret it?
– How long did the reconciliation last?
~ To answer all of the above: I once discovered my girlfriend was cheating on me. I went around to his apartment and walked into his bedroom while they were in bed together. They were naked. I told her she had two choices: stay there with him, or come with me. She put on her clothes and left with me. She stayed with me for another month, at which point she left for a pre-planned trip to Israel. Our relationship continued until she left at which point we broke up, as planned. I have/had no regrets.
This is as close as I can think of to 'winning back' an ex, since none of them have ever broken up with me. I would always leave them first. (That is not a macho boast, I'm just telling you the facts).

5. Do you mind if your significant other gives or receives harmless flirtation?
~ Define harmless? Any guy flirting with my wife would fuck her, given the opportunity. After joining the BNG it took my wife a few years to accept that yes, the guys weren't just flirting they were all trying to get in her pants.

Bonus: If you really knew me, you’d know _____.
~ my wife has slowly crushed my spirit over the last 30 years. It's like boiling a frog: put it in a pot of cold water and slowly turn up the heat. By the time the frog realizes it's boiling its too late.

Double Bonus:
~ You missed:
Sunday: Leone Frollo
Friday: Goddess Lady Skotia
Thursday: Mutual Masturbation Redux

more 'Arthouse Porn' - this time fully nude. You know it's 'arty' because it's a crazy pose - in sepia!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Leone Frollo - comics - Part 2

Leone Frollo (born 9 April 1931 in Venice) is an Italian comic book artist.
Frollo debuted in 1948 with a western comic called Sui Grandi Laghi ("On Great Lakes"). From 1958 to 1968, he worked for London agency Fleetway, doing war stories. After that, until the mid-1980s he did works in several genres, including fantasy and horror, but specially erotic comics. His main work in the erotic genre in this period is Biancaneve (based on Snow White), Lucifera and Yra, which he did for Edifumetto.
After 1987, he changed his style and drew some series for the French market: Malicieusement FemmesMona Street and DivaMona Street, the erotic adventures of a young American lady, just graduated from college in Boston, set in the first decade of the 20th century, was Frollo's last comic work.
After abandoning comics, Frollo dedicated himself to erotic work, doing illustrations on paper with watercolour, pencil, and pastels. Below are a number of sketches he did for comics.
(Click the Leone Frollo tag/label below to see more of his work)