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Valentines Eve

As I typed the header I realized it would make a great title for a fictional erotic story, so hands off - it's mine! (Ha! A quick google search show's it's already been done - and it's Harry Potter FanFiction of course!) Anyway, this isn't fiction, it happened...

Valentine's Day was another weird one this year. They usually are, as a quick flick through my posts tagged Valentines Day will attest.  My wife was up early and out the door for an 8am breakfast meeting with someone, so even though I was awake she said nothing and left via the ensuite door. She returned at 9.30am to change her shoes, and left again for another meeting at 10am. This was with her BNG buddies, and it was to be followed with a lunch at mid day with a guest from another BNG chapter who was visiting our city for the day.

Except I knew the lunch had been cancelled because I'd read her emails, so I could only presume she'd left it in our iCalendar (which we share so I know what she's up to - not to be confused with her other calendars which I don't get access to) because she was planning a surprise lunch with me for Valentines Day. (With all the stuff we're going through with our teenage daughter right now, there's no way we're having an intimate dinner with just the two of us right now)

This happens later... keep reading
But it wasn't to be. As she changed her shoes she quickly gave me my Valentines Day card and told me she'd be back at 2pm to buy some concert tickets online (when earlybird VIP seats went on sale), but would head out again straight after for a 3pm meeting. Which was weird because even our shared calendar said the meeting (with her BNG buddies, again) was starting at 3.30pm. Her 10am meeting was scheduled for two hours, so I had no idea who she was planning to have lunch with.

She was home at 1pm, which was early, and without explanation. As I quickly checked our shared calendar I saw her lunch date had been deleted. I asked her if she'd had lunch and she said no but when I suggested we go out for lunch she said it would have to be a quick sandwich because she had to be back asap to buy some concerts tickets for her mother's birthday gift.

I gave my wife her card and a gift - a lovely bra and panties set from Calvin Klein (looks a bit like this set) and she kissed me and said it was lovely. "Better than that other stuff you give me" she added, which confused me. My wife has somehow got it into her head that I keep buying her lingerie only fit for slutwives and whores. She even complained recently about a set 'I' bought from Agent Provocateur while we were in Italy last October.  Yes, I paid for it, but she chose it. All I'd said (after she'd walked herself into an upmarket lingerie store) was 'pick out whatever you like and I'll pay for it, my gift to you.'

I'd done that specifically because of her prior grumblings about my 'choices' (which I still maintain were sexy but tasteful). Maybe she's confusing me with her boyfriend...

Anyway, she gave me a kiss on the cheek to say thank you, and then said that maybe she'd model it for me later... but not tonight because she had something else to show me!

Well, that was nice to hear and I wondered if I could expect to see the return of the red thong later that night. About 10+ years ago my wife had made me lay on the bed while she did a very sexy strip for me. It was mostly done on the bed, with her standing above and over me, and while she stripped down to the red lace thong fairly quickly she did a lot of teasing with it before finally pulling it aside and dropping her now-sodden pussy on my face.

She was wet as fuck and her labia was ripe, full, and juicy. She rode my face like a demon possessed and I have no idea how many times she came. When she was done with my face she jumped on my dick and rode me again, bouncing up and down like ... a demon possessed. There is no other word for it. I have no idea how many times she came then either, but when she was finally done she climbed up off me and told me to scootch over.

I did as I was told since clearly this was her show and she was the Director - I was just an actor in whatever erotic play was running through her head. Not that I minded.  I'd certainly eaten her out for all I was worth when she was on top of me, even my balls were now a little numb from all the bouncing she'd just done on my dick. She plumped four pillows on top of each other and dropped herself on top, presenting her ass to me.

"I want you to fuck me now, hard and fast. I've had mine so I want you to get yours, give me all you've got" she said, looking over her shoulder. "Just pound the fuck out of me, I wanna feel your hot cum shooting up all inside my pussy"

My wife isn't normally this explicit but it was Valentines Day, she'd planned this evening, so I followed her instructions to the letter. I grabbed her hips and stabbed my cock into her cunt. It cut through her wet slit like a knife through butter. She moaned as I sliced into her folds, and her pussy welcomed me like an old friend, hugging my tightly. Doing as I was told I pounded her good, my balls slapping her with every stroke.

Although it was supposedly 'my turn' now, my wife couldn't help herself. She was moaning and groaning with every thrust and it wasn't long before I felt her hand between our legs. She tickled my balls briefly before clutching her clit and pressing hard, as I fucked her fast and deep.

"Nnnnngh" she grunted through gritted teeth "that's it. Pound my pussy! Fuck me - good and hard! Yes!"

I gripped her hips tightly and thrust harder and deeper.

"Oh god, yes" she cried to "that's it! I'm cumming! YESSSS!"

Which was good, because I was coming too. I grabbed her hips and locked her onto cock, pushing myself in as deep as I could go. My swollen sac was almost buried in her labia as I unloaded a torrent of cum, shooting deep inside her in four quick bursts. She grabbed my balls between her legs and pulled me up, mashing me into her, squeezing out the last drop of whatever I had left to give.

It was the best sex we'd had in a long time and I remember it well.

But that was 10+ years ago and now we were older and a little slower. My wife was teasing me now with whispered promises of what was to come 'later' but she'd said such things before and they'd often come to nothing. She may have meant it when she said it, but it was mid afternoon and I knew by the time we'd had dinner (with our daughter, of course) I knew it could be a whole different ball game by the time we got home and went 'to bed'.

I of course was keen for something 'now', since I firmly believe a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I was keen for a mid afternoon quickie now, rather than waiting for something later - something that might not ever come.

As it turned out, my wife did have something planned for Valentines Day 2018, so we did have sex, but as I mentioned here there was a twist in the tale. I'll tell you that story on Wednesday, after TMI Tuesday....


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Saturday, February 17, 2018


May More is about half way through the Feb PhotoFest challenge.
We're being treated to a lot of boobage, as you can see here!
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

Screw Taboo ~ "Ethical Non Monogamy"

Primarily a sex toy review space now they do still have a lot of discussion/opinion content within the blog as well. Including this piece:

My sex and love life might not be conventional but it works for me and those I am involved with. I believe the only way a relationship style can be wrong is if it isn’t right for the people involved.

I firmly believe people are happiest when they are living in accordance with their morals and allowed to be (or discover) their true self. It sounds so simple and yet too often I have allowed myself to be shaped by other people, losing myself in the process. In the past I have had partners judge me harshly for my sexual choices. They have either decided I am a bad person or else, even worse, tried to suggest I was coerced or unable to make my own choices. When someone repeatedly treats you like you are weak and incapable of making choices it can reduce your self esteem. My self esteem hasn’t always been very secure (and still isn’t) so that kind of treatment had a profound effect on me. I pushed aside my desires and attitudes and tried to be “normal”. The result was that I was unsatisifed and felt ashamed of the things I was suppressing.
Having multiple sexual partners but no romantic relationship might seem strange but it works for me right now. I am always totally honest about the fact I am not looking for a romantic relationship and explain that I have a regular sexual partner and also a number of less regular partners and one night stands. I take care of my sexual health for my own wellbeing but also for the wellbeing of my partners and their partners. For me, a huge part of being ethically non-monogamous is being safe... [much more]

Lily ~ Dangerous Lily ~ "Fluid Sexuality -or- I’m not Kinky Anymore"

Lily will be already be known to most of you as she is a very strong activist for sex toy safety. Her blog is full of reviews of sex toys and she isn't afraid to call out (and explain why) a manufacturer who is producing something that isn't safe. She also blogs on other subjects too:
A lot has happened in my 6 years here, and a lot has happened with me, sexually, over the last ten years. 6 years ago when I started this blog, I considered myself to be moderately kinky. Over the next few years, as a pseudo-relationship worked its course, I considered myself to be highly kinky. You see, when someone I’m very much attracted to is very much into something sexually, their enthusiasm for it rubs off on me and I suddenly see things from a new perspective. I’m not faking it for them, I’m genuinely exploring previously-unknown facets. Not all have worked out for me. Two attempts at being the dominant one in a sexual relationship failed miserably; the second one succeeded only in making me realize that I was more submissive than I assumed. When those two relationships ended, I didn’t have a distaste for being the dominant one, I just knew it wasn’t my thing. 
But a few years ago, something happened in my personal life that pretty much completely turned me off of anything kinky. I no longer want to tie up anyone or be tied up. I don’t long for spankings, or being controlled–but I still love having my hair pulled, go figure. In fact, this personal rift was so severe that (husband aside) I went from a 3 on the Kinsey Scale to a 5. It is rare indeed that I find myself attracted to someone who identifies as male these days. My sex life with my husband isn’t faltering for it, in fact we’re personally better than ever – my love for him is very strong, and our sex life is great. But if things were to go back to being open again? I’d only be interested in female-identified or genderqueer people. My porn preferences fall in line with this, too. I quickly scroll past the random hetero-based sexy image in my Tumblr dashboard, rushing to the next all female one. I’m finding that my attraction to... [much more]

Eugene Robinson
 ~ 'Wild Card' - "The Problems With Public Sex"

I'm a sucker for advice columns in magazines and online, and I'm a big sucker for Sex advice columns. Eugene Robinson writes for - send him an email if you're game. Better yet, send it me and I'll tell you what's what!!
DEAR EUGENE: I agreed to go to a sex club. Partly to spice things up, partly because it sounded interesting. We did what you said, and talked about ground rules before. We decided to watch; if we got hot enough, we agreed we’d have sex. With each other. So we were sitting watching another couple have sex. They had drawn a crowd. My man sat on my right. On my left was a guy I didn’t know who, after chatting with us, stood up and started masturbating. He was closer to my face than I would have liked. It was a little weird, but I didn’t feel threatened. But my man whispered to me, “Go ahead if you want,” right as the guy laughed and shrugged and said, “Hey, it’s a sex club.” It felt like some weird collusion between the two of them, that they suddenly wanted me to be the field of play on which they could work out some mutual fantasy that I was not privy to. I did fellate the stranger a little, but since then I’ve been put out with my man. It wasn’t what we agreed on. We’ve been together for about 14 months. Should I move on? — Name withheld by request
Dear Anon: If I were a psychiatrist — and remember, I am NO KIND of medical professional — I would suggest that because you were not pressured into fellating a stranger, your pique might be because you did fellate a stranger... [much more]

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Dani Divine for Fetish Friday

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#friskyfriday for #fetishfriday with a #Repost from @dani_divine -:

“These photos are both available as signed prints as gifts for contributors, as well as many more other interesting perks!” CAMPAIGN JUST LAUNCHED! Help me get to the USA with a model and performer VISA. For full details and to supportπŸ‘‰ LINK IN BIO Thank you everyone!” ❤

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

This is what I got my wife for Valentines Day

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This is what I got my wife for Valentines Day. Well, as close as I could find on the Calvin Klein website. The bra was more like the one top right and the panties better matched the bra top right, if that makes sense?

Yes, she loved it - despite what she said last December (see here). Well, she said this was the ‘good’ kind, ‘not like that other stuff you buy’. Again, I don’t know what she’s on about. If someone has been buying her cheap tacky underwear it wasn’t me. 

Yes, we had sex last night. It happened late but it was good - a welcome release! As usual there was a twist in the tale, which I should have ready to post by Monday.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I went Xmas shopping yesterday...

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‪I went Xmas shopping yesterday* and realised I don’t know my wife’s measurements. Hard to buy lingerie this way! πŸŽ„‬ [*Originally posted Dec 10, 2017]

UPDATE: So in the end I went back home and took her measurements c/o her underwear drawer. Then I went back to the store and bought something nice, but sexy. Then my wife made disparaging comments on Facebook about how I always buy her pornstar underwear that she refuses to wear. WTF? Where did that come from? I still have no idea! The comment wasn’t even relevant to the thread she was commenting on. (It was like your mother suddenly blurting out “I’m not wearing any panties” at a funeral)

I was dumbstruck by these public comments and thought “Fuck You” so I shelved the Christmas gift.

But I’m not stupid, I figured I’d hold the gift until Valentine’s Day and give it to her then. So, by the time you read this she will have them. I’ll update you later on her reaction....

(Spoiler: they don’t look like the ones @KimberleyAnnPhoto is wearing above, which I think look great) (they were a sexy but tasteful set from Calvin Klein) (see them here)

#happyvalentinesday ladies! ❤️

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#happyvalentinesday ladies! ❤️
(Actual self portrait - if I was this guy!)

#valentinesday #rose #whoisthisguy ??

Valentines Eve