Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sex on a Tuesday - whaaaat?

Well it's Xmas Eve and I've got things to do so this is going to be such a quick post...
This was how it started...
In my previous post I mentioned we had sex on Sunday night, which seems to be the norm, so I definitely wasn't expecting anything on Tuesday. But I was horny. And our daughter was on a sleepover. So...

At about 11pm my wife went up to bed, and this is when I usually stay downstairs and watch TV. But not tonight. I knew she'd been reading her dirty stories (even though she's changed her iPad password and I can't look at her browser history) so I figured there must be some level of arousal in my wife, so I decided to make my move.

I jumped in the shower.

"You're having a shower, now?" she asked, surprised.

"Yup" I winked, "gonna make myself nice and clean and fresh for you"

"Yeah, no, sorry it's late" she said, "I've got things to do in the morning, it's almost Christmas - y'know?"

I showered any way, and jumped into bed naked after drying myself off. My wife had already switched off the lights and was feigning sleep, but she rolled over to face me when I climbed in.

"We're not having sex" she said, sternly "we just did it on Sunday"

"That's okay" I replied, "we don't have to have sex - we can just cuddle"

And so we cuddled.

And with my free hand I started playing with my dick.

"Are you jerking off?" she asked, in the dark.

"Yes, but that's okay, you don't have to do anything"

And that was about the last thing we said to eachother. My wife seemed happy that I was jacking off and it wasn't long before her hand joined in and took over. Then she played with my balls. Then she threw off the covers and started blowing me, then she resumed jacking me off while she tongued my balls, then she rubbed my cock all over her tits, then she climbed up and mounted me, and then...

Then we fucked.

She rode me for a while, then flopped off, and collapsed onto her back. She spread her legs and that was my cue to mount her. I ran my cock up and down her wet slit, before sliding it in and thrusting slowly. I maintained a slow steady rhythm while I grabbed both her ankles and pulled them up high. I held her legs in a 'V' position, and I continued to hold her aloft, ever so slightly. She noticed it. She started cooing word of encouragement, urging me on, and telling me to keep fucking her like that.

Her breathing got more strained and I could tell she was getting closer. I told her to play with her clit while I fucked her slightly harder, and I pulled her up even higher. Her butt was almost off the bed now, and she was suspended be her ankles as I pounded into her. She started grunting, and her body thrashed around but I maintained my grip on her. She wasn't going anywhere. Except over the edge.

She came.

As is her wont, she flopped back into the bed and had her moment - I released her from my grasp.

"Thank you" she said, softly. Wow, she's never said that before. Never. I must have done something right. Or was it those damned dirty stories?

Then it was my turn.

I rolled her over and pounded her doggy style. Pounding her pussy with my stiff fat cock. I was more aggressive now, not like I had been earlier. It was my turn now and I was going to get mine. And I did. I gripped her hips tightly and pulled her into me, forcing my cock in deep and flooding her cunt with my sperm. No condom tonight, she was getting a full load.

She was getting something herself - she gave her tell tale grunt and clasped her clit with her free hand.

"Seconds? I enquired, gently

"Mmmmmm" was all she said, as she rolled over again, before grabbing a big wad of tissues to clean herself up.

And then it was back to cuddling. And sleep.

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