Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sunday Sex - and Tuesday too!

If you're here because of Monday's post then be aware that I may have oversold it a little. Yes, I considered the sex on Sunday a little weird and kinda kinky but... it's a different type of kinky. But don't leave just yet, because since writing Monday's post I can now add Tuesday nights sexual encounter. Full details on both after this pictorial interlude...

My wife has trained me how to eat her just right...
So as I recounted in Monday's post my wife had spent the weekend reading dirty stories on Literotica but it wasn't enough to get her horny until Sunday night. And once again it was more me pressing the point than her inviting me to make love to her. By 10pm I'd stewed long enough (again, how can she read and not get me involved>) and so I strode up into the bedroom and told her.

"I want to eat your pussy" I said, as I pulled off the covers.

As is her habit, she feigned refusal but did nothing to stop me once I bent down and pulled her ankles apart. She spread her knees wide to invite me in, and then clamped her thighs around my head as  I went in. She moaned as I swirled my tongue around her pussy, before moving in on the clit. She was already very wet, so I wasted no time. Once I found the spot I kept hitting the mark - my tongue pressed hard and flat against her clit, movement limited to a pulsing back and forward - which is how my wife likes it. She doesn't like the fancy stuff, trust me, she wants it the way she wants it.

I could feel my wife's hand on my head, pressing me in harder and deeper, but it would disappear momentarily before returning. I knew that feeling - she was reading her iPad! Every time her hand disappeared it was because she was scrolling further down the page of whatever filthy story she was reading. This used to get me angry but now I just go with it. I still think it's rude but I sometimes fantasize about watching porn while my wife blows me so I figure it's just the same as that. Except she is living her fantasy!

Suddenly my wife swung one leg hard up in the air, swung it over my head, and brought it down beside her in some sort of scissor movement. At the same time she pushed my head away and whispered our daughters name. Our daughter was opening our bedroom door and trying to get in. Obviously I hadn't heard any of this, what with my wife's thighs clamped around my ears, but luckily my wife's response was lightning fast. She pushed me off the bed and I bundled myself into our walk-in wardrobe, where I hid until our daughter had left.

"I told you we'd wake her up!" my wife hissed, not happy at all. I wasn't happy at her reaction and took it as my cue to leave. I went back downstairs and watched another hour of television. My wife obviously went back to her porn because when I returned she was still on her iPad, but clearly in a more conciliatory mood. "What took you so long?" she asked.

So I resumed the position and went back downtown. She was still very wet and I decided to insert a finger inside her as my tongue worked her clit. I crooked my finger and pressed the fleshy bit, just like I'd read in a 'how to make her squirt' instructional blog once. It didn't make her squirt but I could feel her clamping around my finger as I slid it in and out. She was cumming. I knew this for sure because she had dropped the iPad and had both hands on my head and her thighs locked around my ears.

She finally released me, throwing her arms back on the bed and then letting out a long soft groan.

"That was good" she sighed, her eyes closed.

I wondered what she had been reading, but said nothing. Instead I sidled up beside her - it was my turn now.

"When was the last time you had a shower?" she asked. Wow! That's a moodkiller.

"This morning" I answered.

"No you didn't" she corrected, "you had one last night. Sorry, but I'm not going to fuck you if you haven't showered"

At this point you're probably thinking she's a Grade A bitch, but you're wrong. As I've blogged elsewhere, my wife is a delicate flower and susceptible to 'issues' 'down there' if there's something squirly going on. Luckily I had the answer ready in advance this time - I had condoms! I went to the wardrobe and pulled out a box I'd been given at the last conference I'd been to (host responsibility - go figure!).

"what are those?" she asked

"condoms" I replied

"condoms?" she said, incredulously "what for?"

"since I can't take a shower without waking our daughter, and so you don't have to worry that my dick is dirty" I explained, wincing internally since I knew my dick was fine.

"really?" she said, not sure what was happening.

"yeah, it'll be fun" I responded, throwing the box to her "you can put it on and pretend you're my dirty whore, fucking me for money".

That made her smile, and she opened the box like it was Christmas. She pulled out a condom, ripped it open and peeled it down over my dick. It had crossed my mind to tell her do it with her mouth, like a real prostitute, but I saw no upside in that. Besides, she was into it already - and into it quite quickly I noted to myself. As soon as the condom was on she mounted me in the reverse cowgirl position and started bouncing. She was already wet.

Seriously, it happened that fast. Obviously those stories had once again done their magic!

So I was on my back, my wife was bouncing on my cock and rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits, and it felt great. I'm not sure if she came, but she leaned down and put her head on the bed, but continued thrusting back on me. I took that as my cue to get up and mount her doggy style. She moaned as I re-entered her and said in a low voice "Yeah, fuck me deep". I did exactly that, holding her hips and thrusting in long steady strokes.

Soon I progressed to pounding and she urged me on, imploring me to fuck her harder and faster. She was talking quite dirty and I loved it. She started slapping her clit with her free hand and as always that was enough to finish me off. To finish us both off, as we came together in a very pleasant (understatement!) orgasm.

And that, dear reader, is why I described this as a little bit weird and kinky - because we used a condom and I told her she was my whore (but we didn't roleplay further than that, it went unsaid in both our heads). I really can't remember the last time we've used one, but it was no impediment to pleasure. As for Tuesday's sex... well, I'll post that story tomorrow.

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