Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunday Sex - with a twist!

I did have sex again, and again it was on Sunday night. It seems to be my wife's 'go to' night for ticking off "I must have sex with my husband" from her list.

Actually that's not true. Or is it? I'm confused.

I guess it's a Chicken and Egg situation. Does my wife read a lot of porn (she calls it erotica) in order to arouse herself so that she can stomach having sex with me; or does she have sex with me because she's so horny from reading porn almost non stop across the weekend she can't stop herself? It went down like this.... [continues below]

We saw the new Star Wars film on Saturday night - it was great!
So we watch a few movies on Netflix on Friday night but afterwards she says she's tired and wants to go to bed - there is no invitation for me to join her. Instead she makes it clear that she has jobs to do early on Saturday morning. I kinda blame myself since both movies were a bust. They were meant to be female centric indie romantic films but they both failed to fire on all cylinders. Enjoyable yes, but nothing to make us rush into bed for a good cuddle and some lovemaking.

So I stayed downstairs and watched the new Rob Schneider show on Netflix - I don't love it but I like it - but my wife just doesn't like it, period. So an hour later I head to bed and see the light in our bedroom is on. So much for going to sleep early - she's reading dirty stories on her iPad again! As soon as she hears me she switches out the light and pretends she's asleep. I was too tired myself, so I didn't bother making a move, I let her be.

Saturday morning rolled around I was the one up early, due to some neighborhood kid squealing at the top of his lungs. I got up and went downstairs and mooched around. My wife never got up and I later determined (via her browser history) that she had slept in and then read dozens and dozens of dirty stories on Literotica. I didn't mind - I had chores to do and maybe I'd get lucky tonight?

Of course not.

We went as a family to watch Star Wars - The Force Awakens on Saturday night and we had a great time. Later when we got home we watched another romantic movie (our daughter was in her room, with her sleepover buddy) but like Friday, it was a dud. And as on Friday my wife kissed me good night and told me she was off to bed - she had to get up early to do all those chores she hadn't done this morning! She was lying of course, because again she was back on the crack, reading her dirty dirty stories about big black men raping tiny white women. Making them sluts for black cock, breeding them, and forcing them to do all manner of disgusting degrading sex things that they always end up loving.

I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that she didn't do much on Sunday either, other than mooch around and read her iPad a lot. I had more chores to do, including some Xmas shopping since it was only 5 days away and I hadn't done any! We ordered some Chinese for dinner because my wife had forgotten to go to the market and our cupboards were bare. Seriously! That's a sign someone is an addict BTW - when there's no food in the house. My wife was hooked on her stories and couldn't prise herself away from them. I would have picked up something myself while I was out if I'd known but she had said she was going so I believed her.

Believe it or not, but after dinner my wife said she was going to bed to ... {wait for it} ... catch up on her reading! I couldn't believe it!!

I left her to it, but by 10pm I'd had enough of Rob Schneider and went up to the bedroom determined to get some. She had to be horny now, there was no way one woman could read that many stories and not be ripe for the plucking? It was harvest time! I pushed open the door and strode in - she was sitting in bed, propped up with pillows, legs apart under the covers, and reading her iPad.

What happens next I'll save for Wednesday (since tomorrow is TMI Tuesday) but it was kinda wild and just a little bit kinky....

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