Tuesday, December 22, 2015

TMI Tuesday: December 22, 2015 ~ Let's Play doctor

Busy day, busy week but not too busy for TMI Tuesday :

Let’s play doctor...
Excuse me nurse, but that's not where we keep the tongue depressors I asked for...
1. Have you had major surgery? What type?
~ Does having a kidney stone removed count? It does to me because it's excruciatingly painful. And I get them every six years so...
2. Have you died and been resuscitated?
~ No, but if you're that good in bed I'm willing to risk it!
3. Do you have surgery scar(s) that embarrass you? Where?
~ No, but I do have a big scar on the palm of my hand that doesn't embarrass me. I sliced it right open, lots of blood, very deep, very scary at the time.
4. Do you have a scar, on your body, of which you are proud?
~ Hmmm, I really should read ahead before answering these questions, shouldn't I? I do love showing people the scar and telling them how the whole 'cheek' of my palm was only hanging on by the skin, like a half bitten apple...
5. Have you ever played doctor and nurse as foreplay for sex? Which were you – doctor or nurse?
~ No, but I have playfully suggested it. And been playfully rejected. The photo caption above is testament to the sexy wordplay that fails to excite my wife. I'd be happy to play doctor if she'd be the nurse.

Bonus: Do you like BDSM medical play? What about that excites you?
~ The idea of dressing up and being naughty always appeals to me but my wife just isn't into it, despite all the roleplaying she clearly does in her head (a presumption based on all the dirty stories she reads, which are quite extreme). I'm familiar with BDSM medical play and I would consider that too extreme for me, but I'd be willing to explore it of you were willing to take baby steps.

Bonus Bonus: some questions for you, dear reader...
1] I need a new name for this blog, it's not quite working for me
2] I'm having trouble writing shorter posts. Yesterday's post about the sex I had on Sunday was so long I had to break it into two parts. I like to give context via a preamble, but it goes on for so long I just sound like a whiney bitch. Do you guys even care about context or preamble?
Your feedback in the comments section below is appreciated, thanks.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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