Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"My Wife's Incredible Shrinking Penis"

(Since I'm on vacation I can't participate in the TMI Tuesday meme this week - but this post is TMI!)

Believe it or not, that was what I was originally going to call this blog, but I demurred in favour of something less confronting. (Although I'm still not happy with the title of this blog, and kinda wished I'd stuck with my first idea). Obviously my wife doesn't have a penis, but she seems to be in control of mine since it's up to her whether I have sex or not. And I (seriously!) have felt in recent years that it is getting smaller. I'm not the only one who has wondered that, as you'll see shortly.

My wife has fantasies about being gangbanged by well hung black men
(because they're all well hung, riiiight?)
I have this nagging recollection of Dr Oz talking about it on Oprah last century, before he got his own show. I think he said something about how as men get fatter as they get older their dicks seem shorter, but it's only because the cock is rooted in the same spot it always and the spreading fat/stomach kind of envelops it. Since I was young and thin at the time it didn't resonate with me, but now that I am older and fatter....

Anyway, I happened upon this website and I spotted another guy who was worried about the same thing. And got the same answer:
Q: As I've gotten older I have gained the impression that my penis is getting shorter.
A: I think this impression is due to weight gain which makes the penis look shorter in proportion. Also fat gathering around the groin area and over the pubic bone can take .5" or more off the apparent length. It also makes the scrotum less distinct where it joins the body. Forget enlargement I'll go on a diet!!
As you will know now ~because you clicked the link as soon as I mentioned it~ the site documents men's penises of all shapes and sizes, so that all men who worry that their dick is too small can see what 'average' really looks like. Just as women obsess that their boobs aren't big enough to be sexy, men worry they don't have enough cock to satisfy a woman. Unlike women however, men can't get penis augmentation surgery to make themselves bigger.

If you like looking at cock then click the link and have a look at page after page of photos of men's dicks - all submitted by the men themselves. At the very least it assuaged my fears that my wife might try to act upon her black cock fantasies (since she reads a lot of that genre on Literotica) and end up running off with him; because despite the popular stereotype black men are also 'average' and not all hung like the guy above.

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