Friday, January 8, 2016

New Years Eve Sex - something new!

In last Tuesday's post I mentioned the following:
I pulled her down on top of me and we started kissing. Our hands were all over each other and I squeezed her boob, since she had responded so well last time. She didn't seem interested this time, instead choosing to sit up and undo my belt buckle...
When I tried to link to what she had responded to so well last time I realised I hadn't written it up. Oops - but in fairness we were vacationing with friends then and there was no wifi, so I planned to write it up when I got home. But didn't. Well, it went down like this:

Our friends had invited us to ring in the New Year at their vacation house in the resort area up state. It wasn't the Hamptons, but it was something like that so we jumped at the chance (it was our first invite by them). So on December 30 we packed two small bags, climbed into the car, and made the two hour drive in three, because everyone else was also in their car - heading in the same direction.

Their holiday home was beautiful, only finished three months before, and we each had a bedroom (our 13 y.o. daughter bunking with their 6 y.o. daughter). After some small talk and a check of the clock the wine was opened and the festivities began! We broke for dinner (the kids were hungry!) and continued until midnight - the children having retired to their devices in their room immediately after dinner.  

I wasn't drunk and neither was my wife but she was certainly in a good mood when we retired to bed ourselves. Being a man I was thinking about sex - or should I say strategising? Tomorrow was New Years Eve and we'd been invited to a neigboring property for their NYE party that night. The host was gay, most of the guests would be gay, and I just knew my wife would get shit-faced drunk and dance her ass off with all the young well groomed athletic gay boys. Not that I minded or cared at all.

The only issue was that I knew that even if she was horny tomorrow night she would not be in any state for sexual congress with the love of her life. (Yes, that's me dear reader). So if I was going to make a move it would have to be now! (Because she would be hungover on January 1, which would also not be a good time - see, I'm strategising!)

So we climbed into bed and I pulled her close. I kissed her and squeezed her butt.

"Horny are you?" she said. It was dark but I could tell she was grinning.

"How can I not be when I've got you parading around in front of me all day?" I answered back.

She kissed me again and ran her hands over me. She stroked my chest as I squeezed her ass some more, before her hand moved to my boxers. My cock was stiffening as her hand snaked it's way from outside to inside, and she began stroking me. When she felt I was hard enough she withdrew her hand and tugged at my underwear - that was my cue to lift my butt and shuck them off. As I did so she removed her nightie, rendering her naked.

She bent down and pushed me onto my back, before pressing her breasts down on top of my chest and leaning in to kiss me. She kissed me passionately and I responded in kind. She then broke her kiss and repositioned herself slightly, bringing her breasts up from my chest and closer to my face. No words were spoken but I got the impression she wanted to face fuck me with her tits - something we don't normally do. I recalled some of the dirty stories she read about women with big breasts getting manhandled and suckled so I took the bait.

I grabbed and squeezed her breasts, roughly but not too roughly. I grabbed 'a handful of tit' (something I don't usually do) and brought it to my mouth. I wrapped my whole mouth around her nipple and tried to swallow her breasts. My hands were all over her tits, grabbing and squeezing, but I only had one mouth. I alternated between them in a lustful frenzy - sucking, kissing, swallowing, biting (gently!) and generally manhandling both of them with my hands.

Normally I would be scared to 'manhandle' them but I recalled some of the erotic fiction she read (in the breast fetish section) and they all described some fairly rough handling of the mammaries - which the women in the stories responded to most positively. And my wife was doing likewise! I surprised myself as I upped the ante and got just a little rougher, at which point my wife started moaning. I'd read that some women get so highly aroused by breast play that they can orgasm and I wondered if it was possible with my wife. I wasn't expecting anything, this was very new for both of us, but I thought I'd try my best to fulfil whatever sexual fantasy my wife was obviously acting out.

I ramped up the heat by running my hands all over her body - squeezing her ass, lightly fingering her crack, grabbing her hips and pulling her into me - but always my hands returned to her breasts, which were firmly in my mouth. I held both boobs tightly and ran my tongue around her areola and then flicked her nipples, then bit her nipples, then suckled her tits again - and she was responding by clasping my head and swirling me all over her breasts. I decided to mimic some of the dirty talk I'd seen in her stories:
"Mmmmm, your tits are fantastic... I love your big boobs, you're so hot I can't get enough... I could feast on your massive tits all day... I love those stiff nipples in my mouth, they're so hard and fat... I just want to suck them and bite them... You've got a great rack, I want you to mash those big boobies into my face... feed me those fat breasts... god you're so sexy and beautiful, I just want to milk* these glorious tits all night long"
I know it sounded better than it reads because my wife was moaning and mashing her tits into my face, while grinding her pussy on my thigh. She was definitely on her way to getting what she wanted. Basically I was pandering to her fantasy of being a DD vixen (she's not that big) and she was lapping it up. My hands and mouth continued their all over assault as she continued to grind harder and harder on my thigh, before moving to my hip bone and finishing herself off. I knew she was cumming because of the way she moaned, before lifting herself off me and grabbing her pussy with her whole hand and giving it one final clamp to wring out the last of her orgasm.

And then without skipping a beat she jumped off me, rolled around and started jerking me off before taking me in my mouth and deep throating me. Her movements were as frenzied as mine had been - she alternated between hand relief and oral before she couldn't take it anymore and suddenly lay down on the bed beside me and begged me to fuck her. It was genuine lust on her part, and I was right there with her.

I mounted her and smashed that ass...

*my wife also reads stories about lactating women and the men who breastfeed off them.

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