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Sex Party Roundup: 3 Men, 2 Women, Double Penetration, and an Air-Tight Seal

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her. 
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. (FYI: all links in this post are dead)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: " One Saturday morning, I find myself alone, my husband out of town, and craving sex. Lots of sex. As in, sex party kind of sex. It's been several months since my last sex party. But I also want to experience a party with someone other than my husband. S"

recovered post on Pervertically Virtuous

Sex Party Roundup: 3 Men, 2 Women, Double Penetration, and an Air-Tight Seal

by Pervertically Virtuous
My three hotties of the night
One Saturday morning, I find myself alone, my husband out of town, and craving sex. Lots of sex. As in, sex party kind of sex.
It's been several months since my last sex party. But I also want to experience a party with someone other than my husband. See, Ace is not one of those (rare) men who most women want to fuck right away; he grows on you with time, he needs to lay down some groundwork. I, on the other hand, being an attractive and willing woman, don't need any time. This discrepancy can sometimes make going to sex parties together challenging. So I want to see what it would be like to go with someone who is desired instantaneously by almost every woman in the room. And I know just the right person: Karlo.
Karlo is in his prime (early 30's), tall and dark-skinned, with a gorgeous masculine face, muscular body, and an enormous cock that can cum multiple times in one night and isn't fazed by anything around him. Most importantly, he has that spell-binding sexual charisma that makes every woman at a sex party want to fuck him without so much as a word - that mix of alpha male dominance and nonchalant self-assuredness of a man who knows he's not only desired, but he can deliver.
So I text to see if he wants to go to a party with me. He does. Excellent.
I wear a red corset with matching red fishnet thigh-highs, complemented by a short black skirt and knee-high black boots. I have a feeling the boots and thigh-highs are going to stay on all night.
On my way downtown, I stop by a friend's dinner party. Completely unexpectedly, I am delighted by the availability of one mind-altering substance that my friends never do but is absolutely perfect for sex: GHB. I happily pack a couple of doses with me.
It is only my second time at this particular sex party - and the first time was over two years ago and unsuccessful (a story for another time), so I don't know what to expect. After saying hi to the host couple (which both Karlo and I have hooked up with in the past), we head over to the bar. A very sexy Latino bartender enthusiastically helps us with our drinks, mixing vodka/soda for Karlo and GHB-laced coconut water for me. I take my first dose of G and look around the room. There are only about 12 couples in the dimly lit, warmly decorated, high-ceilings loft space, but many of them are hot.
Karlo decides to get a temporary tattoo from the resident body painter, leaving me to roam the room on my own. I exchange glances and smiles with a few people, and I'm soon caught in a conversation with a decent-looking interracial couple in their mid-30's. She - Nola - is Southeast Asian, with a pretty face, thick long black hair, and just a couple of extra pounds around her belly. He is White and celebrating his birthday. His face is OK, and he is slightly annoying in a loud, Upper Wast Side salesman sort of way, but he is quite tall and potentially nicely built, with broad shoulders and no belly protruding from his button-down shirt. I can't help but think that whether I fuck him or not depends entirely on what's hiding underneath the shirt.
After a while, I move on to check in with Karlo, still getting his tattoo, and chat up a few other people. Just as I start to flirt with another really hot couple, I feel a hand grab me and drag me to one of the play areas. It's Nola - she is anxious to give Birthday boy some action, she says.
I am not ready to start playing just yet (it's only been 40 minutes since we got there), and I'm not entirely sure they would be my first pick (especially since I haven't had a chance to examine the rest of the offering). But they are decent looking, and having my choice made for me prevents me from wasting too much time being paralyzed by choice. "What the hell", I say to myself, "let's see what's underneath the shirt".
Nola and I turn our attention to Birthday Boy, slowly unbuttoning his shirt while making out with him and each other. Her lips are very soft and responsive. When the final button is undone and the shirt slides off his shoulders, it reveals a beautifully athletic body.
"Oh my God! You're gorgeous!" I exclaim, genuinely amazed. For some reason, I didn't expect this uptown sales guy to be in such good shape.
For a few long moments, I am completely mesmerized by his body and can't stop running my fingers up and down his torso, inspecting every inch of his toned biceps, massive chest, flat stomach. He's not naturally hairless, but shaved clean all over.
"I guess all those hours at the gym just payed off," he says, visibly flattered, almost embarrassed by my admiration.
Birthday Boy getting his first blowjob of the night
As I ponder my good luck tonight, Nola continues to undress him. The jeans come off, an above-average, but rock hard circumcised cock pops out. It's not impressive in size, but attached to that body, it will more than suffice. I take his stiff member in my hand and wrap my lips around it. I start licking and sucking it. I try to deepthroat him, but he's too hard to do that in this position. Nola undresses me, then herself, then sneaks underneath me and starts licking my pussy while I'm standing bent over with her husband's cock in my mouth. I'm starting to feel the warmth of the G and my thighs tremble at her tongue flicking my clit.
Another couple shows up and wants to join. The woman is hot, in an early 40's, New Jersey housewife kind of way, but he is absolutely hideous - short, ugly, with a big belly hanging out - so I say no. Karlo appears from somewhere and joins us. I make quick introductions, and before long, Karlo is naked and Nola is on all fours sucking his massive cock. Soon, she climbs on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. It's a hot view just inches from me - and I squeeze her heaving breasts with my one free hand. I only get to enjoy this hot view for a brief moment before Birthday Boy grabs the back of my head and starts fucking my face. Thick strings of saliva drip from my chin, and as I'm gagging and fighting for air, my pussy throbs and pulses in excitement.
Nola has a loud, screaming orgasm while riding Karlo, then climbs off of him, and starts playing with some other not very attractive woman. Which is how I get the two boys to myself. It's perfect timing because the G is hitting me hard and I get more ravenous.
IMG_3306 (2)I am first placed on my back and Birthday Boy enters my pussy for the first time. Karlo kneels above me ramming his shaft down my throat. Then they lift me up, flip me on my back, and switch orifices: Karlo is now fucking my pussy from behind and his thrusts impale my mouth onto Birthday Boy's dick. This spit-roasting goes on for a while. I've lost all sense of time and space, I'm simply a fuck toy with holes to be filled by these two men.
My first orgasm is slow to build up - the first one is usually the hardest, especially with so much going on. Karlo cums before I do and walks away. I'm not worried though. I pull Birthday Boy behind me, lie down on my stomach, and guide his cock inside me. That's a sure-fire way to make me come. Unexpectedly, his wife reappears and spreads her legs in front of me. I bury my face in her crotch while he fucks me hard and fast. Nola and I cum at the same time, our whole bodies spasming in ecstasy.
My first orgasm is just a tease, though; I still have lots of pent up tension in my pelvis. I push Birthday Boy on the ground and get on top of him. I love looking at his chiseled body while I grind myself on his still hard cock.
"My God, you are so hot," he can't stop telling me. "You know that, don't you? You're so fucking beautiful."
I smile back. No need to respond, really. I have another orgasm instead.
I'm ready to take a break. I ask him if he wants to cum. Not with a condom on, plus he's a once-a-night-all-night kind of guy. So we take a break. That is the first time I notice we have a huge audience around us. People come up to me to thank me for the amazing performance. Apparently, the session went on for almost two hours and we've been the main attraction the whole time.
I get some water, have another hit of G, and go check out what else is going on in the other play room. Karlo is getting ready for a massage. A super hot, Mom of Three first-timer I'm making out with proclaims the setting isn't intimate enough and she isn't going to play. Fine by me, her husband is not attractive and she is drunk. The hot couple I had just started flirting with when Nola dragged me away is already gone. Another hot couple is done for the night and leaving early. There is one other hot couple - I noticed them watching us earlier - and I wonder if I could lure them in for the next round. I find them in the smoking room and endure the nauseating cigarette smoke for a few brief moments to tell them I'd love to play with them. They don't seem very interested.
FFF-threesomeNola and Birthday Boy come back, ready for a second round. The couple with the hideous husband from earlier is still there. He tells us his wife would like her pussy licked, but is too shy to ask. That much we can certainly do for them. She takes her tight pants off, revealing a smooth, hairless pussy, and spreads her legs for me. I go down on her, and Nola somehow inserts herself underneath me and starts eating my pussy.
The Jersey housewife tastes good and I keep my head between her legs until Birthday Boy starts positioning himself behind me to fuck me. I realize there aren't enough cocks for all the girls, so I stop Birthday Boy from rolling on a condom and run out of the playroom to look for Karlo. Before I have a chance to find him, I spot the Latino Bartender. It's late and he's not busy, casually hanging out by the bar. I had noticed him earlier: Slightly taller than me, with long curly hair, dark skin, and exceptionally pretty face. He now has his shirt off revealing a gorgeously sculpted body. Smaller frame and not as bulky as Birthday boy and Karlo, but perfectly proportioned and toned, with a flawless set of six-pack. I feel like I've won the lottery, for a second time in one night. I approach him and let my hands run across his incredibly smooth skin. He reciprocates. A naughty thought forms in my head.
"Are you allowed to play?" I ask with a devilish grin on my face.
"You have to ask my boss," he says, pointing to the party host standing next to us.
"May I borrow him for a little bit?" I plead with the host. "Please? He's so damn sexy, and we really need another cock in there. Please?"
The host is somewhat reluctant, but relents. I drag the Bartender over to the playroom where Birthday Boy is impatiently awaiting my return. I pull the Bartender's jeans down, and out comes a slim but long, semi-erect cock. I slowly get down on my knees, with one hand on each of their torsos, taking a second to savor the moment. I have two brand new cocks, both attached to ridiculously hot bodies, all for me (Nola is busy playing with another couple). This is the definition of slut heaven.
double-blowjobI grab a cock in each hand, and I start sucking them hungrily, moving back and forth between them, deep throating one after the other, jerking them off in my mouth. I let the tips of their cocks touch and neither of them flinches. I grab both and stuff them in my mouth at the same time. I love having two cocks in my mouth at the same time, it's one of those moments of prime whoredom.
Birthday Boy is really getting into it - he starts talking dirty to me, calling me a slut and a whore. He pushes my head onto the Bartender's cock, then back onto his own. My mouth and chin are coated in spit as I'm lifted from one cock to another and back. I love how comfortable those two feel around each other.

blowbangThen, just when I think my night couldn't get any better, Karlo appears after a very long massage. Without hesitation, he adds his cock to the mix, pushing it deep down my throat. I am besides myself. I am now surrounded by THREE gorgeous men with three hard cocks. This is turning into a blowbang. I truly can't believe my luck. I have a permagrin plastered all over my face, and my cunt is dripping wet.
Every person still left at the party is around us watching. My depravity is out for all to see.
Karlo walks off to take a piss, and the other two place me on my back and start fucking my mouth and pussy. Sandwiched between two cocks for a second time that night, my thoughts naturally turn to double penetration. The Bartender reads my mind: "DP"?
"Yes," I exclaim. "Thought you'd never ask."
To get me ready for it, Birthday Boy pulls out of my pussy and starts pushing his head against my anal ring. It's tight and my sphincter is resisting. He pauses for a minute, letting me get used to the invasion, then pushes a little deeper fighting my involuntary clench. As he gets passed my outer ring and I start relaxing into it, I can appreciate my lovely predicament again - I'm jammed between a cock in my mouth and another one in my ass. I'm starting to lose myself in the sensations again.
Karlo returns and I realize I can turn this into more than just double penetration - I can get an air-tight seal! Something I haven't experienced since my first (and only) gangbang 5 years ago.
"I want all three of you at the same time," I let the boys know, giddy as a schoolgirl.
They seem all too happy to oblige.
My ass isn't ready for Karlo's cock yet, so I position him on the bottom as the anchor and climb on top of him. I lower my wet cunt over his thick shaft and it fills me up immediately. He grabs my hips and thrusts in me a few times, giving me just a taste of his manhood alone. He then squeezes my ass cheeks, pulling them open for the second cock. The Bartender, who still hasn't fucked me, takes that role. He gets behind me and pushes against my tightest hole. I can feel every inch of his long, skinny cock as it slowly penetrates me deeper and deeper. It easily slides into my well-fucked asshole and I shudder in pleasure as my two holes are stretched wide. They synchronize their rhythms, sliding in and out of my orifices at the same time. I can't help but think the guys must feel each other's cocks through the thin layer of skin between them. I like that thought.
But I don't get too much time to contemplate it. Birthday Boy needs to plug my remaining empty hole. In order to do that, he has to straddle Karlo's head, fully exposing his ass to him. He apologizes for the intrusion, smiling. Karlo generously excuses him. The level of camaraderie among these three complete strangers is heartening.
IMG_3316 (2)
A cock is inserted into my waiting mouth. I suck on it as best as I can, gulping and slobbering while balancing on top of Karlo. The three men now move in unison, with the two cocks that are fucking my two holes in the back simultaneously pushing me onto the third cock in the front. Birthday Boy grabs me by the hair and forces his cock deep into my throat so I can't breath. He holds it there for a few seconds until I am banging my hands on his thighs. He pulls back and I gasp and cough, fighting for breath.
"You are such a dirty slut, aren't you?" he tells me as he pushes my head on his cock again. "Look at you taking three cocks at once."
My mouth is full, and I just grunt in wholehearted affirmation of my slutiness.
Moisture cascades down my thighs, oozing from my sloppy cunt wrapped around one cock thrusting between my legs, simultaneously servicing another cock buried between my ass cheeks, and a third cock buried in my throat unable to breathe. This moment, right here, is the ultimate slut heaven and I gloat in it unabashedly. I feel like I'm going to black from the intensity of the sensations as my orgasm starts building up. When it finally breaks over me, it's one of the most violent orgasms I've ever had. I start moaning harder and clenching my pelvic muscles, writhing uncontrollably on the three cocks invading my body, muffled screams escaping my stuffed mouth. The Bartender can't hold it any longer. He shoots his load deep in my ass, slapping my ass cheeks a few times.
As both of our orgasms subside, the Bartender walks away, leaving my gaping ass shamelessly exposed to the audience in the room. It's still hungry for cock. I call the most decent-looking dude in the audience to take the Bartender's place. He happily agrees, but before he has a chance to do that, Karlo gets up. He can't be the anchor anymore.
IMG_3319 (2)
They flip me over on my back and I am again given two cocks to suck. Almost instantaneously, multiple fingers replace the two cocks in my holes. The two hands from two different men start fingering my insatiable, sloppy cunt and asshole. Birthday Boy's palm is pressing on my clit as he finger fucks my pussy, and I cum again, drenching their hands in my juices.
Karlo then decides he wants to fuck my ass. He has never done that before, I'm always scared of it. He pulls me up on my knees and enters me from behind. My well-lubed asshole is open and receives him without much resistance. It has already serviced two other cocks this evening, but Karlo's monster is a whole different animal. He stretches my anal hole beyond belief, and fills me up to an extent I didn't know was possible. It takes a minute to adjust to it, but then the sense of fullness overwhelms me, and the mild pain turns into perverted pleasure. Birthday Boy stands in front of me again, his cock continuing to fuck my mouth. By this point, he knows better than to let me go without multiple cocks at a time. I start to lose myself in the hard rocking back and forth between the two cocks. Yet another orgasm builds up in me.
But before it has a chance to culminate, I feel some discomfort in my bowels. By the time I realize what's going on and push Karlo out of me, it's too late. For the first time in 7 years - and a lot of anal sex in between - I have a *really* messy anal sex moment. There is so much, ehm, shit everywhere - Karlo's crotch, my ass cheeks, the white sheet underneath us - I can't believe all of that was inside me. I had gone to the bathroom and washed up well before coming out, but apparently it wasn't enough.
Horrified, I run to the bathroom to clean up. It takes a while. When I come out, the soiled sheets have been changed, not a sign of anything out of the ordinary. I see the hostess and apologize for the mess.
"What mess?" she asks calmly.
"That's so sweet of you," I thank her.
"No worries, love," she reassures me. "That's our job."
I turn to Birthday Boy and Nola.
"Well, you were kinda asking for it, letting that huge cock in your ass," Birthday Boy teases me.
Perhaps. But I should've been better prepared. A lesson learned: Never show up at a sex party without thorough multiple enemas, a Loperamide (an anti-diarrheal) a few hours before, and a very empty stomach for at least a day. If you wanna fuck like a porn star, you have to prep like a porn star.
Birthday Boy is the only one who hasn't come yet. We fuck again, while Nola kisses my lips and breasts. When he's ready to come, her and I both suck him off until he squirts giants spurts of cum all over my face, hair, and chest. The amount of cum coming out of him is truly astonishing.
There are now only a few people left at the party now, it's almost 4 AM. I think we're all ready to wrap up as well, but Karlo shows up from somewhere and is hard again. Or still hard - I don't know if he's had a chance to cum after the abrupt end of our ass-fucking session. So he pushes me back on the bed and fucks me again. For the first time that night, it's just him and I; despite the roughness of his thrusts and all nasty talk directed at me, it almost feels intimate. We cum yet again, both at the same time.
The party is ending. The host and hostess ask us if we wanna stay some more after they close down so we can play with them. Karlo and I are both exhausted and ready for bed, so we decline. It turns out Birthday Boy and Nola live close to me, so we share a cab together. They can't stop marveling at how fun, amazing, open, slutty I am. They've never met anyone like me, they say. This is the best, craziest night swinging they've ever had in 10 years of being in the lifestyle.
It is definitely one of the best, craziest nights swinging I've ever had too. Quite something indeed.
I jump in the shower the minute I come home. As the warm water massages my, I fancy myself the luckiest woman alive. Not only because I've just had this mind-blowing orgy with some really hot people, but also because I have an amazing husband who loves me despite - or because - of it.
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