Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Sex... AGAIN?!

I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but... we had sex again on Sunday night. Clearly it's becoming her preferred night of passion, since looking back at this blog (the blog about a guy saying he's not having enough sex with his wife) over the past month I seem to be getting it weekly, not monthly. So that's a marked improvement. It went down like this:

This is just how it started! Read on...
Alcohol was a factor, again. We'd been out for a birthday dinner with an extended group of about 20 friends (we didn't all know eachother) and my wife and her friend polished off two bottles of wine between them over the course of a 4 hour dinner. So she wasn't drunk (okay, legally she was) she was just in a very good mood. Cut to 11pm and she's gone up to bed, alone, saying she's "tired". Cut to me at her bedside at midnight as she closes out her iPad (reading porn again?) and I'm asking "I thought you were tired?"

"I am -- sleep time" she says, lying down and pulling the covers up over herself, like I was her dirty uncle.

"Damn, and here's me hopping to get a chance to lick your pussy before your period kicks in" I replied, bending down and blowing hot air through the covers and onto her vulva. Like a dirty uncle.

"Mmmmmmm" she responded, clearly up for something.

I pulled back the covers and kissed her cheek and neck. She responded briefly before very gently indicating that I needed to move downtown. When I got there she'd pulled her nightie up to expose her pussy. Damn! someone had been reading dirty stories alright - there was no need for foreplay. My mouth was on her quickly and it escalated from there. My tongue moved in circles around her labia before homing in on her clit - with the flattened tongue she loves so much. She was writhing around, holding me in place as her thighs clamped around my head, and it wasn't long before the writhing became thrashing. She came strongly - she tasted slightly tart, indicating my suspicion her period was due any day now was correct.

I got up and removed my underwear - it was my turn now.

"Do you want the vibe?" I suggested. She doesn't use it much any more for some reason, but I was keen to have her cum again. Firstly, I could tell by her state that she was up for another orgasm, and secondly I didn't want her distracted by wondering when I was going to cum for christs sake. Seriously, if she thinks I take too long the mood goes downhill rapidly.

Clearly she was very horny because she didn't argue at all as I leaned over and grabbed a Lelo from the night stand. In fact she was so keen she leaned over too and got the lube. Okay, I thought to myself, this is definitely going to be her A Game. She applied it the vibe as she switched it on, and then to herself for good measure.

"Any for me?" I enquired. Sure, she said, before rubbing some up and down my already erect cock. As I've said previously in this blog, my wife has a tendency to assume that because I have an erection I'm 'ready to go'. Not true - I may be hard but I'd love a little attention from her as well (it's called 'foreplay', I'm told?). It's usually when I don't get any that it becomes apparent later that my presence during our lovemaking is optional - she's getting off with or without me.

And this was heading that way already - fast! She already had the vibe on her clit and was moaning before I'd pulled her legs up into a 'V' and shuffled myself forward. I thrust my cock forward but I could only get the tip in. I could have been more aggressive and pushed my way in but I decided to hold back. I had a firm grip on her ankles and she was thrashing about as the vibe did it's magic. That meant her wet pussy was squirming all over my cock head and I realised it felt pretty good. Kind of like a blow job before the deep throating starts.

I held her legs up and started thrusting steadily, but in small movements. My cockhead was pushing in and out of her wet hole, and it was tight. It felt good for both of us. Finally I couldn't take anymore and started pushing more forcefully. I went in but not all the way, not balls deep. I pushed her legs together and held them up with my chest as I grabbed her butt by the hips and started pounding her. Not slamming, just a steady medium paced pounding, as she continued to run that vibe over her clit. With our daughter on a sleepover my wife was much more vocal, moaning and saying how good it felt. I could feel her getting tighter, and then...

She came again. Hard.

And then she flopped back down onto the bed (yes, I know she was already lying down but you know what I mean). She was exhausted. I let her 'come down' and flopped down on the bed beside her. Call me a pig but it was probably only 90 seconds before I suggested she get on top and ride me cowgirl style, because my turn. In my own defence I knew damn well she had another orgasm still buried in there waiting to come out, and she often comes in the cowgirl position, so...

She sidled up to me and took my dick from my hand, jacking it a few times to test for hardness, before swinging her legs over and straddling me. She didn't mount me, she straddled me and ran her pussy up and down my cock, without letting it pop inside. With her hands next to my shoulders she was leaning all over my body, sensually rolling her pussy all up and down my cock which was mashed beneath her. Her breasts were in my face, rolling back and forth as her whole body moved up and down mine. The penny dropped.

Oh, you want that again? I thought to myself. Taking the bait I said out loud "Mmmmmm, your boobs look so beautiful - I want them in my mouth". And then I did just that, grabbing them roughly and squashing my mouth wide open over her areola. She moaned and pressed herself against my face. I now had both tits in both my hands as she offered them up for my pleasure. Which was her pleasure. It became a repeat of our pre New Years Eve sexscapade:
I grabbed and squeezed her breasts, roughly but not too roughly. I grabbed 'a handful of tit' (something I don't usually do) and brought it to my mouth. I wrapped my whole mouth around her nipple and tried to swallow her breasts. My hands were all over her tits, grabbing and squeezing, but I only had one mouth. I alternated between them in a lustful frenzy - sucking, kissing, swallowing, biting (gently!) and generally manhandling both of them with my hands.
I only broke one hand away so it was free to grab her ass and pull her down harder onto my cock. I still wasn't inside her but she was grinding her sopping wet pussy all over my cock while at the same time pressing her tits even harder into my face. She was moaning and groaning and if I could have seen her face I imagine she would have had her head back and her eyeballs would have been rolling back. She was enjoying it more than I was.

To prove that point she suddenly jumped off me, and sidled up beside me. She was right up by the headboard, so that my head was below her breasts. She grabbed her own tits, leaned over, and 'fed' them to me.

When a woman offers you a meal, you eat...

It was a good meal and I ate heartily but it was definitely my wife who was getting off the most. I was jacking my cock intermittently but I wasn't getting any real relief since my wife's needs really did require both my hands. And my mouth. And my tongue. And a little teeth action from time to time. She was moaning and talking dirty:

"You like my big titties do you? You like it when I squash them in your face? Yeah, suck 'em - suck these titties..." and on and on she went from there. Last time it had been me doing the talking, but now it was her. And then she escalated things: "What do you want to do to my titties, huh? what do you like?" I told her how great her boobs were, how I loved to squash them in my mouth, how I wanted to lick and squeeze and bite them, but I was scared to get too rough. "Oh, you wanna bit them do you?" she responded, "you wanna grab these big hard nipples and pull on them, pinch them? make it hurt?"

I wasn't stupid. I grabbed a nipple and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, pulling on it. Then I pulled it a little more, a little harder and a little further. "Mmmmmm, yeah" she moaned, but at the same time grabbing my hand and squashing it against her breast - preventing any further nipple play. "And what else do you want to do" What else do you want to do me?" she asked. As she said it an image did play in my head:

"I want you to lie face down on the bed with that vibe between your legs" I said, "and then I want to get behind you and lube up your ass and slide my cock up and down your crack while I reach around and manhandle your luscious tits". Clearly I was desperate to cum myself and all this tits-in-my-face wasn't getting me there.

"Mmmmmm, you are a dirty boy" said my wife, as she hopped over and lay face down on the bed. She put the vibe between her legs and turned her head to one side, away from me: "I bet you wanna cum on my ass too, don't you? You dirty dirty boy...."

I made a mental note that the key word here was 'in' not 'on', and moved up behind her....

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