Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday Sex - interesting!

We had sex on Sunday afternoon.
Downstairs in the Movie Room.
While our daughter was upstairs in her Bedroom.
That's not a Haiku, it went down like this:
Okay, not exactly like this, but read on...
My wife and I have settled into some sort of weird routine. Some might call it a rut, but it doesn't feel as bad as that, possibly because I have accepted 'this is the way things are'. If I was in AA I'd know the full quote, but let's just say I have accepted a certain serenity.

My wife reads porn, and when she reads enough she gets horny enough to have sex with me.

She's never horny enough to instigate it, but horny enough to be receptive to my advances.

But I have to time it carefully because if I try it when she's not ready I've just thrown us back to Square One. It used to be easy to pick those moments because I was able to surreptitiously check her browser history on her iPad and see if she was reading porn or not. And if she was reading a lot of it I knew she was 'ripe'.

Yes, I know this sounds awfully depressing, but after 20+ years of marriage you go with what works.

The only problem is that a fortnight ago she changed her iPad password, so I can no longer see what she's reading. I've been flying blind since then, forced to second guess what was going on. But then over the Christmas holiday I had an epiphany: of course she's reading porn all day every day, just like she has been all year. Past actions dictate future behavior. I don't need to see her browser history to know that if she disappears to her bedroom for hours to read her iPad then she's reading Literotica. I don't need to see her browser history to know that if she in a chair she doesn't usually sit in (one with good sight lines to prevent anyone sneaking up on her) to read her iPad then she's reading Literotica. I don't need to see her browser history to know that if she is reading her iPad for 4+ hours straight (no brunch, no lunch) then she's reading Literotica.

So it was with this in mind that on Sunday afternoon I had a long shower and used my beard trimmer all over to manscape. When I was finished I made her a snack and brought it to her, acting surprised that I'd found her because she wasn't where she normally sits and reads. "Oh, there you are" I said, nonchalantly "I wondered where you were"

"Why, what did you want?" she said casually, not thanking me for the snack.

"Oh, y'know...." I said, equally casually "I was just thinking if you were bored..."  My words trailed off as I leaned in and kissed her lightly. And then I turned and walked downstairs. She said nothing - back to her 'stories' I presume.  About 15 minutes later she walked into the office. I swung my chair around to face her "oh you're here? good! I was wondering if you were interested..."

"What? Really? We can't, our daughter's in the next room"

"I wasn't suggesting we go up to our bedroom, I was suggesting we do it down here, in the movie room next door". We have a large projector screen in our 'movie room', complete with an 8 seater couch.

"Really?" she said, rhetorically because she already knew I was serious, just as she knew she was up for it too. "Okay" she confirmed, "I just have to send an email first". And with that she sat at her desk and opened her computer. I left to check the movie room was presentable. I switched the lights on, but dimmed them (it can be pitch black if you want it that way, but I like to see her) and plumped some pillows. I settled back into the cushions and rested. Then I realised the typing had stooped - she was probably scrolling through Facebook now - if she got caught up in that...!!

"Hurry up!" I called out.

It wasn't long before she stepped into the room. "Oooh, it's dark in here" she cooed. I didn't move from my spot: "I piled these cushions for you but you took so long, so I'm here now..."

I pulled her down on top of me and we started kissing. Our hands were all over each other and I squeezed her boob, since she had responded so well last time. She didn't seem interested this time, instead choosing to sit up and undo my belt buckle. Hmmm, okay, this is escalating quite quickly. She yanked off my pants and pulled down my boxers, before grabbing my dick and jerking it softly. I was already hard, and getting harder. She was already horny, and getting hornier, because she bent down and started licking my cock. Then swallowing it.

Damn! What had she been reading all day?

I pushed those thoughts from my head and enjoyed the head she was giving me. Her mouth was on fire, she was diving deep, taking me all the way in and keeping the suction tight. Her oral skills were definitely improving - and I hoped it was from the stories! I told her how great her mouth felt, and how she was the world's best cock sucker, and then I asked her to take her skirt and panties off so I could return the favor.

She did exactly that but instead of sitting on my face she mounted my cock. She was already wet and ready and wanted me inside her. She fed my stiff cock into her pussy and slowly inched her way down. She was very wet but very tight. Once she was balls deep she started riding me, slowly at first but then more quickly. She had one hand behind her, on my leg to steady herself, and the other on her clit as she rode me up and down like a bullrider. Faster and faster.

She started moaning, then grunting, her lip curling up as she got closer to the orgasm she so desperately craved. As she started slamming down on my cock I started bucking my hips, thrusting up to meet her. Her cunt was slapping down on me now and I could see she was almost there.... "oh, yes, yesss" she whispered, almost to herself.

"MOMMY!!" screamed our daughter.

She was still at the top of the stairs thankfully, but coming down. We both bolted upright and scrambled for our clothes - I managed to pull my pants on and duck into the office before calling out "What do you want?"

"Take down that Facebook post NOW!" she demanded.

"What post?" I replied.

"The one mom just put up, the photo of meeeee!"

"Sure, no problem" I called back - I was desperate to get this resolved a.s.a.p. so I could get back to fucking my wife. Who was now back in the office with me, fully clothed. The two argued back 'n forth before I bellowed: "That post is coming down, so no arguments, THANK YOU!"

My daughter was happy and went back upstairs to her room to continue her social mediaring. I looked at my wife, and she looked back at me: "Oh well, that was a bit of a mood killer - lucky I got mine"

"Oh hell, NO!" I bellowed again. Standing up I took her in hand and led her back to the movie room...


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