Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sunday Sex - Part 2 (My turn!)

So in yesterday's post I mentioned how I had sex with my wife on Sunday, but we were interrupted by our teenage daughter. She didn't catch us but it put the kibosh on the orgasm I was very close to having. Well, that's what my wife thought. When my daughter went back upstairs to her room to continue her social mediaring I looked at my wife, and she looked back at me: "Oh well, that was a bit of a mood killer" she said, "lucky I got mine"

"Oh hell, NO!" I said, standing up and taking her in hand and leading her back to the movie room...
My wife climbed up and told me she wanted it doggy style...
I led her back to where we were before and dropped my pants. She ditched her skirt, revealing her bare ass - she hadn't bothered putting her panties back on! That assuaged any doubts I had that she really had thought it had finished with our daughter's interruption. As if to prove the point she gathered the cushions in a pile on the middle of the sofa and bent down over it.

"Fuck me doggy style" she said, spreading her legs wider.

I grabbed her hips and brought my cock to her pussy. I ran the meat of it up and down her wet slit a few times before bringing it to her entrance. She reached down between her legs and grabbed my dick firmly and pulled me inside.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned, "that's it"

I held her hips tightly and thrust forward slow and deep. Once again I was balls deep, and I held my position for a moment or two before pulling back. Then forward again, then back out again. I let her feel every inch and she loved it. "Mmmmmm, yeah" she said again "fuck me like that. Deep. Fuck my pussy with that cock, I want you to cum inside my cunt."

When my wife puts her mind to it she can talk dirty wonderfully.

I picked up the pace and started thrusting quicker and stronger. She started moaning in time with my rhythm, then panting. I hadn't said much till now but I couldn't help myself: "You feel great babe, your pussy feels so wet and tight wrapped around my cock..."

"Yeah, fuck me just like this, ram that fat cock in me, I want to feel your cum all up inside me"

(My wife only talks like this when she's really horny - I've matched the themes of what she often says to some of her stories, but honestly I don't mind. Until she screams out someone else's name or tells me to breed her like the slut for black cock she is, then we don't have a problem!!)

"Yeah baby," I responded "that feels so so good, I'm close, I can feel it, I'm gonna cum soon..."

By now she was thrusting back and forth herself, in little jerky movements, and slapping her pussy with her free hand - she likes the impact on her clit. "God, your balls feel so good... banging against my pussy... your balls are so big..." It felt great for me too and my balls were now slapping against the fingers on her clit - I could feel myself cumming. "Here I cummmm" I grunted, as I grabbed her forcefully and gave her one final deep thrust. Followed by several more deep thrusts as I pumped her full of jism. It felt really great and I grunted the whole time.

It felt great to be able to get verbal when I orgasmed - something only possible in our soundproof movie room, unlike our bedroom right next door to our daughter's room. I wish it could be like this every time - we really hit our marks that afternoon.

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