Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TMI Tuesday: January 5, 2016 ~ Sexsaaay!

Happy New Year and Let’s play TMI Tuesday!

What is sexier…
1. arms or shoulders?
~ neither does anything for me. Arms I suppose, since they are connected to hands (mmmmm... hands). Which are connected to fingers (mmmmm... fingers)!
2. ass or legs? ~ definitely the ass. Mmmmmm... Ass!!!
3. pussy or dick? Why? ~ Pussy, because I'm a dude. Even women think dicks aren't the most pleasing thing to look at. They're better when erect, but even an unaroused pussy looks beautiful.
4. feet or hands? Why? ~ Again, feet do nothing for me but hands... well, they're not super sexy in and of themselves but... what they do can be pretty damn sexy. I really don't understand people with foot fetishes (and foot fetish porn is sooo boring) but to each their own.
5. muscles or brains? ~ I used to have muscles, but I've always had brains so I'll go with the latter. You mean in a woman? OOPS! Pardon my vanity {blushes}. I very much enjoy a toned woman, and I'm not put off by muscled women (I'm not aroused by them either, but after having sex with one once I'd definitely go back to that buffet again - she was great in bed) but I don't seek them out, nor do I really care if she is 'toned' either. I just want a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. And if the woman doesn't have a brain then I'm definitely not interested. I know this because I tested myself once - I had sex with a woman once even though I found her as dumb as a bag of hammers. She wanted to have sex with me, she was very attractive, but she was kinda dumb (and trust me, I'm no intellectual snob, honest) and the sex was nothing to make up for it, so...

Bonus: Do you think you’re sexy?
I think I'm overweight, because my wife tells me I'm overweight. I don't think I'm sexy, because my wife never tells me I'm sexy. Sometimes I think I'm sexy, because my wife responds to me non verbally in a way that make me feel she thinks I'm sexy (in that moment). 
I think this is how people lose their partners - they don't let them know (or let them know enough) that they 'appreciate' them - and then along comes another person who says "Hey, I value you , I think you're fun/attractive/sexy/whatever". It's not rocket science - most people gravitate to where they feel wanted, needed, or loved.

Bonus Bonus: I had sex with my wife on Sunday. I'll post that story at lunchtime today (12.30pm EST).

Yeah, I think I'm an 'Ass Man'

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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