Friday, February 12, 2016

[recovered comment] : So... I finally told my wife EXPLICITLY

I used to have a blog on Wordpress that got terminated due to pornographic content. Here's one of those posts...  

recovered comment on Her Secret Library

Awww....well, what do YOU want? Are you happy with your fitness and do you have any desire to lose a bit of weight OR maybe just tone up a bit? I have to admit when my hubby starts looking a bit like a buddha it bothers me - but not for appearances... I worry about his health... he's a big six foot plus and some weight looks GOOD on him, but too much and I worry about him having clogged arteries and all sorts of things weight related.... also - he had really bad diabetes a few years ago - but by losing a bit of weight and watching his diet he was able to come off his meds and it hasn't returned - but it might if he isn't careful.
I think maybe she might be going thru a midlife -"thing"... I know when I hit my mid 30s I did. I was 41 when I met my present husband (he was 19). By that time my marriage was on the rocks - nothing to do with my midlife thing other than I was married to a cheater and control freak.
And you are never too old so my age isn't a thing you can consider... I'm 54 next month (gulp) but I sure as hell don't look it in the face. My body got REALLY out of sorts tho' when I hit mid 40s and when I turned 52 I decided I didn't like myself like this and so I started working out and eating better and have been steadily losing the weight. I was over 306 lbs....I still have about 70 lbs to go before I hit my goal weight - but I will hit it this year!!!!
You are only as old as you feel. Cliche, I know - but it's the truth!!
As for hubby and I - we've been happily married for 10 years now after having a 5 year LONG distance courtship. (International visas and red tape were involved)....
My advice???
If you love your wife, sweetie, don't be controlling or trying to lay down the law about her literotica... cut out a few drinks/treats, do a few sit ups-find a happy fitness compromise that works for you both.... and play a bit hard to get once in a while - and once in a while be a bit more aggressive with her... well, maybe aggressive isn't the word... maybe more commanding in the bedroom. She may just not know how to ask you for what she really wants... Spanking? Bondage? Painful pleasure? .......... look at what she READS & Use it to your advantage instead of raging against it!!
Oh - and as for that shirtless waiters she's looking for - maybe you should suggest a few nearly naked waitresses to work WITH those waiters. What's good for the goose....Right???? ;-)
Good luck.....I'll be following to see how it goes!!

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