Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TMI Tuesday: February 16, 2016 ~ libido/sexual appetite

It's TMI Tuesday people! This week: another great set of questions that make me both miserable and look like a complete sad sack! Bwahahaha!

1. In winter does your sexual appetite go on a fast? 

~ No - why would it? But yes, I notice my wife is hornier in hot sultry weather so I guess it applies to my wife.

2. What do you do to kick-start your libido when in a sexual slump? 
~ My libido is fine - the problem is kick starting my wife's libido!!!

3. What is your favorite type of foreplay (to receive)?
~ any attention is good attention (hand job, oral) - as I've blogged previously: my wife seems to think that I shouldn't require much/any foreplay ie I should be 'ready' when she's ready.

4. Mutual masturbation – yes or no? What is your technique?
~ it's a yes from me but a no from my wife. I used to enjoy 69 but we don't do that anymore - I can't even remember the last time, it's been so long (years!). I have suggested mutual masturbation as an alternative to sexual intercourse (since my wife has gone off that) but when/if I get as much as that it is more usually just us both on our respective sides of the bed masturbating separately at the same time - which is not really mutual masturbation is it? We used to do it 'together' earlier in our relationship and it was quite exciting and pleasurable - now I feel like I might as well have just jerked off earlier on my own and not bothered her with my 'demands' for intimacy. For her part my wife seems to only say yes (to 'mutual masturbation') when she's been reading her dirty stories and I've coincidently (because I'm not supposed to know, because she reads them surreptitiously) given her permission to give herself a happy ending after a few hot erotic stories. When she masturbates there's no longer anything 'mutual' about it - in fact I often feel I'm 'in the way' if I make any attempt to share the moment with her. (So, yes, a very good question this week).

5. Do you give your lover massage? How often? How long?
~ my wife gets a massage once a month as well as other spa treatments (averaging something once a week) so there's no way I can match that. In answer to your unasked question, dear reader, no she doesn't want me to give her a massage because I wouldn't be able to do it 'right'.

6. Do you give or receive more massage?
~ my wife gave me a massage voucher for Valentines Day so as you can see, she fully believes in 'outsourcing'. We have in recent years joked about her outsourcing her 'wifely duties' (ie sex, in case you were confused) but I think I'm not the only one who's thinking that day will become a reality sooner rather than later...

Bonus: If a clone was made of you, would you have sex with it? What would you do first?
~ I presume you mean a female version of me, right? Firstly, I wouldn't have sex with it so... secondly I'd have it do my chores. Actually, given that I couldn't have sex with a female version of myself (because creepy!) (because incest?) it might be interesting to have a younger slimmer 'hotter' male version of myself cloned and then see how my wife reacts to it, sexually. Watching her have sex with it wold be interesting, especially if she enjoyed the cloned version more than me. And then she'd probably replace me with the clone and kick me out of the bedroom, and not let me watch them fuck. Hmmmm, I think I need to assert my IP at this stage since it would make a great movie premise. 

And it would be even more interesting if the clone was a female version of me. Would my wife respond sexually to that? Would we/could we have a threeway?

Double Bonus: have you read I have a lower sex drive than my wife ?
Triple Bonus: have you read I have a lower sex drive than my husband ?

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