Thursday, February 25, 2016

What happens when you haven't had sex for six weeks?

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my wife and I hadn't had sex for sex weeks. We'd gone on a four week vacation and she just wasn't in the mood the whole time. And since we didn't have sex the week before we left, nor the week after we got home... well, I was climbing the walls last Saturday night. What was especially frustrating was that I knew she'd been reading lots n lots of dirty stories that day, so... well, you can read all about that here.

Now before I detail the sex we did end up having that night, I suppose I should acknowledge that maybe I'm no longer the slim athletic man I used to be when she first met me. But I'm nowhere near as bad as this guy on the left, in the cartoon we used for TMI Tuesday a week ago.

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, my wife had basically 'stood me up' in favor of reading her dirty stories on Literotica. Which really messed with my head. I mean, it must finally be over, right? This must be rock bottom - she just does not want to have sex with me anymore, ever?

Don't get me wrong - I know that A + B + C ≠ SEX - but it was frustrating that my wife was rejecting me from the gitgo. Again!

Okay, maybe it wasn't a total rejection since we did go out for dinner but... I felt like she was cutting me off without even giving me a chance to light a spark. Women often complain that their man doesn't do enough to be romantic but here I was trying to do something (I had a couple of chick flicks lined up) but she wasn't even open to it. She was cutting me off at the pass.

That's fine if it it's a coworker, acquaintance, or stranger trying to put the moves on you, but I'm her damn husband!

So she snuck off to bed at midnight and at 2am I followed her up there, in a very surly mood. I was very angry and confused, and yet also very keen to have sex with her (did I mention it had been SIX WEEKS?!). I decided to 'test' her, to see if the problem was all in my head. Maybe I needed to be more direct? Maybe I shouldn't be hatching cunning plans in my head, maybe I should be letting her know how I feel - letting her know what I wanted?

I walked around to her side of the bed and stood directly beside her.

"Are you asleep? I asked, touching her shoulder as if she was a dead body. I had no idea if she'd been reading her dirty stories until she heard me come up the stairs, or had gone to sleep earlier.

Her eyes remained closed and she mumbled "What?" in a manner that indicated she had been asleep.

"I wasn't sure if you were asleep, or waiting for me to come to bed?" I said, hopefully.

"What do you want?" she mumbled, before realising what I wanted.

I was standing naked (aside from my T-shirt) before her, in the darkness. I didn't answer her question and she said nothing as she grabbed my dick and started stroking me softly. I was already hard so she jacked me more firmly before putting her lips to my head and taking me in her mouth. My dick responded immediately (it had been six weeks!!!) and jumped from hard to rock hard. She started slurping in earnest, and I wasn't sure if she really had been asleep. Again, no words were spoken.

She continued fellating me and things became more urgent. I placed one hand on her breast (she likes breast play - see here and here) and the other hand behind her head to hold her steady as I began pumping gently but evenly into her warm wet mouth. It felt really good and soon I was pumping in and out quite hard and fast. She never complained, but I worried that my lust was taking over and I was getting too rough so I pulled out and stood up. I pulled back the covers and lifted up her nightdress to reveal her panties.

They were granny panties - she was having her period???

Actually they weren't granny panties and I did a double take. They were actually quite sexy - they were a 'pant cut' (ie big, like granny panties) but they were made of a very soft and sheer fabric. Very similar to the fabric her regular skimpy thongs were made of. They were definitely new, and definitely 'period panties'. But sexy.

"Are you having your period?" I asked, just to be sure.

"Yes" she replied, as I pulled them down her legs.

I rolled her over onto her stomach and then reached over to her nightstand to grab a vibrator. I switched it on and passed it to her - she slid it straight to her clit and I could hear the muffled buzzing beneath her as she started rolling her hips and grinding into it. Then she started that little grunt-moan she does when she's getting close to getting off. It seemed like I wasn't the only one who thought six weeks was too long to go without sex!! (Or was it all the porn she'd read?)

Her soft moans were dead sexy and I was still rock hard. I really need to be inside her and pound her hard. I pulled her hips up and moved her into the doggie position. She kept her head down on the bed, her eyes were closed, and that vibe was humming away at her clit. She was making little noises so I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and coated my cock. Since she was having her period I decided I was going to fuck her in the ass.

I climbed up on the bed behind her and maneuvered myself into position. With my free hand I smeared some lube over her asshole and with the other I tried to find the opening, in the darkness.

"What are you doing?" she said, without any tone.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass, since you have your period"

"Jesus!" she said, "you have to tell me these things, you can't just poke it in there"

I wasn't planning to just poke it in there, and I figured me lubing up her asshole was a big clue as to my intentions, but I said nothing. She said nothing more either, so I took that as consent and placed the tip of my cock at her backdoor. She was still working that vibe on her pussy as I slowly slid inside her. She was tight, so I took my time, but I slid in easily and without resistance. Given that I knew she had been reading 'Anal' stories that day I didn't feel bad about fucking her in the ass - as I've said previously if she doesn't want to do something she'll let me know.

I held her hips and started thrusting gently, then more firmly as I relished the tightness of her ass wrapped around my cock. After six weeks without sex I didn't need much encouragement and I could feel the cum begin to boil in my balls. I started gripping her hips tighter and thrusting into her harder and faster. I was definitely ready to cum now and I told her as much before rising up higher and plunging my cock in and out, spearing her with my stiff prick. Suddenly I was ejaculating, pumping out a river of sticky cum into her tight asshole.

God it felt good! My whole body shook as my climax spasmed through me from tip to toe.

Then my wife slumped down and forward, collapsing onto the bed as I made the mad dash for the tissues. She lay there with cum dribbling out her butt as I scrambled to find the damn box of tissues - there weren't any! I ran to the bathroom and back, with a wad of tissue in my hand. She snatched them from me, and I returned to the bathroom to clean myself up.

When I got back she was silent and lying back under the covers. I climbed in beside her and kissed her goodnight. She kissed me back but said nothing. Paranoia set in...

"Sorry," I volunteered "but after six weeks without sex you know how I get*. Lust just takes over and I turn into a beast"

(*We've discussed this previously a few times. When we haven't had sex for a long time I turn into a bit of a wild man, and do some very non-vanilla things. I still haven't figured out if she prefers it this way - which might be why she 'starves' me? The problem is she never articulates her sexual desires - she doesn't object to anal but she never asks for it explicitly either. I always have to 'take her' 'that way' and without her express permission - but her consent is implicit)

"It was okay" she said "but we need to sleep now - we have a brunch at 11 tomorrow"

And so she rolled over and went to sleep, leaving me to stare at the ceiling and ponder the meaning of 'it was okay'. Did she cum or didn't she cum? She sounded like she was about to cum, but did she actually cum? If she didn't cum was it because I 'ruined it' by doing anal? Was I too quick? Should I have slowed down? Should I ask her if she came? Is she asleep? Should I wake her up and ask her if she enjoyed it? But then she never admits she likes it in the ass... except for that one time... so...

I had a million questions. As I always do after having sex with my wife.

She is an enigma.

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