Monday, March 14, 2016

Ashley Graham is Red Hot

Ashley Graham is Red Hot, and whether she's 'Plus Size' or not doesn't change that. I think she has a great bod and I'd rather have sex with a woman like her than any of those skinny Size 0 models you only see on catwalk runways. Seriously, I want a real woman - a woman with curves in all the right places and Ashley Graham fits the bill!

So ladies, if you worry about being/getting 'fat' then stop it right now. There are plenty of men out there who really really like women with a fuller figure. If you have a fun lovin' spirit it doesn't matter one bit how 'big' your body is, guys will find you sexy regardless. If Sports Illustrated can make Ashley Graham a swimsuit model then I think the tide is turning on that anorexic-model-BS that the media have been running for too long.

Here's Ashley Graham as she looked at the Vanity Fair party on Oscar night... Red Hot!

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