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Erotic Author Selena Kitt ~ Babysitting the Baumgartners

click here for an excerpt from the book itself
The internet is an amazing place. I can spend hours online, reading one story or article, which leads to me to another, and then another, and then another... you know how it is. You go down a rabbit hole and hours later you're on a site a million miles aways from the one you started at. Here's one example below - I don't read AVN News but one thing lead to another and I saw a link that mentioned both Selena Kitt and her book Babysitting the Baumgartners. I recognised both - my wife has read many of her short stories on Literotica, including the 'Babysitting...' series which I presume she has expanded into a complete novel. And now it's a porn film!
Anyway, here's an excerpt from this AVN story (click the link for the complete interview):

Dirty, filthy, explicit, taboo, raunchy, perverted, and totally obscene—no, I’m not talking about X-rated movies. I’m talking about books. Nasty, naughty, twisted books that travel far beyond the boundaries of cinematic porn into the vastness of sexual fantasy. Call it whatever you want—romance, erotic-romance, contemporary, new adult, fantasy—it’s smut. Blow your mind, shock your senses, make you sweat and need a cold shower type of smut. 

Writers of the anything-goes genre indulge their creative freedom and write whatever explicit idea comes to mind, often exploiting popular trends to the fullest. Trends like sleeping with your siblings, or with multiple breeds of shifters. How about being impregnated by Big Foot, raptors or dinosaurs? Write it and they will come. This is what authors of romance and erotica live for.

Pornographers ain’t got nothin’ on the totally depraved minds of those who write smut books.
One of the dirtiest minds I’ve met since I started publishing my own erotic books is the illustrious Selena Kitt. She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to celebrate her love of sex and sexuality, and I’m thrilled she let me ask her a few questions.

~ Kay Brandt, AVN

Hi, I’m Selena Kitt - I’ve been writing erotica since 2006 and publishing it since 2008. In that time, I’ve published over thirty novels, and countless anthologies and stories.

I guess I’ve always followed my own path, whatever it might be. I became an erotica author and publisher because I looked around and couldn’t find a home for what I was writing. I knew that there was an audience for the erotica I was writing - even the uber-hot sex-in-every-chapter books and the taboo erotica - I just needed to find it. Unfortunately, erotic romance publishers were drawing the line at the taboo and weren’t interested in stories that didn’t end with a happy ever after, so I had to find my own way. That’s when I decided to just start my own publishing company!

Where do you see the ebook industry in five years?

We’ll all have microchips implanted in our heads and will be able to download books straight to our brains. Ha, I’m just kidding - but five years ago, if someone had predicted that people would be reading books primarily on electronic tablets or their phones, that would have sounded crazy, too. I will predict that ebooks will continue to capture more of the reading market than they currently have - and while print won’t have disappeared, paperbacks and hardcovers will have a much smaller market than they do now. I also think interactive ebooks will be more popular by then.

What’s your favorite porn movie? And why?

I don’t watch porn. Ha, just kidding! Honestly, it’s really too hard to pick just one. It’s like trying to pick a favorite author. Why limit yourself? I have eclectic tastes when it comes to pretty much everything, so picking just one is impossible. However, I will say, for nostalgia’s sake, one of the most influential porn movies I’ve seen has to be Taboo II. Not the first one, which was more a mother/son sort of thing, but the second one, where the whole family got involved. Probably because it was one of the first adult videos I was ever exposed to, and because it appealed to that naughty side of me that’s always been drawn to taboo topics.

If you were a porn star for a day what would be your ideal movie to star in?

Anything that involved a girl-girl-guy threesome! It’s my favorite thing to write and it would be the sort of movie I’d love to take part in. Make a sandwich out of me and I’d be a happy camper!

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