Sunday, March 27, 2016

Freema Agyeman & Jamie Clayton - THAT scene in Sense8!!

So I finally got around to watching Sense8 on Netflix and... WOW!!

It's a great show, and not just because of all the great sex scenes in it. But of course since this is a sex blog I'm going to talk about the sex... it's chock full of really hot sex scenes! Not porn sex, since it is a TV show, but hot because it's a cable TV show (do we count Netflix as a cable channel?) and they can go waaaay further than regular TV can with what they show. This scene below was the first one to catch my eye, firstly because it features Freema Agyeman (who I have been hot for since seeing her in Doctor Who) but particularly because they actually showed a sex toy in use - in all it's glory. It went where no other show has been before, as far as I've seen. Watch it now:

That scene features in the very first episode so I was immediately hooked and wondering what else was in store for the rest of the series. Don't get me wrong, it's not wall-to-wall sex (some episodes have none) but when it happens it's included in a natural way. Where other shows might fade to black after showing some buttons being undone or a zipper going down this one doesn't cut away, it shows what happens next.

If you want some spoilers then click this link for some still images that will give you a taste of what's in store. The show has some great gay (male) sex scenes too, if you're into that. I'm not, but I still found them highly erotic. There are also group sex scenes, lesbian scenes, and lots of nudity because people in real life get naked a lot. There's also a transgender character, so all bases are covered!

Finally, let's talk about the show itself. It's produced and directed by the Wachowski's, who gave us the Matrix trilogy - so you know it's going to be different.  It's about 8 people in different parts of the world who are all connected, but don't know it yet. Things happen to them in their own lives that they don't understand and it takes them a while to figure out. As a viewer you will have a similar experience. There are no simple answers in the first episode - you won't finish it and think "aha, this is a show about..." The story unfolds as the series progresses and both you and the characters in the show slowly begin to understand what is going on.

Aside from the sexual content I also found the cinematography fantastic - each episode is shot like a movie - and the writing is excellent. I have not been to half of the countries featured in this show and yet I really felt I had a sense of who those people lived their lives. The Wachowski's haven't resorted to stereotypes in the way they show those cultures either, which I found refreshing. If you find yourself watching the first few episodes and still not 'understanding' what is going on, relax, and stick with it. You will be rewarded, trust me.

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