Monday, March 28, 2016

Good Friday was Good

I don't shave, so this isn't me!
(But that's what my wife's breasts look like - mmmm!)

Christians celebrated Easter over the weekend, but not us, we're atheists. But Friday was still Good for me because we had sex. Kind of.

I invited my wife up to our bedroom to watch the sunset, but she took her sweet time and she missed it. I then invited her to lie down on the bed so I could eat her out, something I'd been trying to do all week because I knew her period was due. "Too late!" she said "it started today". I suggested that wouldn't matter, if I was careful, but she said No Way Jose.

She offered instead to go down on me.

An offer I gladly accepted.

Her actions did not follow her words however, so I stopped kissing and caressing her and stood up. I removed my boxers and jumped back on the bed. She sidled up next to me and snuggled in.

Again, her actions did not follow her words, so I started slowly jacking my cock. She watched for a while before snaking a hand over and cupping my balls. She likes playing with my balls. She watched as my cock stiffened and then got very hard, at which point she took over the hand job. She pumped me until she had the length and hardness she desired, then she lent over and started licking my cock. Then it was in her mouth, just the tip at first, before swallowing the whole thing.

Her mouth and tongue were all over me. She pressed her boobs into my balls and raked them with her stiff nipples.

She started jacking my cock again as her tongue rolled around my balls, before dropping further down. She pushed my legs wider and higher and rimmed me hard. With both her hands on my legs I resumed jacking my cock as her tongue swirled all over my ass and balls. It felt very good and I could feel my climax approaching. I warned her I was close, so she let go of me and sidled up to me again.

She started squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples.

"My nipples are so hard and stiff" she teased, knowing how much I loved her nipples "look how big they are". I did indeed look, as she pulled them as far out as they would go. "Wouldn't you like to cum over these tits?" she asked, as she let go her nipples and cupped her full breasts with both her hands. Indeed I did, so I got up and straddled her chest - pressing my balls up into her cleavage as her fingers traced around her boobs and nipples.

I continued pumping my stiff prick but it didn't take long before my balls boiled over and my cum spurted every where. I drained a full load as she rubbed the sticky mess all over her tits.

It was a Good Friday alright!

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