Friday, March 11, 2016

Ménage à Trois

This story got me excited...
I stand naked on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, my nipples hard and aroused, my blonde hair hanging freely down my back. Two naked men stand on either side of me, their eyes drinking in my form.

I smile at their cocks, hard and at attention. I grasp one in each hand and slowly stroke them, and they begin to touch me, making me wet. John kisses me first, his tongue thrusting into my mouth as his hands find my breasts. James is nibbling on my ear and breathing hard, and his breath sends a shiver down my spine. He traces his fingers over my stomach, and I part my legs to allow him access. His fingers tickle my clit and I moan into John’s mouth as I feel two fingers slip inside me. I spread my legs further, and James works his fingers faster. John pinches my nipples, and then I feel his hand move down my body, squeezing my ass. 
I feel James’ hands on my ass, and then his lubed finger tracing circles around my anus. He gently inserts it as I relax, wanting more. John pulls me close, and I feel the head of James’ cock pressing against me. He enters me slowly, and I gasp. He’s deep inside my ass, and then my men begin to thrust together, impaling me, their hands roaming over my body as...

If you want more you can find the complete story here, as written by Sammi. She's a great sex blogger, check her out.

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