Thursday, March 24, 2016

Need Inspiration? Look No Further.

FYI ~ Betty mentions Her Secret Library which was my original blog, waaaay back in the day, back when I had a whole bunch of people following and commenting on it. Before Wordpress got all wussy and started deleting sex blogs.
Betty Homebanger was a very sexy woman - her blog got deleted too. Dammit!
(all links in this post are dead)

bettyhomebanger posted: " The glorious G of FILLEDANDFOOLED nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Which I am so honored to be chosen for, thank you G.  I looked up the definition of inspire (for inspiration), arousal is included as inspiration, so G, is there som"

Recovered post by bettyhomebanger

Need Inspiration? Look No Further.

by bettyhomebanger
The glorious G of FILLEDANDFOOLED nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Which I am so honored to be chosen for, thank you G.  I looked up the definition of inspire (for inspiration), arousal is included as inspiration, so G, is there something you need to tell me?
Not only does G's blog inspire me, her tits also inspire me to be bigger and better (which would require around $5000, so for now I'll look at her's with envy).
Alrighty, here's what I'll oh so willingly do to accept my award:
I have to agree to state 7 facts about myself and to suggest 15 fellow bloggers who deserve the award too.  Thank G, who gave me the award, post the image of it on my blog, write a post (hello post), and inform the people I'm nominating.
I told a little about myself a few days too soon, here I am having to share again.  It's a good thing I like talking about myself. :D
1.  I like beer.  Good beer, not Bud Light.  Right now my drink of choice is Gin and Tonics, with extra lime.  But it doesn't take away from my taste for delicious full-bodied beers.  I love Guinness (sucking that head...yum), New Belgium SnowDay, Bell's Two Hearted Ale Taddy Porter.  IPAs, stouts, porters, good beer.
2.  I haven't had sex with one, but I find uncircumcised penis' very SEXY.  I'm not sure how to suck on one, I guess I would just have to figure it out.  Plus knowing it's more sensitive is exciting.
3.  I had my first orgasm at age 11, watching porn, not touching myself.  I remember thinking, what the hell just happened?  After that I started watching porn after my parents went to bed, and masturbated to my stepdad's Playboys.  Dirty Betty!  (And as seen above I still enjoy doing it!!)
4.  I'm a germaphobe, which makes the lifestyle a little intimidating.  I have to consciously bring myself back to being a rational human on a daily basis.  I've gotten a lot better about it, especially with my kids.  I find hand sanitizer and fellow germaphobes extremely attractive.
5.  I'm cheap, like oh so cheap.  I like nice things but I buy them on sale, always.  I never splurge on clothes, shoes, handbags unless I'm getting them on sale!
6.  I LOVE carbs, it's why my love handles are the round handle grabbing flesh that they are.  I would choose french fries over ice cream, pasta over pie, bread over...anything.
7.  I'm a Harry Potter fan.  Have no fears, I read all the books and memorized watched the movies.  I refused to watch the movies for years because of my love for the books.  I read the first book when I was in 6th grade, gosh that was around the same time I started masturbating - maybe Harry got me all hot and bothered.
For each blog I nominate as part of my acceptance I'll explain where the inspiration comes from, so no one's left pondering such a deep riveting question.
Smarty Pants Erotica  Inspiration: Blog name, and quantity of arousal producing erotica provided.
Off Go The Panties Inspiration: Wittiness, and overall advice given.
Speaking Out on Nate Inspiration: His want to see other bloggers succeed, great motivation/encouragement.
Her Secret Library Inspiration: To delete one's browser history, hehe.  Funny, great erotic photos.
Seattle Poly Chick Inspiration: Honesty, and thought-provoking posts about her lifestyle.
Pervertically Virtuous Inspiration: Adventures, and full acceptance of her sluttiness.
Life of a Lovergirl Inspiration: Honesty, heartfelt.
Swing Lifestyle Blog Inspiration: Point of view, pro-swingerness (I made a new word), great advice.
Kdaddy23 Inspiration: Always thought-provoking.
Naughty Novellas Inspiration: Steamy erotica.
The Wistful Sinner Inspiration: A way with words.
My Sex Life With Lola Inspiration: Adventures, honesty.
Normal Deviations Inspiration: Humorous, thought-provoking.
Cliterary Review Inspiration: Overall reference to pussy, wittiness.
Alice in Wunderland Inspiration: Hot erotic stories with her Dom.
I realize some of you have already been nominated, but I still find you inspiring, so you get it again. :)

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