Monday, March 21, 2016

Satur-Day Sex

This image is irrelevant to today's post, but it
provides balance for this post - besides, she's beautiful!
In Tuesday's TMI post I mentioned I was looking forward to my wife's family departing - since they were cock blocking me.
Bonus: What are you looking forward to this week?
~ We have had my wife's family over to stay since the weekend, and they won't be leaving until this weekend coming. Great people but I look forward to them heading home since my wife has/is using this as a reason for why we can't have sex.
But even as I typed it I wondered if it was really true, or just another of her excuses. Despite what I mentioned in last Friday's post, my wife hasn't been reading her dirty stories on Literotica for at least a month (unless she using 'hidden browsing' to hide her history) and has shown zero sexual interest in me since the last time we had sex.

So you can imagine my surprise when as soon as her family left after lunch on Saturday she suggested we 'go upstairs'.

It wasn't "let's go up stairs [wink wink]", there was no "let's go up stairs [places her hand on my inner thigh]", it was just a basic, tentative "let's go up stairs" - which after 20+ years of marriage I understand is her way of initiating sex. I knew she wanted it (as opposed to a "let's go up stairs [since I know I should give you some]") because she had been touching me physically the day before. I wondered then if it was an invitation by her for me to initiate something, but I decided not to since I've been fooled by this before. Sometimes she just wants to hold my hand or squeeze my butt.

So we went upstairs and had sex.

It started with...* some kissing, then my hands caressed her body, before my fingers found their way to her pussy. Then she got her vibe out but I wouldn't let her use it until she had gone down on me first, which she did. Then she climbed up and straddled my face and I returned the favour. Then she lay down and I fucked her missionary style, as she ran that vibe over her clit. She came hard, then I flipped her over to pound her doggy style, as she again worked that vibe over her clit and my balls. She came once more, as I flooded her pussy with my cum, which was perfect timing for her apparently.

Afterwards she said it was 'very good' and I agreed. Inwardly I wondered again (since it's a recurring thought) that if she always enjoys sex when we have sex, why aren't we having more sex? It's a question you'd think I should be able to ask out loud, but I don't. It just seems to me to be inappropriate to get into a serious discussion after you've just had great sex. I think it's better she gets to bask in the afterglow of a great orgasm rather than engage in a Q&A about why we aren't having more sex. But then later it always seems churlish to bring the subject up, so I'm stuck.

* I've decided this time to go easy on the description, since I realise that some of my other descriptions about our sex have been too descriptive! I'm not trying to write erotic fiction, honest.

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