Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Madness Ends ~ Part 2

(continued from Part One yesterday) ... I gave her a moment to her self as I disrobed and walked to my side of the bed, and lay down beside her.

I lay on my back and she crawled between my legs and grabbed my cock. It was hard already and quite stiff. She knew this too, because after 'weighing' it momentarily she decided I was hard enough and immediately wrapped her mouth around it. In one fell swoop she swallowed me whole, deep throating me, before pulling back just as fast. My cock popped out of her mouth and she placed both hands beside my thighs, before bobbing down again to swallow me once more.

She was using the 'hands free' technique - my cock was so hard it jutted up and out so she didn't need to hold it - she just needed a mouth and a tongue and she wielded those like a pro. She alternated between soft delicate licks around my head and shaft, before taking me into her soft wet mouth and sucking deeply. I moaned my appreciation, and told her great she felt. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it over her breasts, before pulling back and going 'hand free' again. She rubbed her tits all over my cock, matching it's hardness with her own stiff nipples which brushed roughly over my cock and balls.

It felt great.

She returned her mouth to my cock and sucked me down her throat. I was ready to cum now so I grabbed her head and started pushing her down hard my cock. Not hard enough to make her gag, but firmly enough to let her know I was ready. Using both I hands I started face fucking her, and she gave back as good as he got. I could feel my balls were ready to explode, so I warned her: "do you want me to come in your mouth? Because I'm ready to make a big sticky mess; it's been so long, I'm ready to cum and I'm going to cum buckets. So if you want to ride this cock you better do it now, cos I'm gonna explode..."

She lifted her head, removing her mouth from my fat cock but replacing it with her hand, gripping it tightly. I could actually see the cogs turning in her brain as she decided what she wanted to happen next.

Without a word she twisted around and slung herself into the reverse cowgirl position. Still holding my cock she squatted down and sank the full length in one easy movement. Then she started bouncing up and down, ramming her self back onto my cock. I was really really ready to cum and worried it would be over too quickly. "Why don't you get your vibe?" I suggested, "I want you to come hard, on my cock"

She paused, sitting up, and even though her back was to me I could tell she was thinking. Once again those cogs were whirring: do I stay here on this nice fat cock or do I get up? It was a no brainer - she'd come once already when I ate her out (see Part One) but she wasn't going to say no to seconds. She knew I was close so she wasn't going to miss out on another orgasm just because I popped first. She got up and grabbed a vibe from her nightstand.

It didn't work, it was flat.

"The other one is in the bathroom, on my side, behind the mirror" I said "I charged it up for you. Someone has to, you never do". The latter was said with a hint of snark, because it pissed me off, but she missed it. She returned quickly, and mounted me again, reverse cowgirl. I lay back, spread my legs wider, and let impale her self on me. She thrust backwards and forwards, humping my cock as she ran that vibe deep within her cleft. I could feel the vibrations on my balls.

This continued for a few minutes, with my wife moaning throughout.

I was definitely ready to cum now, so slapped her butt and removed my cock. Climbing out from behind her I switched into the doggy position, grabbed her hips, and slowly drove my throbbing dick into her pussy. She was tight and wet, and she groaned as every inch slid inside her. Taking charge I started pounding her hard, keeping a steady pace, but going in deep. Her head was down and she continued to work that vibe on her clit. I smacked her butt a few times but it just seemed to be interrupting my rhythm so I grabbed both hips with both hands instead and began thrusting deeper.

Her asshole was winking at me so I licked my thumb and pressed it down on her rosebud.

"God, I'm going to cum again" moaned my wife, into the mattress "come with me"

Her words were redundant since I was coming already, and she felt it as soon as she said it.

"Oh, yesssss" she said, as her I flooded her cunt with my seed, filling her completely. I could feel her pussy pulsing on my cock as she came too, and her asshole clamped around my thumb. I held her tight until she'd stopped and then I released her. She slumped forward, collapsing onto the mattress and throwing the vibe to the floor, she was done. Well and truly fucked, and she loved it.

I was happy too, but still perplexed.

If she enjoyed sex so much why weren't we doing it more often? Why would you willingly turn down all that pleasure? WTF was going on with her? Yes, the sex was great, and I was happy, but the questions lingered. We still needed to have a conversation, a big conversation...

But now was not the time.

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