Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Madness Ends

We has sex! Just after mid-day, on Sunday. Why she finally wanted to initiate I have no idea (I checked her browser history later but no, she hadn't been reading porn all morning). Maybe she was bored, or it was on her 'To Do' List? Whatever, I got laid! #SmileyFace!

Mmmm - I love eating pussy!
(if only my wife was bare too!)

It went down like this:

I'd been up all night because I couldn't sleep because I was so stressed out about how we hadn't had sex for such a long time (prior to this disaster it had been six weeks). I finally went to sleep at 7am, and was woken at mid-day when the phone rang. My wife answered it downstairs, but I was awake now (I'm a light sleeper - once I awake I am awake) so I lumbered off to the bathroom. When I came back my wife was in the bedroom. She grabbed me and gave me a hug - she was still in her nightie and I could feel her naked underneath that. She pressed herself against me and pulled me down onto the bed.

I kissed her and she kissed me back.

I ran my hands over her body and cupped my hands over breasts, over her nightie. I fondled her gently but firmly, as I nuzzled her neck and then kissed her again. She clearly 'wanted it' but I'd driven myself crazy the night before and sworn to myself the next time she came onto me I'd challenge her. I couldn't help myself, I had to ask: "Are you horny?"

"Maybe" she volunteered, "a little bit". Her stiff nipples pressed through her nightie and into my chest gave lie to her words.

"Why?" I asked "Why now? We could have had sex last night, we could have had sex plenty of times - so why now?"

"I didn't want to do it while our daughter was here" she said. My brain called 'Bullshit!' but my cock had other ideas. I wanted to press her further, and find out why she could go so long and seemingly so happily without sex, but my cock said 'now is not the time' so I folded like a cheap suit. I said nothing and instead began trailing my tongue and kisses down her neck, past her breasts and then on to her pussy. (I did stay for a little breast worship, trust me). She wrapped her legs around my head and pressed me in deeper. My tongue rolled around her lips before 'going in for the kill'.

Her back arched and she moaned.

I held her hips tightly and continued my oral assault for a few more minutes before she started thrashing. She was about to come! I raised my head, licked my fingers, and inserted two inside her. She moaned again so I began finger banging her as I continued to lick her clit. Her pussy got very tight around my fingers so I doubled down, leaning in to press my tongue hard against her clit as my finger curled up to press her fleshy folds inside. I was massaging her G-spot and her pussy suddenly clamped around me even tighter and she began bucking as I tongued her. She moaned 'I'm coming!' and I felt it immediately on my fingers. She didn't squirt but she was very wet, and her pussy pulsed as it contracted around my fingers.

I gave her a moment to her self as I disrobed and walked to my side of the bed and lay down beside her.

(Part Two tomorrow)

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