Tuesday, March 1, 2016

TMI Tuesday – March 1, 2016 ~ Look inside

This TMI Tuesday use these questions to look inside yourself.

C'mon! You know I could've used a much more
extreme* photo than this to illustrate 'look inside'

1. Tell us your top 3 flaws and shortcomings.
~ my rugged good looks
~ my massive ever ready cock
~ my readiness to lie if I feel it will help me

2. Who do you look up to the most:
– Professionally?
– Sexually?
~ My answer to both is "no one" since I don't tend to idolise or look up to people. Having been in the media game in a previous life I know that no one is as they seem, so whoever looks like 'a stand-up guy' (or woman) in public probably isn't.
Since that sounds overly bleak let me add that there are good people everywhere, but they are human too. I have no problem if a politician does something wrong (ie Bill Clinton) as long as he's not a hypocrite. Politicians who campaign on family values or are against Gay Rights (for instance) but are then caught doing drugs with a gay prostitute are the worst in my book. But I'm off topic aren't I...?
PS - Donald Trump says he's a great, successful businessman but if you look at his record you'll see he's not. He has a string of failed businesses behind him and all he's good at is maintaining a forward momentum. If you disagree watch this in it's entirety. 

3. How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?
a. Give me a hug or acknowledge my situation and sit quietly with me.
b. Talk through the situation give me advice or say uplifting things.
c. Leave me alone, let me sulk and wallow in misery.
d. Work out, be active to distract myself and up the endorphin and dopamine.
~ it's [C] for me. Followed by a blow job or sex, thank you. Seriously, sex heals all wounds with me. Nothing says "it's okay, I love you" than a blow job. Whenever I get the flu I always want to have sex (after the first day, the first day is always bad).

4. Which parent do you identify with the most?
~ probably my father, who put up with my mother for all those years. I'm finding I'm doing the same things with my wife as he did with his. The worst moment in my life came when, after 15 years together, I realised I'd married my mother. This came as a complete shock because I'd been convinced I wasn't going to be one of those guys. My wife seemed a million miles away from my mother when I met her, but over the years....  Seriously, if any scientists want to do a study we (me, my mother, and my wife) would be excellent subjects.

Bonus: If you had to choose one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why?
I'm always bucking the system, in whichever way I can. I came from a poor upbringing and now I'm very comfortable. But still I rail against what I think is wrong. Not the big ticket items like Global Poverty or Climate Change, but small stuff like how the city spends our tax dollars, wastage, public transport, etc etc. As I hinted at above, I really hate hypocrisy and I will bleat about politicians on both sides of the aisle if I see/hear something that's BS. My criticism is bi-partisan but of course others only hear what they want to hear and think I'm either a rabid conservative or a looney liberal!

Double Bonus: A serious answer to #1 above:
[a] ~ I'm so 'smart' I see all sides and viewpoints in a discussion. This makes it hard to argue with me, which is frustrating for others. And me, I suppose.
[b] ~ I have too much empathy. This is possibly an extension of [a] but it is really difficult to tell my wife I'm unhappy with our sex life when even I wouldn't want to fuck me if I was her. She's a 9, I'm a 6. Or 5. (I used to be an 8, I'm sure of it)
[c] ~ I sweat the small stuff. I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself.
[d] ~ if you think [a] and [b] are one answer, let me add another failing: I'm a procrastinator. I always get things done, but usually at the last minute, seconds before I absolutely have to.

Triple Bonus: an update on #2 above:
One person I do 'admire' sexually is a woman who blogged under the name Pervertically Virtuous. Her lifestyle made my jaw drop and I wished I could be as open and free spirited and intelligent and smart and insightful as she was. She has disappeared from the internet now (her blog, like my original blog, has been removed due to sexual content) but I'm reposting some of them here on mine. Either hit the tag 'Pervertically Virtuous' below to see them, or click here.

*I hate 'gape' photo's, which is why I only used the one above (which is not a 'gape' shot, if you don't know what they look like). If you don't want to comment on anything I've said this week, I'd still be happy to hear your views about the images I use to illustrate this blog.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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