Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TMI Tuesday: March 22, 2016 ~ BatGirl

Hey hey hey…I know what time it is. Time to do TMI Tuesday.
They post on Monday to give me time to write it and then post it on Tuesday.

1. If you died tomorrow, to whom would you leave all your worldly possessions?
~ My fourteen year old daughter.
2. What did you like to play as a child?
~ Batman and Robin. I was Batman.
3. Have you ever gone on a rampant sex spree while depressed?
~ No. Since I was fairly happy in my youth any sex sprees were purely out of joy. It is only after 20+ years of marriage that I have become prone to depression (I honestly have no idea if the two are related) so I can't really go on a sex spree to cheer myself up.
4. Do you mind if your partner wants to have porn videos playing while the two of you are having sex?
~ Interesting, since I alluded to a situation like this here. I would like us to do more with porn together but my wife seems determined to keep her porn to/for herself. Regular readers will know this whole blog of mine was started in part because I needed to get my head around my wife's porn habits (which weren't translating into actual sex with me).

5. What is the sexiest thing you did last week?
~ I had sex with my wife on Saturday, you can read about it here. It was during the day, which makes it extra sexy.
Bonus: You have to give your lover a report card about your last sexual encounter.
– What would they score? A B C D F?
~ I'd give her a B
– What could he/she improve upon?
~ She initiated but then defaulted to me doing all the work, which I didn't accept and made her put a little effort into my needs as well.
– For what would your lover be reprimanded for doing during sex?
~ Hmmmm. She does seem to think that I don't need any foreplay. Actually it's worse in that she almost seems to think I shouldn't need foreplay ie I should be hot and 'ready' for her. I had to ask for it at the weekend (see here). Checking out the 'foreplay' tag below I see I've written about this foreplay problem quite a few times. {sigh}

I really think you should read this column from January 3.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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