Saturday, April 23, 2016

Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Beyoncé’s "Exclusive World Premiere Event!!" screens tonight April 23 on HBO at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

If the one hour 'event' is anything like the teaser trailer below we can expect a long form high art high concept one hour music video that is pretty to look at but makes no sense. Which will be the point, because Beyoncé Inc will be wanting us to debate 'WTF was that all about?!' online all the way up until her next album drops. 

It's called Marketing.

I have no doubt there will be plenty of online articles to give us a frame-by-frame analysis from about 10PM ET/7PM PT.  Some of these articles were drafted days earlier, their authors only waiting to fill in the blanks as soon as they see the damn 'Lemonade' show tonight. Because that's how modern journalism is now: you write the story first then get the quotes you need later. It's all about clicks and there's no time to watch a show, analyse it, and then write up an opinion piece. By then your competition will have already posted their "Why Beyoncé's Lemonade Sucked!" and will be winning all the shares. Actually, I predict half of the online articles will be "Beyoncé's Lemonade Just Proved Again Why She Is The Queen B!" because industry sycophants. 

The problem for Beyoncé Inc is that when I see this video:

All I think of is this video:

Which was inspired by this video:

Which was inspired by the old schoolyard rhyme

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