Friday, April 1, 2016

Morena Baccarin - Dead Sexy in DEADPOOL

My wife and I saw 'Deadpool' last weekend and we both enjoyed it - graphic violence but still fun with a good mix of romance and action. (Okay, a lot more action than romance!)

The female lead (playing the girlfriend to Ryan Reynold's Captain Deadpool) was someone I recognised but couldn't place. So when I got home I rushed to to confirm who she was. D'oh! It was Morena Baccarin who I recognised from Homeland:

And was also in the Gotham TV series. I don't have an image from that, but here's something she did for an Italian magazine:

Anyway, if you've been sitting on the fence about Deadpool go and see it (if it's still on, it opened Feb 14) but do be aware that there is graphic 'comic book' violence ie blood splatter and a few decapitations. Here are the two leads in Deadpool:

lot's of Ryan's naked butt in this move ladies!

And here is what you get when you google Morena Baccarin nude (hey, this is a sex blog, remember?)
Nude photos of Morena Baccarin from “Death In Love”
(she's not naked in "Deadpool", well, not much, not really)

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