Thursday, April 28, 2016

Not so fast Nero!

In Monday's blog I complained about how my wife's erotica tastes had seemingly downgraded from 'Erotic' to 'Romantic' titles. This was after I discovered some Kindle titles she had bought via Amazon. While the post is correct, what I didn't know at the time was that she was also reading some more x-rated stuff courtesy of her old standby:

A recent check of her iPad browser history shows that last Monday was quite a big evening for her!

It still hasn't resulted in any sex for me (and her period is well and truly over, so that excuse is gone) so I am still somewhat despondent - but at the same time I'm pleased because she hasn't (to my knowledge) been reading any porn for quite some time. Let's keep hope alive!!

Below is a long list of the stories she read on Monday. To follow what she was reading start at the bottom of each photo (screengrab) and read up; and then do the same for the next photo (follow the numbers).

What I found interesting was that she has read at least half of the titles before, and also that she read one title (Anne Rides The Sybian) a day after I mentioned a Sybian in my blog A Question About Sex Toys. That's a strange coincidence!

Anyway, once again I find myself marvelling at just how much porn my wife reads (but of course, she doesn't agree it's porn) and yet I still can't get laid. But rather than complain again at length about it you can just read it what I said previously here (and also here).

Tomorrow: A 'Messenger Chat' with Jo (XXX)




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