Thursday, April 7, 2016

Success on Saturday, Disappointment on Sunday

So I've already told you about the sex we had on Saturday, both pre-party (Part 1) and after-party (Part 2). Now let me tell you what happened on Sunday (even if the title is a giveaway).

I woke up about 11am and posted two pics on Facebook while my wife slept. One was of my wife and I, all dressed up and about to head off to the party. The other was a photo I took of my wife at the party. It was a shot from behind so you could see how hot she looked, and her friend (female) had her arm around her and was squeezing her butt. Their faces were turned together as if they were about to kiss (not that they did). It was great shot and my wife looked very sexy.

She also looked sexy in the other photo too, which was taken front on so you could enjoy my wife's cleavage, her leather boots, and the hint of camel toe.

I posted both pics at the same time, tagged my wife and waited to see which pic would be most popular. The one of her at the party got the most likes, about double those of the pic of us together . The thing is, the party photo is the one I've got the most 'likes' ever for on Facebook - yes, that's for any photo I've published ever. Over 85 people liked it, and 32 liked the other one. And yes, there were a lot guys, all friends of my wife, who 'liked' it.

So Sunday afternoon I'm watching the 'likes' mount up, and I'm also drafting the Part 1 and Part 2 posts. And I'm getting quite horny. Horny because I'm remembering the great sex we had on Saturday, and horny because I keep checking those damn Facebook pictures to see how they're tracking. And every time I look at the pic I think "Damn, she is hot". This goes on all day, and by the evening I'm very keen to entice my wife back to bed for a repeat session. She too seems to be walking on air, so I think I'm in with a shot.

After dinner my wife goes to our home office and trawls the internet. Having spent enough time on there already I decide not to join her, and instead flip through the DVR to find the latest episode of one of her favorite shows. I press play and call out to her that her favorite show is about to start. She says she'll be up in a minute, but never shows up. I ask again if she's coming and she says she has some important stuff to finish (a report for a company she's involved in) so I should watch something else. So I do.

At 10pm she emerges and says she's tired and is going to bed. She has a little routine she follows so I give her 20 minutes, and then 10 minutes more, before joining her. She's just climbing into bed as I arrive. I siddle up next to her and give her a cuddle, and kiss her softly on the neck. She shivers because she likes it but grabs my hand when I move it to her butt. When I start gently massaging her naked ass she tells me she has to get up early and wants to go to sleep. Being honest I tell her it's only 10.30 and I was kinda hoping we could carry on from last night.

She says 'no' and again tells me it's late. I continue cuddling her and decide that now is a good time to ask that question I left you with in Part 2. I ask her if she had a good time last night (Saturday) and when she says 'yes, it was an epic party' I respond with "yes it was, but I was meaning the sex we had after". That was good too, she volunteers. I press her further: "you did seem to enjoy it - did you cum more than once?" I ask, knowing full well she did.

'Yes I did' she confirms 'a couple of times I think'

"And what about that last one, that was pretty freaky"

"what?" she says "what do you mean?"

"when I started rubbing you with my foot, you seemed to be really getting off"

"uh, what?" she said vaguely "I don't remember that"

"yes, I had one leg over your body while I was jacking my cock" I explained, "I had my foot in your crotch and you were grinding against it... the rest of my leg was covering your body and pressing you into the bed - you seemed to be getting off on being pinned down"

"I don't remember that at all"

"Oh, that's a shame - I thought it was something we could try again sometime. I'd like to explore that further"

"really?" she said, as if it was just another of my wacky ideas "well what I want is to go to sleep, so goodnight!"

And that was that.

On Monday morning she did not get up early, since she had nothing on until mid-day. Instead she remained in bed while I got our daughter ready and took her to school. My wife rose about 10am, for her first meeting at 12. It would be followed at 2pm when she had her special meeting with her business network group (BNG) which would go across the afternoon and into the evening - since they always finished by going out to dinner and then a bar. (See Tuesday's TMI post for more about that).

So while she was out I looked at her email trash bin and discovered what had really been happening.

After dinner on Sunday she had gone on to and started perusing the erotic Kindle stories. She spent over an hour looking at various titles before selecting two. I haven't checked her iPad yet but I presume she started one title on Sunday night and closed it when I came up to bed. I'm a bit disappointed (in hindsight) that this story didn't stimulate her enough to make her horny but maybe she got herself off before I got there?

 But knowing what I knew (about what she'd been up to on Kindle) I thought I'd make another move on Monday night, after she got home from her BNG meeting. The first thing she did when she got home was check her Facebook presumably to see if any photos of her night had been posted by others in the group. They hadn't. I asked her how her day had been and then talked to her about her meeting and the dinner afterwards. It was only at this point that she mentioned one of the guys had his wife join them for dinner (as mentioned in Tuesday's TMI post, which I wrote on Monday lunchtime) and I also managed to determine (via a process of elimination, she certainly didn't tell me) that the only other guy at dinner was my nemesis - aha, I knew it! He's hot for her alright. The other guys all went home apparently (because one guy had brought his wife and they knew they couldn't have their Boys Club Antics) (my wife is an honorary wingman, they love having her there because she doesn't stop them doing what they do ie boys will be boys) so this Big Lebowski Wannabe had her all to himself.

Oh yes, one other piece of gossip - one of the guys in the group (who didn't go to the dinner) admitted he had cheated on his wife by going home with one of the women at that after party I mentioned in Part 2. He expressed regret but the group told him not to beat himself up because they all agreed she had practically thrown herself at him. Great, nice morals BNG.

Anyway, long story short (I do go on, don't I?) after giving me all the deets (except mentioning she was effectively having dinner with my nemesis) (she did mention the four women she knows who are all hot for him - living vicariously perhaps, eh wifey?) she said it was late and time for bed. I gave her a cuddle and a kiss, and fondled her breasts because... I knew what Kindle Porn she had bought! Her nipples were hard so I squeezed them gently, and pulled her body closer to mine.

My wife snuggled back into me, before stepping away and telling me she was off to bed - she had to get up early for a meeting. As she climbed the stairs I checked our shared diary on my iPhone - her day was clear. I went back to our office and began drafting the post you're reading now. Ten and twenty minutes later I checked our bedroom window from below. The tell tale glow behind the curtains indicated she was on her iPad - probably on Kindle, right? I locked the downstairs doors and went upstairs - to fondle my wife's breasts again. She must have heard me coming because the lights were out when I got to the bedroom, and she was feigning sleep. I decided to test the boundaries: I went up to her side of the bed and leaned down and gave her another cuddle (over the bedclothes) and kissed her softly behind the ear.

"Are you asleep?" I whispered

"nghmm mmmngh" she mumbled, as if she was half asleep.

She was either the world's tiredest person, or she was lying and I knew it was the latter. I said nothing, I just kissed her again gently and left. It's apparent to me that she prefers porn to having actual sex with me, but whatever, I knew that already didn't I? No sense in having a pity party...

So I went back to the office and finished this post.

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