Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Cam Sex Story - Part 2 (final)

So yesterday I told you about the woman who popped my cam cherry (please read Part 1 first). She was great fun, but it was actually another woman who took it to a whole other level.

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This other woman and I had really connected online via Facebook and I guess I will have to admit it became an 'affair'. Never mind that we had never met in real life or even seen each other in real life (since we both had fake profiles) we actually got so intensely entwined we 'got married' on Facebook! It all started as a bit of a joke - we both had 'single' status on Facebook but we were both starting to get into a few pickles with other people online. So somehow we decided the solution to our respective woes (Facebook admirers who wouldn't leave us alone) was to get 'married'.

So we both changed our Facebook statuses to 'married' and each listed the other one as our partner. That certainly created quite a stir amongst our little Naughty Friends community on Facebook, and it changed the dynamic between us as well. Once you say you're married you kinda feel married (we both knew we were married to other people IRL) and it wasn't long before she decided we needed to consummate our Facebook marriage. So we cammed.

Again I got out the black tape and claimed 'technical problems' so she couldn't see me but she didn't mind, and bared all. It was funny seeing her for real, in the flesh, and not her fake photo - she looked nothing like I'd expected but in another way she looked exactly as I'd expected. She'd chosen her fake profile pics well, and I was instantly smitten with the real her. She was Beautiful. Voluptuous. Full figured. And Free Spirited. She pulled out her favorite sex toy and introduced me to Mr Blue - I'd never seen a big blue vibrating dildo before.

She lay on the floor in front of her laptop and got her self off with Mr Blue, and I did the same at my end with Mr Hand. It was a genuinely sensuous and highly erotic experience - the first of many. It escalated quickly and got very intense. We were both unhappy with our partners and found fulfilment with each other. We made 'dates' almost every other day - she would cam while in the shower, in the kitchen, or from the living room floor. We'd chat briefly but it wouldn't be long before we'd be getting naked and getting off with each other - yes, by this time I'd put away the black tape since my 'technical issues' were fixed.

I'm not going to debate the morality of what we were doing, but I knew in my heart I loved both my wife and this woman. Let's call her Jo since I'm starting to sound like Bill Clinton by not naming her. I was having problems with my wife, problems I seemed unable to solve, but my new relationship with Jo seemed to be the solution. She filled the void. My wife said she loved me but did not seem to desire me sexually - Jo said she loved me and wanted me sexually. For a few months it seemed like my problems were solved. Sure it was complicated - synchronising those cam dates wasn't easy but with my wife at work, my daughter at school, and Jo doing the night shift at a hospital we found time during the day to get together. Albeit online and not IRL.

Like all good things in life, it couldn't last.

Jo wanted to leave her husband, but I wasn't ready to leave my wife. Hell, I didn't want to leave my wife, I wanted to work things out with her and get our marriage back on track. And that is why Jo and I had bonded so closely. Initially we had both been in the same predicament - unhappy with our marriages - but Jo eventually decided the solution to her problem lay in leaving her husband, not in 'trying to make it work'. After about six months she told me she was leaving him - I said she had to do what she thought was best, but unfortunately I couldn't be her White Knight. I told her I felt terrible, but that there was no way I was going to leave my wife and join her.

She said that it was okay, that I shouldn't feel bad, and that I was a decent and honorable guy who had given her tremendous emotional support to her throughout this difficult time. She assured me she would be fine, and that I shouldn't worry about her because... um ... er ... {gulp} ... "this is difficult for me to say" .... "I'm moving in with this other guy I also met on Facebook, and I've been camming with him the whole time I've been with you. He loves me too, and he's willing to move here to be with me"

Wow! If I'd thought the cam sex was surreal, this was some whole next level shit. The woman I'd been having a virtual online affair with (who I'd never met IRL but had fallen for) had been cheating on me the whole time - not with her husband, but with another man! I felt devastated by the betrayal and at the same time I knew it was ludicrous because I was married and hadn't been prepared to leave my wife. Jo clearly needed a man who was willing to 'rescue' her from her unhappy marriage and had found what she wanted. I was both crushed and yet happy for her.

They're still together too, so all's well that ends well. They're also polyamorous now, so I guess there's an opening for me if I ever find myself single.

La vida loca.

[see one of my chats with Jo here]
Tomorrow: "Beyoncé’s Lemonade"

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