Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Cam Sex Story

Not the woman I was camming with, but a reasonable facsimile.
She loved to do toy shows for me - getting herself off as I watched.
I've probably told this story in passing before, but I'll tell it again in more detail. Yesterday's TMI post triggered fond memories so I guess I should spill.

Way back in the very early days of Facebook it was a very Wild West kind of town - nothing like the well ordered society it is today. Facebook now have a very tight grip on their operation, but back in 2006/7 it was focussed on growth (getting more people joining) and they let a lot of things slide that they don't allow today. Like all new technologies, Facebook was used by many for sexual purposes. People would email rude notes and pictures to each other, or link to exterior apps that allowed for more x-rated fun and games.

I didn't plan any of it, but various women would invite me into various 'games' that ran similar to Farmville but were much naughtier. One of them was even called Naughty Friends, and it actually ran within the Facebook platform meaning your browser history only showed you were on Facebook. No one would know that you were sending dirty texts and filthy pictures to strangers you didn't know off Facebook.

As I say, it was like living in 'The Wild West' - there were no rules and it was all very new and exciting. I found that women were very forthright in taking things to a sexual level - I presume it was because they had a near-anonymous opportunity to release their inner sex goddess. Some had specifically set up fake profiles in order to 'act out', but I was fascinated by how many also appeared to be doing the same but under their real profiles. Many women were married or had partners and yet had no compunction about flirting with you and getting very steamy.

It was perhaps a very naive time during those early years, when there was just an assumption of trust that these 'games' would remain secret. I was always paranoid, so I always kept my identity a secret, and made a point of only 'playing' with women well outside of my area. I didn't want anything coming back to bite me on the ass - not to mention I was of course married IRL (but not on my fake Facebook profile).

Using the email chat on Facebook I eventually 'graduated' to having 'cyber sex' with some of these women - all text based but very hot and heavy (and always at their request - I never initiated). I was basically talking dirty to them and they would talk dirty back. I was very good at it and they would often 'refer' me to a friend of theirs, who would pop up out of nowhere and ask me if I wanted to 'play'. These were very long detailed chats/stories that went on for 30-60 minutes. I have no idea if they got off IRL but often their side of the conversation would conclude with "I'm cumming" and then they would thank me and tell me how 'good' I was.

It was quite surreal because when you get a good rhythm going with the other person you really do get in the zone. It was all happening in 'cyberspace' but it could get very intense, and felt psuedo-real.

For my part I never got off on the chats directly. Sure, I would get hard, and I would jack my cock a little, but never to completion. I was so focussed on writing some hot words and creating an erotic scene that it was impossible to get off while typing. But once the chat was finished I would check out some porn and finish myself off that way. The chats were the foreplay but in my own mind I was not thinking about the other woman at all when I finally came. It wasn't like I would chat with 'Jenny' and then imagine I was fucking Jenny as I watched some porn immediately after chatting with Jenny.

So in my own crazy male mind I wasn't cheating - I was just experiencing life's rich online tapestry. Yes, men rationalise their BS in the most amazing ways!

The problem came when some of those women asked to 'cam' with me. I absolutely did not want to show my face, since none of my profile pictures were real. Not that anyone should be surprised, since they were obviously fake: I used stock photos of a young Steve McQueen or Clint Eastwood. I finally accepted one woman's cam request, but put black tape over my camera so she couldn't see me. She could hear me but couldn't see me. I explained it as a technical problem, but she didn't seem to care. She just wanted to giggle and flash her boobies at me.

So she did. While at her work desk, where anyone could have walked by. We chatted for a while and then she said everyone had gone home - so she removed her top and gave me a long hard look. She had a big grin on her face as she fondled her tits and asked me if I liked what I saw. Of course I did! She asked me if I wanted to jack off while she played with her breasts; and I responded with the obvious question: do you want me to jack off while you play with your breasts? Of course she did!

So she popped my cam cherry but it was actually another woman who took it to a whole other level.

I'll tell you about the other woman tomorrow in Part 2, because that was when shit got real crazy.
Real real crazy.


  1. Fascinating .... well told and (as you say) comical the 'lies' we tell ourselves to justify what we wanna do! Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Fascinating Nero. I agree it is hard to masturbate and type at the same time but I have managed it. Though typos do tend to proliferate, especially as the tension mounts.

  3. I remember the early days of cam fun too - I used to cam with ladies all over the workd, great fun at the time, and yes, we do rationalise the BS!


    1. we are just men - with blue balls, raging hard ons, and weak minds...!


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