Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Craziest TV Show I've Seen!

I was in Argentina last February but I never got to watch much television and I certainly didn't see this show - it's the craziest TV show I've seen - even crazier than some Japanese programs!

The show is called "Bailando Por Un Sueno", which translates to "Dance Your Dreams". According to Wikipedia it's a dance competition but as you can see from the clip below they go a lot further than 'Dancing With The Stars' or So You Think You Can Dance?'. A lot further!! The funniest part is the host 'pretending' to be scandalised by how raunchy and sexually explicit the couples get when you know damn well it's the same routine they rehearsed earlier in the day before the audience arrived.

I've seen lot's of sexy content on the Italian and French variety shows that seem to be an evening staple on television there, but nothing like this. If the Argentinians call this 'family entertainment' then I may have to move there - as soon as I learn Spanish. Yeah that's right, I visited South America for four weeks without a phrase book or knowing any Spanish - crazy, huh? 

If you speak Spanish I'd love a translation of what they're saying, so share that in the comments section below. Maybe I've got it all wrong?

Monica Farro strips off all her clothes and gets naked on TV-show "Bailando por un sueno"

The dancing starts @ 1'20 - tame at first, but then the clothes come off, followed by humping!

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