Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TMI Tuesday: April 19, 2016 ~ I see you

1. Have you ever had sex in front of other people? What were the circumstances?
~ I've discussed the one and only time before (here). There was also a time (very early in our relationship, before we were married) that my wife took me a for a picnic dinner in the park on Valentine's Day and we ended up having sex on the blanket. She rode me cowgirl style, with our clothes on - because how else? There were other people in the park, each a few hundred yards away (maybe only 50!) but they were doing pretty much the same thing so no-one was checking each other out. -- It wasn't like this.

2. You are invited to Adult Show & Tell. What is it that you will show and tell.
~ I'd probably show old photos of myself, from when I was young, thin, and pretty - back when women were more than happy to have sex with me. Then I'd tell them about the time I met a woman on Facebook and it escalated to my first ever cam sex encounter. We had a few - she loved camming.

3. What part of your body do you like to show off?
~ My smile - that still works on the ladies! The trick is that I usually look like a grumpy bastard most of the time (it's actually just Resting Bitch Face) so when I smile at a woman she takes it as a sign I find her interesting and alluring (I do!!) and that's she's seeing a secret side of me.

4. What part of the human body do you enjoy looking at the most?
~ I'm not a "tits" or an "ass" man, I really do like everything. Tits, ass, pussy, and a nice butthole doesn't hurt either. I respond to most visual stimuli! My advice to women (not that you asked) is to accentuate the positive and ignore the negative. A decent guy will find something about you alluring, so any man that crosses you off his list because he's not happy with your tits, ass, pussy, or legs he really isn't worth bothering with. He should at least find one thing he finds sexy about you and focus on that - lord knows women have been getting by on finding that one thing for eons! Ha!

5. When you watch porn, what is it that you most enjoy seeing?
~ I've been drifting towards anal these past few years, but only because it's the final taboo. My preference is for watching solo women masturbating, with or without toys. I love watching women get off and when she's doing it solo you feel like you're in on her intimate secrets. Does that make me a voyeur? I guess so.

Bonus: Post a pic of your body part that you like to show off.
~ There's nothing I want to show anyone. But since you deserve a 'bonus' here is me talking about the last time I had sex: Jealousy as an Aphrodisiac?

Tomorrow's post: The Cam Sex Story (it's definitely TMI !!)

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