Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm not crazy, honest!

I'm not crazy, honest! In yesterday's TMI post I mentioned that I had resolved to see a therapist. I figured some 'talk therapy' might do me some good since I really have no-one in the real world I can talk to about the things that drive me up the wall. The things I talk about on this blog.

maybe the problem is I'm sex obsessed?
I'm totally aware that I come across as a repetitive whiney bitch on this blog, always complaining about the same old thing: my wife isn't having enough sex with me. Blah blah blah. 

I know, I get it - it's the same ol' thing all the time and nothing has changed. Which is why I want to see a therapist and get a second opinion. Am I right to want more, or should I just suck it up and accept my lot? (Hopefully the therapist will tell me it's my wife's fault and she's being sexually selfish - ha!)

I think I've done a lot of introspection in recent years, but I'm getting no closer to resolving anything. I need an action plan! Maybe a therapist can help with that. (FYI - my wife and I have done therapy before, and while it worked at the time, we've ultimately returned to past behaviors; so this time I don't want couples counselling - I want solo advice)

I've been thinking my wife had perhaps lost her libido but the reality is her libido is fine. She reads a lot of porn (she prefers the term 'erotica') and that seems to satisfy her. If she's satisfied by that then there's no need to have sex (that often) with me, right? Never mind how I feel about it - she's the empowered woman!

Who knows what the therapist will tell me. Maybe they'll offer to negotiate a solution like this for a 'sex pass' - or maybe they'll just give me Prozac to make the pain go away?

Anyway, one thing I wanted to share with you (but I probably shouldn't) is that I've been following a whole bunch of sex bloggers for at least 5 years and they all fall by the wayside eventually. They stop blogging and some of their final posts are often about how their marriage/relationship has gone kaput, or they're back on the meds and only now (as they're signing off and quitting) admit they're bi-polar or have some other mental issue.

It's at this point, as a reader, I say "WTF?!"  I've been reading them for over a year and then suddenly it's like 'actually my liberated sex life hasn't been as great as I may have indicated and my wife/husband/significant other has left me because of all the 3ways' or 'the reason I've been having all this crazy sex is because I'm crazy and I've been acting out - but now the doctor has prescribed me something and I'm okay now so no more wild and crazy sex, sorry'.

So I just want you to know that just because I'm going to see a therapist soon doesn't mean I'm crazy. I consider myself quite normal actually, and I just need someone to talk to about my relationship with my wife. Because I can't talk about it with my wife, it gets me nowhere. (Trust me, I've tried)

(And I apologise in advance if I come across as judgemental for my comments after "WTF?!" above. I swear I'm not. It's just kinda like when your favorite show ends and you hate the way it ends and think the writers took the easy way out)


  1. Hi there. :) I found you via TMI blog and was browsing through some of your posts. I came upon this one and was wondering how the therapy is going?

  2. Hi Autumn,
    I haven't actually started yet since the first appointment I could get is June 10.
    I guess since I'm non-suicidal I'm non urgent! :)
    ~ Nero


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