Monday, May 16, 2016

Masturbation Monday - Friday Night MM

The MM stands for 'Mutual Masturbation', not Male/Male, in case you tuned in for a tale about me and another guy in the world's smallest circle jerk. It happened on Friday, the day after I posted this:
Does masturbation feature in your relationship?
I'm a big fan of mutual masturbation, particularly since my wife seems to go off penetrative sex from time to time. I'm quite happy for us both to masturbate together and I enjoy cumming in her ass crack.

Is watching your partner getting off seriously hot or something that makes you uncomfortable?

I enjoy watching my wife pleasuring herself but it can 'go bad' when she starts to become self absorbed ie she moves away from me and is essentially masturbating solo. 
[This is just an excerpt, so do read the whole thing (for context)]

If Nina Mercedez was clutching a tit as well as frigging her clit,
- while keeping both her legs closed - you'd be seeing what I saw on Friday night
My wife had rebuffed my advances mid week, saying she was getting her period, but then by Friday it hadn't arrived. On Friday night I snuggled up beside her in bed and she was clearly feeling a little frisky. She pressed her ass against me and didn't object when I ran my hands over her body. Her nipples were stiff so I grabbed her breasts and fondled them - gently at first but then getting a little rougher.

"Not too rough, they're very sensitive" she admonished, but still giving me the 'Go!' signal.

Her nipples are sensitive when her period is due. She doesn't like any nipple play but is happy with breast play. I cupped her breasts as she ground her ass into my stiff cock. Reaching behind she grabbed my dick and started rubbing her hand up and down my length, over my boxers. It felt good, obviously, but even more arousing was when she purred softly "Get it out, jack that big fat cock for me".

It took only a few seconds before I had done as instructed: I was lying on my back, stroking my prick with one hand as she lay on her side beside me, with her back pressed to me, my arm around her and my free hand massaging her full breast. She had one hand reaching back, playing with my balls, while her other hand made it's way to her pussy. She writhed against me, clutching my inner thigh as she clutched herself in her private place, reaching for every sensation of pleasure she could find.

She started moaning and her fingernails were digging deeper into my thigh - clearly she was getting somewhere - so I pumped my cock and squeezed her breasts just a little bit harder. Whether it was that or she was just peaking I don't know, but she suddenly got up and knelt upright beside me on the bed. It was like she was in the Cowgirl position - but instead of being on my cock she was next to me. Her head was thrown back and she had one hand on her tit, squeezing it for all it was worth, and the other hand on her pussy, squeezing it just as hard.

She looked incredibly hot, and I have no doubt she felt she was on fire herself.

I placed my free hand between her legs and sawed my fingers over her wet slit, my words articulating what was happening: "Wow, you are so hot and wet down there... You're on fire... I love fingering your wet slit..."

"Oh god, this feel so good" she replied, through gritted teeth "fuck, yeah, I'm gonna cum"

Her face was contorted as her climax approached at a rapid pace. "Jerk that cock... wank it... cum with me..." she begged, as I released my hand from her pussy. She started thrusting hard against herself, still standing upright on her knees, her whole body convulsing as the orgasm washed over her. I jacked my cock hard and fast but there was no way I was going to manage a simultaneous orgasm, hers had happened so fast.

She looked so damned hot - I have never seen her get up like that to masturbate - and for a fleeting moment I wondered if she had read Thursdays blog. Had it inspired her to try mutual masturbation since she couldn't have penetrative sex? Did she get up and show me her body in the dim blue glow of the digital alarm clock because I'd said (in my blog) I liked to watch her get off?

My mind snapped back to reality as she told me it was my turn to cum. "Cum on my butt" she said, as she flopped down beside me, face down and ass up. Her movement was urgent and the hand under her body (and on her clit) betrayed her intentions. She was still driven by lust and was chasing a second orgasm. Only too willing to oblige I pushed her legs apart and kneeled behind her, pointing my fat cock in her direction. I was rock hard and ready to cum myself.

She was moaning into the mattress for a minute or two before she removed the hand from her pussy and, together with her other hand, reached back and pulled both butt cheeks apart. "Cum in my ass crack" she implored, "fill it with your hot sticky mess"

Okay, that really made me wonder if she'd read Thursdays blog, but by now I was too far gone to worry about it. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up and into the doggy position. I placed the tip of my dripping cock against her starfish and continued jacking - hard and fast. "I'm gonna cum" I warned her.

"Yeah, do it" she grunted, freeing one hand so she could resume slapping her cunt while the other gripped her butt to keep her asshole exposed. "Do it, shoot that hot spunk right up my nasty hole"

I loved it when she talked dirty and I couldn't hold back. Hot jets of cum sprayed forth, firing directly into her butt crack. "Oh my god' she gasped, as I kept pumping and the juice kept flying "oh god... so much".  She collapsed forward onto the bed and clamped her legs shut, clenching her butt cheeks and holding the warm cum tight in her crack as I too fell to my own side of the bed. "Mmmmm" she purred, as she did a little shimmy on the sheets "that was goooood!"

"Yeah, it was good for me too" I volunteered, as I reached for the tissues.

"No, it was really good" emphasised my wife, as she cleaned up the mess "that was the best orgasm ever"

I doubted that was true, but I appreciated the positive feedback. I enjoyed seeing her get off like that (upright, exposing herself to me) and told her as much. If I hadn't noticed she was so obviously driven by lust I might have mistakenly thought she was performing for me, but that was what made it so hot. She wasn't performing, she was just so freaking horny she couldn't help herself. Is there anything more sexy?

Not for me, I love watching her get off. I love watching her cum. What man wouldn't?

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