Friday, May 20, 2016

Midweek Madness! ~ Part 2

This is where things get wild, before taking a dark turn. You should probably read Part 1 to understand how we got here...

I lifted the covers off my wife, placed her into the 'recovery position' (sideways) and then slowly fed my cock into her pussy. She was still wet - very wet in fact - and I slid in without resistance. I gripped her hip and started with long slow steady strokes, pumping my cock in and out, giving her my full length. I hadn't said a word during all of this, and she said nothing either, other than to moan "mmmmmm" and pull her leg up a bit higher. This allowed me to go deeper, which I did, and soon I was fucking her hard and fast.

"Oh. God!" she allowed, her eyes closed but her face contorted with pleasure. She pulled her knee higher still, right up to her chest, so I could fuck her even deeper and harder. "Yeah!" she grunted.

I removed her bent knee from her breast and stretched her leg up to my shoulder, as I continued pounding her. I continued fucking her that way - one leg on the bed, the other up in the air - until she shifted slightly onto her back. Her legs were still split wildly but I now had easy access to her clit. I licked my thumb and pressed down between her legs, strumming her clit. It was swollen.

"Oh. God. Yesss!" she repeated, gasping.

Her pussy was so wet it was easy to keep her clit lubed. Her gasps seemed to increase the harder I pressed against her clit, so I kept pressing her harder. I rolled my thumb all over that bitch and my wife was going crazy, as my stiff cock kept slicing in and out of her slick cunt. I switched gears slightly, dropping the leg pressed against my torso before picking both up and spreading her wide. I rammed my cock in deeper and pounded her missionary style, her legs stretched wide enough that I was able to continue thumbing her clit.

My wife was going crazy now. She had one hand clamped over her own mouth, trying to block the screams, as I continued slamming into her. I had never seen her like this, but I knew better than to stop what I was doing. Finally she dropped her hand, gripped the sheets, gritted her teeth, and arched her back as she bucked up and down in the throes of a mind-blowing orgasm. She was cumming, and it was one for the ages. I released her legs and slipped out of her, giving her a moments respite before I turned her over.

She was like my little fuck toy at that moment, saying nothing, but willingly -drunkenly- taking my cue and putting herself in the doggy position. She got up on all fours, dropping her head only when I had entered her again. "Oh god" she groaned, as I slowly slid in. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting steadily, her fingers grazing my balls as she played with her clit below. Her hand dropped away as I picked up the pace and my balls started slapping her cunt. She was moaning now, panting, and again she returned to her new mantra: "Oh, god, yesss". My wife seemed to have found religion this night.

A bit like this, but without the hair pulling
Truth be told, I was feeling a bit godlike at this point. I'd been hitting all the right spots and my wife was going bananas for it. I was so good there was no way she would turn me down again in future, right? Who wouldn't want to be fucking like this all the time if they had the chance, right? I'd been fucking her for over half an hour and she was loving it. She had cum hard, more than once, and it was my turn now.  I picked up the tempo and continued pounding her pussy forcefully.

And then it hit me.

I wasn't going to cum.

I knew I wanted to cum, but I also knew that I felt nowhere ready to cum. My dick felt so so good sliding in and out of her warm wet velvet pussy, but there was nothing happening beyond that. There was nothing bubbling in my balls, no juice ready to shoot. WTF? We were having the best sex in a long time and yet I wasn't going to cum? Again: What.The.Fuck? This just wasn't fair. Why was this happening?

I knew why. Whenever my wife gets this aroused she loses some of her tightness. Her cunt gets sloppy wet and looser (not loose). If I was a bigger man -by which I mean, yes, a bigger cock- this wouldn't matter. Her body was fine, it was working perfectly, as it was supposed to. It was me that was letting us down. No wonder we didn't have sex so much anymore, my tiny penis wasn't up to the job. Except...

It was the same six inches it had always been. It had been all that was needed when we were young. Why was it a problem now? Had she been with other men? Men with bigger cocks? Had she followed one of her fantasies and been with a black guy - one so big he'd stretched her out and 'ruined' her? Just like in those erotic stories she loves so much?

I knew one place where she would be tight. Her pussy might be looser but her asshole would be perfect. I wet my thumb and slid it into her ass. It went in easy. WTF? She had loosened up there too! WTF?! Okay, that was good right? This has happened before, and it's a good thing. When I've got her so turned on she relaxes 'back there' that means I can fuck her up the butt and she doesn't mind. The only times she has objected to anal is when I failed to 'prepare' her properly, that's when she gets angry afterwards. But she was ready now.

She continued moaning as I continued fucking her bowling ball style: one thumb in her ass and my cock sliding in and out her pussy.  Yup, my little fuck toy was definitely ready for an anal fucking. I pulled out and reached over to my wife's night stand to grab the lube. I couldn't get to it, so I got up off the bed and walked over. I looked back at my wife, who was now slumped in a heap. Somehow in all this sex we had ended up on my side of the bed, facing the foot of the bed. My wife was now drunkenly crawling back to her side of the bed, flopping down, and snuggling into the pillow.

She was done.


I contemplated continuing with my plan but was it worth it? It was now 2am. What if I fucked her butt and still didn't cum? Then she'd be mad. We'd been at it 45 minutes and according to this article 10 minutes should be enough. If I'm trying to improve the frequency of our sex it wouldn't pay to overload her with a marathon event now. Besides, she was clearly exhausted. I left the lube where it was and climbed into bed beside her.

My cock was still hard but I ignored it. Maybe there was something wrong with me? Since when did men my age fuck that long and not have an orgasm? Maybe I should see a doctor?

Maybe I should see a therapist... I had so many damn thoughts running through my head - even during the sex. That's can't be right.

[UPDATE: I've spent some time trying to figure out what sort of headspace I was in on Wednesday night. I recall even as we were having sex I felt drunk - but I wasn't. My wife had been drinking, not me. Then I remembered I'd only got 4 hours sleep on Tuesday night. I was up at 8am on Wednesday morning and didn't get to bed 'til 1am. No wonder my brain was squirly!]

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