Thursday, May 19, 2016

Midweek Madness!

Who the fuck has sex on a Wednesday night? Me, that who!

Yeah, it was a surprise to me as well - it was like I'd slipped into a time machine and gone back to our younger years. A time when we'd have sex 2-3 times a week, not once or twice a month as we do now. It happened last night and went down like this:

My wife had organised some big wine evening at our house and invited about 30 women along. One of her 'friends' [ie not an actual friend but a woman she only just met at a dinner party recently (that I wasn't invited to)] had said she had just started a wine company so my wife said she would help her by inviting two dozen influential women to a wine tasting. At our house. Wednesday night from 6-8pm, ladies only so would you please find somewhere else to go Nero. And take your daughter too please.

I'd originally planned to hide in the movie room for the duration (why should I have to leave my house?) and I knew my daughter would do what she does every night anyway (hide in her bedroom, watching anime online, and social media'ing with all her online friends) but my wife insisted: "Get out!"  So Wednesday became 'Father/Daughter Movie Night' at the local Multiplex. After the movie we had dinner, before making our way home at 9pm.

My daughter had tried to get me to order takeout, so she could get home sooner and get back online ("where all my friends are waiting!"), so I had to be the bad guy and tell her "Mom doesn't want us back home too soon, she's got all her friends over".

"but it will be over by now, Mom said it was from 6-8pm" she argued

"sorry but when your mother has 30 women over to drink wine it aint gonna be over by 8pm"

To be fair, there were only six women left by the time we got home, and they all left by 10pm. Except for one. There's always one. My wife and her buddy kept drinking, opening new bottles, and talking into the night. Talking until 1am, at which point my wife put her in the guest bedroom and joined me in ours.

You will not be surprised if I tell you my wife was drunk, right?

Luckily she was not sloppy drunk, but it did take her some time to take off her makeup and join me in bed. All that extra time had me thinking dark thoughts. By the time she came in I was lying diagonally in our bed, with my head on her pillow. "Why are you there?" she asked, confused.

"So you can sit on my face" I explained, "so I can lick your pussy"

She giggled and sat on the edge of the bed next to me. Leaning down to kiss me, she murmured "you're such a good man--"

I cut her off by grabbing the back of her head and pulling her in tight. I kissed her hard and snaked my tongue into her mouth. I wasn't interested in hearing what a great guy I was compared to some of her friend's lousy partners as she pecked my lips and tried to cuddle. I'd heard that all before, right now I wanted action not words. She kissed me back, swirling her tongue around mine as I caressed the back of her neck and ran my fingers through her hair. Her moans let me know she liked it and soon I had my other hand running over her hips and thighs, before roaming to the small of her back. I grabbed one of her breasts and she let me fondle her for a minute before she pulled away and got up.

"I really need a glass of water" she groaned, "I'm gonna be sooo hungover in the morning - why did I organise this for a Wednesday?"

I said nothing as she slipped away to the kitchen, returning with a large tall glass of water. When she saw me she giggled again. "Is that for me?" she asked, looking at my dick. While she was gone I'd thrown off the covers, and now my stiff prick was standing proud and erect. I wanted her to be clear on what my intentions were. I wanted to fuck.

She climbed into bed next me, pulling the covers up over both of us. She leaned in and kissed me again, before stating the obvious: "It's really late honey, we're gonna have to get some sleep" {kiss} "I'll make it up to you on the weekend, I promise" she said, giving my dick a quick squeeze as if to seal the deal. And then she rolled over, facing away from me. Good for her.

But I had other ideas. I snuggled up behind her and pressed my hot cock against her cold ass. God! how I love that feeling!! 

"Go to sleep!" she muttered.

But I did not. I reached forward and ran my fingers between the back of her legs, finding her cunt. She was wet and slick. My fingers slid in easily. Her ass may have been cold but she was warm down there. Hot, in fact. I started fingering her, but the angle was difficult. And she wasn't making it any easier by moving her legs, instead choosing to remind me...

"It's late, go to sleep!"

I retreated to my side of the bed, removing my fingers from her pussy and my cock from her ass cheeks. And then I pondered my next move: go to sleep, or go to my home office downstairs and jerk off to porn? Neither was an option I liked, so I tried something different.

Did I invent a new position, because this is the closest
image I could find to match what we did. And I searched!
I lifted the covers off my wife, placed her into the 'recovery position' (sideways) and then slowly fed my cock into her pussy. She was still wet - very wet in fact - and I slid in without resistance. I gripped her hip and started with long slow steady strokes, pumping my cock in and out, giving her my full length. I hadn't said a word during all of this, and she said nothing either, other than to moan "mmmmmm" and pull her leg up a bit higher. This allowed me to go deeper, which I did, and soon I was fucking her hard and fast.

"Oh. God!" she allowed, her eyes closed but her face contorted with pleasure. She pulled her knee higher still, right up to her chest, so I could fuck her even deeper and harder. "Yeah!" she grunted.

I removed her bent knee from her breast and stretched her leg up to my shoulder, as I continued pounding her. I continued fucking her that way - one leg on the bed, the other up in the air - until she shifted slightly onto her back. Her legs were still split wildly but I now had easy access to her clit. I licked my thumb and pressed down between her legs, strumming her clit. It was swollen.

"Oh. God. Yesss!" she repeated, gasping.

[Sorry to stop here but this story is running long. Part 2 tomorrow is the killer - that's where is gets really wild - before things take a dark turn. Check the tags below!]

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