Monday, May 30, 2016

My wife left on Friday for 'A Girls Weekend'

My wife left on Friday for 'A Girls Weekend' so we had sex last Thursday night.

It could just as easily not have happened, but I thought "Fuck it" and decided not to be all passive aggressive by waiting to see if she would give her man a little something something before she left. I'm sure if I hadn't initiated she would have quite happily not bothered, but I'll leave that whinge for another day. As it happened she was responsive to my advances this time, and it went down like this:

This is the short version, read on for the long version...

I came to bed early, even though I wasn't tired. Early for me is midnight. She was on her iPad, looking at Facebook, but I knew that about 5 minutes earlier she had been reading something naughty because I'd seen through the crack of the bedroom door that she was using her free hand to play with her pussy. By the time I'd gone downstairs to retrieve my camera phone and come back she'd switched to Facebook. Maybe she heard me coming up the stairs?

She hadn't been masturbating per se by-the-way, she was just absentmindedly pulling on her pubic hairs - which is what she does when she reads erotica. I've seen her do it many times. I've never caught her full on playing with herself, so god knows how she gets off when she reads all that porn. One day I'll catch her!

So I climbed into bed and she switched out the light. We kissed a little, and I ran my hands over her body. She kissed me back and started rubbing her hands over my hips. That let me know she was 'interested'. Soon I was kissing her hard and being a little more forceful with my hands. When I moved one to her vulva she responded by tugging at my boxers. "Take these off" she said, lest there be any doubt.

As I took mine off she removed her nightie - my cue to play with her breasts.

Soon we were kissing franticly and grabbing eachother all over. And then...

She went for my cock - grabbing it and swinging her head down to take me in her mouth. I accidentally tapped her thigh as she did, so my wife suddenly swung her leg over and planted her pussy on my face. That I had to create a '69' tag for todays blog post speaks to how long it's been since we'd done this position. We used to do it a lot when we were younger but for some reason it just kinda fell away, and not because of me.

I absolutely love going down on my wife, and 69 is the absolute best.

I could lie there for hours if she'd let me - kissing, licking, nibbling, and inhaling that wonderful scent forever if I could. That night I was like a kid in a candy store - I went buckwild on her pussy and she loved it. Moaning, groaning, grunting, grinding her cunt in my face - she was wet as fuck and came at least twice. I knew she was loving it because she was (in turns) wolfing down my cock, and then letting go as she rolled herself all over my tongue: "yeah, that's it" she'd cry "just like that, just there' yeahhh!"

After 15 minutes she climbed off me and swung herself around to face me. I thought she was going to mount me cowgirl style but instead she pushed her tits into my face. Taking her cue I opened wide and started tonguing her boobs. She groaned again, so I grabbed one in each hand and started suckling them. She moaned again, this was her tit fetish (via Literotica) come to life. My teeth and tongue worked over both nipples good, as I squeezed her boobs hard.

Her moans and cooing continued, to the point I was wondering if she was cumming. Women orgasming via breast/nipple play is something I've only read about so I don't know how common it really is (ditto for cumming during anal) but my wife was certainly enjoying herself. I started jacking my cock with one hand while I used the other to feed her tits into my mouth. I was holding one like a milk bottle and sucking on her boob like I was drinking her breast milk (another of her favorite fetish stories on Literotica) and wanking with my right hand.

This really set her off and she egged me on: "yeah baby, suck that titty, mmmm"

I could tell I was ready to cum and debated (in my head) whether to stop and mount her. I decided not to kill her buzz, and kept jacking. As my wife moaned and groaned again, pushing her tits harder into my face, I came. Hot jets of milky cum erupted from my dick, spraying my hand and chest. Given we hadn't had sex for two weeks it was a gusher, and it was a shame my wife missed what was happening behind her. She would have loved it, since I know she is flattered by it (me cumming a gusher).

"Did you cum?" my wife asked.

"Yup" I confessed. "I wanted to cum inside you but it was too late for that. I thought you were gonna ride me, but you didn't."

"I was just about to" she teased, grabbing me some tissues.

"Well, we can go again if you want to" I offered, since my cock was still rock hard.

My wife grabbed my dick, calling my bluff, only to find I was indeed still erect.

"Mmmmmmm" she purred, "I think not, I got mine thank you. I think I need to get some sleep, I've got a big weekend ahead of me"

"You sure?" I offered again, "something more to tide you over since you won't see me again til Sunday?"

"No, I'm fine, I got plenty" she replied, "You're such a great cuntlicker..."

And that was that. We rolled over and went to sleep. Well she did. I was left pondering her use of the word cuntlicker. I don't think I've ever heard her use that word before, let alone speak like that.

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