Friday, May 27, 2016

Nero's Fantasy File ~ #01

Earlier this week in TMI Tuesday we were asked to post an image we found erotic, and explain why. Luckily I already had a folder on my computer labelled Nero's Fantasy File so it was easy. Or not so easy, as it turned out. Like a kid being asked to choose an ice cream from a list of 31 Flavors, I couldn't make up my mind. The kicker was having to explain why we found them erotic - heck, sometimes they just are, you know?

So naturally I ended up picking not one but two, and even then neither of those was my first choice. The explanation for my first choice would have taken too long; so I elected instead to defer posting my first choice until now - where I could explain in glorious detail why I found this image erotic.

Yup, that's me there. Seated. How cool, suave and urbane am I?
Obviously I imagine myself as the guy in that picture. And I imagine that's my wife holding the riding crop. The third woman is some sweet young thing who is likely submissive and will serve us both. For my pleasure. My wife has a Type A personality so is not submissive, hence she gets to be the woman holding the whip. Given my wife's tastes in erotic fiction I can totally imagine her working over the poor woman with her ass exposed.

She'd probably tease the girl with her crop, giving her a few light whacks before smacking her ass hard with her hand. My wife would become aroused by her control over the woman and would direct her to walk over to me on all fours and suck my cock. It's likely my wife would hold that girls hair tightly and force her to deep throat me, pushing her down deep and making her take my full length. Just as I was beginning to enjoy this my wife would pull her off me, because that's what she's like. 

I wouldn't like it but equally I would be prepared to bide my time. My wife can play her games, but I'll get mine in the end.

My wife would then most likely sit next to me and spread her legs wide; tapping on the back of the neck of the girl with her riding crop, indicating that she wants her pussy eaten. The young girl would lean forward hesitantly, not sure what to do. Was she there for me, or my wife? My wife would answer that question by grabbing the girls head roughly and pulling her into her crotch. The girl would devour my wife's cunt, and my wife would start moaning.

I, of course, have been watching this scene unfold and have become even more aroused. I was captivated by the other girl as soon as she entered the room. Sure, my wife looked hot as fuck too but those girls panties were to die for. I loved the little heart shaped cut out that exposed her ass and now I was as hard as steel thinking about fucking her from behind. In those panties.

Which is exactly what happens next.

I kneel behind her and shove my cock up her wet cunt, grabbing her hips and thrusting hard. 

She doesn't even blink, but my wife does. Her eyes open suddenly as she feels the girl between her legs suddenly pushed harder into her pussy. She gives me a dirty look - this wasn't what she had planned. I don't care and just smile as I stare directly into my wife's masked eyes as I pound the girl beneath me. 

"I'm going to cum" I taunt.

"Don't you dare!" says my wife, grabbing the girl and tossing her aside "I want your cock in me!"

Laughing I grab my wife's ankles and spread her legs wide as I mount her on the sofa. Uncertain of what to do the girl sits beside us and starts kissing my wife, obscuring my view.

"Rub her clit and play with her nipples" I bark, and the girl backs off immediately. Her fingers start swirling around my wife's clit, whilst her other hand grabs at my wife's tit. My wife starts to grunt as her orgasm approaches and the girl moves both hands to my wife's nipples and starts twisting. That's not how my wife likes it so I bark another order "squeeze her breasts hard, mash 'em up". The girl starts kneading my wife's tits and my wife begins hissing. The tendons in her neck are showing and I can tell she's going to cum.

"Me first!" I say, as I suddenly withdraw and stand up.

"WHATTHEFUCK?!?!?!?!" shouts my wife, furious.

I ignore her and take a seat on the sofa beside her. My cock is purple and stiff, ready to cum.

"Ride me" I instruct, scooting down so she can mount me reverse cow girl style. "And she can lick you while we fuck"

My wife says nothing but mounts me anyway, still scowling. Holding my stiff prick she guides me inside, planting herself on me in one smooth motion. Ignoring me my wife gestures to the girl, summoning her between her legs. The girl eagerly kneels between our legs and starts tonguing my wife. I can't see a thing but I can picture it, as my wife starts moaning again and squeezing her own breasts. 

I had presumed my wife would ride me, but I was wrong. She indulges in a little powerplay of her own: remaining still (save for a little grinding) as the girl licks my wife's wet slit. 

"Oh yeah baby, that feels soooo good!" purrs my wife, grabbing the girls head with both hands and pulling her in tighter - lest there be any doubt as to who she was talking to. 

Oh, it's like that is it? I respond by grabbing my wife's legs and pulling them up and spreading her wide. This exposes my wife completely to the young girl who alternates between licking my wife's wet cunt and then my tightening balls. I moan when her tongue grazes my cock in between. I start thrusting my cock in and out of my wife's pussy as the girl fingers my balls. I'm in heaven.

The question of who really has the power is resolved when, as my wife and I are both on the cusp of climax, the girl pulls my cock out of my wife on the down thrust and starts jacking me as she slaps my wife's pussy with her other hand. Her hand is clapping on my wife's clit and cunt as my wife cries out with pleasure. Her climax hits her and she starts spasming on top of my spread thighs. 

In between those thighs is a young girl who now has my cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping and jacking me furiously all at the same time. I can't see it but I can feel it. It feels wonderful and I cum heavily, my spunk erupting violently from my dick and firing down her throat. The girl continues to squeeze my balls, milking me of every last drop. My wife slumps backwards against my body, her arms falling by her side as she groans. She is sated.

My wife then crawls up beside me and snuggles into the crook of my arm. She cuddles up to me as the girl stands before us, still on her knees, with a big grin on face. She is both pleased with herself and yet wondering what tasks we have for her next.

"Rim his ass!" orders my wife...

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