Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TMI Tuesday: May 3, 2016 ~ Weekdays (Pictorial Edition)

Another week, another TMI Tuesday - now with ADDED IMAGES!!

1. Do you wish every day was like Sunday?

~ now that I am 'a man of leisure' everyday is like Sunday for me. Yes, it's not a bad life.

This used to be my life, when I was young, and before we had kids...

2. Why don’t you like Mondays?
~ I don't so much not like Mondays as rather I don't like the anticipation of Mondays. Because Monday is the day I keep free to blog about whether I had sex or not on the weekend (yes, some of my posts are scheduled days ahead, in case you didn't know). This means if we didn't have sex I have to quickly find something to move up to become 'Mondays Post'; and if we did have sex I have to quickly write it up on Monday morning in time for my regular mid-day posting schedule. Of course the latter is the problem I most prefer!

3. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday love – which is best day for sex?
~ As I mentioned yesterday, any day for me is a good day to have sex, but for this question I'm going to have to give it over to Alexander O'Neal & Cherelle (who sang it best) since my wife agrees with them, apparently. Given that my wife is a 'woman of leisure' I don't understand why she doesn't want to have sex during the week, especially while our daughter is at school. Instead she still waits for the weekend, insisting that's when she feels most relaxed.

4. Do you look forward to Hump Day a.k.a. Wednesday?
~ No, because for me there is no midweek humping - my wife likes to wait for the weekend. Hump Day makes me nostalgic for the early days of Facebook (I wrote about it here) when some of us played games (on a secondary platform within Facebook) on FB Apps like 'Naughty Friends' and 'Friends For Sale'. While the rest of you were trading pigs and growing crops on Farmville, we were swapping dirty pics and having cyber sex.

One of the milder pics that would be posted on Naughty Friends

5. Friday night just got paid… do you get paid on Fridays?
~ If you mean money, then no. If you mean sex, then... ... still no.
(although I did get lucky last Friday

6. What were you doing 10:15 Saturday night?
~ According to this post I was downstairs stewing while my wife was upstairs reading dirty stories. Luckily for me by 12.15 all was forgiven, when we had some lusty sex. (Actually, the Saturday story is in tomorrow's post).

One of the milder pics that would be posted on Naughty Friends

Bonus: Today in the Washington DC metro area it’s another rainy day - and it is Monday. What’s your weather?
~ It's Monday and it's raining because I'm in DC too, standing outside your house, staring up at your window, wondering when you'll notice me. Or at least wondering when you'll take your clothes off so I can see you naked!

Sure, when John Cusack does it you call it 'romantic', but when I turn up... STALKER!

Bonus Bonus ~ I've just found some of the ruder images we used to post on Naughty Friends (it's amazing what you discover hidden in the bowels of your hard drive). I'll put them in their own special post later in the week...

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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