Monday, May 23, 2016

Unfiltering nude pics on Dreamscope

Dreamscope is an effects filter app you can use to turn your photos into art. Depending on how good your photo is and how good you are with the app you can turn yourself into a very nice piece of art. And like most new technologies people have been using them for erotic purposes. People have taken nude snaps of themselves and then manipulated the images to disguise what they look like.

The results are very cool, but users should know something less cool: when you upload your manipulated/filtered image it is possible to undo it all and get back the original image - meaning if you thought you disguised your face before uploading it to the Dreamscope app others can still see what you look like after a few clicks! I'm not going to tell you how it's done (and I haven't done it myself) but here are a few examples from an online forum that tells you exactly how to do it.

To preserve the anonymity of the original posters -who didn't want to be seen in the first place- I have not used any images that show faces. I have no idea if the original pics can be extracted from other similar apps, but given the internet I'd say be careful because it's most likely it can be done. Everything can be done! If you want to remain anonymous when you post nude pictures online my best advice is not to show your face. Ever.

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