Thursday, May 5, 2016

Weekend Sex ~ Part 3 (Final)

These three women represent Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
You'll notice only two of them are open for business!

This is about what happened last Sunday night - which I've already signalled in Part 1 and Part 2 did not end in sex. In hindsight I think what happened on Saturday night explains why I got none on Sunday. I can't be 100% sure, but I think it has to do with something that I didn't tell you about in Part 2 - which is what makes today's story interesting.

When I told you that I came over my wife boobs on Saturday night what I left out was that my wife wanted me to cum inside her. She didn't say it out loud, but that's how she likes it (when she lets me penetrate her - sometimes she doesn't want penetration, which is a different story) so my failure to shoot hot jets of cum up her pussy represents a failure on my part. Sure, she did say "Cum on my tits" but that was only after she realised I wasn't going to cum inside her.

The reason I wasn't up to it was because I had masturbated earlier. The reason why I had masturbated earlier was because I knew that when I have sex with my wife that is usually it for another month. How was I to know that this was going to be the exception to the rule? How was I to know that what we did on Friday night was so good she would want a repeat on Saturday night? Damn, it's like she's trying to torture me: you think 'we never have sex two nights in a row' but then {BAM!} here we are - mind blown!

In my own defence I submit the following (ie how my mind works)

  1. Because I know we only have sex once a month I must suppress my sexual desire or my brain hurts a lot trying to suppress the frustration.
  2. Because you want sex I must now release the Suppression Order, telling my brain it's okay to desire sex, so that we can have sex.
  3. We had sex and it was great - I am reminded of how great sex is
  4. Sex is so great I now want more sex
  5. I know we will not have sex again tonight because we already had sex last night - I know from experience that we most likely won't have sex again for another few weeks
  6. If we do have sex again it will most likely be non-penetrative ie a handjob, oral, or mutual masturbation
  7. I can either masturbate or I can suppress my sexual desire and wait until the next time my wife wants sex
  8. I can probably get away with masturbating since my wife won't want 'the full service' for another few weeks
  9. I should probably masturbate because this article says it helps fight Cancer
  10. I should definitely masturbate because this article says it helps fight Cancer and my wife wouldn't want me to get Cancer, right?
  11. I should masturbate for the good of my family because no one wants Cancer
  12. If I masturbate now then I should be able to refill the tank by tonight, if my wife is up for it. So it should be okay - what's the worst that could happen?

So, given the above I felt it was safe to masturbate. So I did, to this video.

And as is her habit she retired to bed saying she was tired ("from staying up late last night"- yeah right, lady, if I recall correctly it was you who jumped my boner). But then what does she do? She to stayed up again for another few hours reading her dirty stories. And just like she had on Friday night, on Saturday night she also initiated sex when I finally turned in.

So can I be blamed for thinking that I was going to get lucky for a third time on Sunday night? Was that an unreasonable expectation? Recognising that I had failed to deliver 100% on Saturday night (ie by not cumming inside her - there's no dispute she had one or two orgasms regardless) I made sure that this time I did not masturbate. So when I climbed into bed on Sunday night, after giving her 3 good hours of dirty book 'alone time', I was horny and ready to go. I thought she would be too, but I was wrong.

Maybe the Kindleporn she was reading wasn't as hot as the one(s) she had been reading the two previous nights, but now she said "No, not gonna happen". Whaaat? "I think you've had too much of a good thing, I don't want you thinking you can get it every night. Besides, I think you need a rest"

{BAM!} There you have it. Trust me when I tell you that after 20+ years together I know what my wife is referring to (even though she's not saying it directly) is "you couldn't cum last night without jacking off so maybe we should take a break, give you time to 'recuperate'". And that's the least of the coded message, I suspect there was also a little of "so I'm not hot enough to get you off, that you need to use your hand to finish?" mixed in there as well.

Go on, read Part 1 and Part 2 again. I didn't make that stuff up - I promise you she did enjoy herself immensely. Sexually. As in: Orgasms. So if it was so good for you why stop now?

It's torture I tells ya, my wife is deliberately trying to torture me!!

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