Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Sex

On Sunday night my wife said "No!" to my offer of this, claiming that what we'd done on
Friday and Saturday night was enough, and she needed a rest... WTF - who turns down oral?

I got lucky on Friday night, and again on Saturday night.

As I mentioned last Thursday (here), my wife has resumed reading dirty stories on and has also bought a bunch of 'romance' novels on Amazon for her Kindle. She bought a bunch more on Friday and started reading them so by Friday night she was primed and ready to fuck.

Not that I knew that of course, because I've thought she'd been primed before - only to learn she wasn't. But she was tonight (Friday)! Her KY lube had arrived a few days earlier, she'd read both romance and erotic stories, so she was good to go! I've recently come to realise my wife has compartmentalised our sex. I might get horny at any time, day or night, any day or night, but for her... well, she's decided she likes to wait for the weekend.

The stories must have been very good because we had sex on both Friday and Saturday night. But not Sunday (more on that later).

On Friday night my wife started reading (I only discovered this later) late afternoon and early evening, before breaking for dinner. After dinner she skipped her favorite show (that was the first clue) and returned to her bedroom to read. She read for 4 more hours. At which point, exasperated, I went up to bed. I was horny, but tired - but mostly frustrated. We hadn't had sex in a long time and it seemed my wife had crossed yet another line - she read dirty stories but now we still weren't having sex.

Boy, how wrong was I?

When I came in I slumped into bed and told her turn out the light because I was tired. She did, but after a few minutes of laying in the dark she siddled up close and kissed me. I kissed her back but made no further moves because she's done this before and then claimed she only wanted to give me a kiss and then cuddle - why did I always have to try and turn it into sex? Okay, my bad, pardon my masculinity.

But tonight is was about sex. She rolled over onto her back, grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. Wow, I could immediately tell how excited she was - her breast was swollen and her nipple engorged. It was so hard and stiff I figured I could cut glass with it. She reached over and grabbed my dick and tried to get her hand into my boxers. I massaged her tit as she fished me out and started tugging.

I'll stop here and give you the basic details instead of some hot writing, since it all escalated very quickly. Basically we lost my boxers, she lost her nightie, she ground her ass into my fat cock as I fondled her breasts roughly (reaching around, as she likes it), and then I started pulling her stiff nipples and manhandling her tits even more roughly. This drove her crazy and then she leapt up, grabbed the KY, and lubed both herself and my cock. She then mounted me cowgirl style, sliding her pussy up and down my cock, before grinding her clit into my erection and cumming. There was no penetration, and my dick hurt from her extreme grinding.

As soon as she came she jumped up, swivelled around, and then mounted me, this time in the reverse cowgirl position. My cock slid effortlessly into her super wet cunt. By this stage I realised she was totally in the zone and I was just an available cock to help her fulfil whatever fantasy scenario(s) she'd been reading about for the past few hours. But I wasn't complaining.  I hadn't had sex for two weeks so I was happy to get what I could. My wife was happy too, flopping down between my legs, reaching for her clit, and pushing back on my cock for all she was worth.

I licked my thumb and placed it on her perineum, being careful just to tease her and not actually stick it in her ass. That really set her off and she started moaning and grunting - she was almost thrashing on my cock now. I pressed harder, and I could kinda feel it on my own cock now, as she went into overdrive. That set me off and I warned her I was about to cum. This in turn set her off and she started jack hammering back on my dick for all she was worth.

I grabbed her hips and pumped her full of cum, as she continued to bounce on my dick as she strummed her clit. I kept pumping 'cos I had a lot of cum stored up waiting for release, and she just kept hammering. It got to the point I had to grab her hips and lock her down because my cock was aching now. She'd really done a number on it, and she'd never done it like that before - she was a demon possessed! She rolled off me and climbed up next to me and we cuddled as she told me how fantastic that was. She'd cum a few times, she admitted.

I made a quip about her reading material and she admitted they were quite hot (which in itself was a big step for her - she doesn't normally acknowledge what she does) and great foreplay. I asked her what she was reading but she deflected the question by telling me the 'husbands' (yes, that's the word she used although I'm skeptical they were all married) talked like I did. "And which way is that?" I asked, "do they talk dirty?"  Again she fudged slightly and said "oh, just a bit flirty and some hot talk"

I decided not to press it (did mention I was very tired?) and just let her be. We kissed and fell asleep.

Then on on Saturday we did it all again, but completely differently. I'll tell you that story on Wednesday, after TMI Tuesday tomorrow...

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