Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Parting Gift

My wife was no sooner back from her Girls Weekend than it was time to pack again for her 'Retreat'.

nothing speeds things along quite like a rimjob!
Yes, it was time for her annual long weekend away with the guys in her Business Networking Group (BNG). And when I say 'guys' I mean: she's the only woman in the group. As I've posted previously, the guys are all hard drinking Dynamic Individuals who love doing what guys do when away from their partner. At least now my wife actually acknowledges they're dirty stinking cheaters, even if she does still think they're great guys - just not the sort of men she'd want our daughter to date (when she's older).

Anyway my wife left on Wednesday morning and I fly out on Friday to join her. I get to come because some of the wives are also flying out to join their men at the weekend - since some of the wives have been getting antsy about what their men get up to as part of the BNG events. Due to a scheduling snafu (by my wife) I fly out early on Friday morning and sit in a terminal for a few hours and then on a wharf for a few more hours until I can catch a ferry to the Resort on the 'Island Getaway' they're having their 'Retreat' at. The wives fly in direct on Saturday morning.

And I can't see her until after 6pm anyway, since she will be 'conferencing' and 'bonding' and doing 'trust exercizes' with her BNG buddies until then. There's only 7 of them in this BNG sub-group and they paid some guru handsomely to fly out and 'facilitate' their extended learning sessions. Given that my wife sold her business a few years ago this all seems like an expensive waste of time if you ask me, but no-one did so I'll stfu. My wife doesn't like it when I call her BNG a 'business cult' but they do display similar characteristics to a cult.

Anyway, this is a sex blog so let's get to Tuesday night before she left!

Not much happened.

Almost nothing happened Nothing almost happened because my wife wanted to 'wait until the weekend'. But since I hadn't had any sex (not even solo) since the previous Thursday I was keen for something. Anything!  My wife didn't want to do anything because she'd gotten herself a spray tan that afternoon for the 'Retreat' and didn't want to risk ruining it (don't ask me how). I told her a handjob would be fine, I just wanted something before she took off for four days with six guys in a cabin.

I had a shower and called out for her to come upstairs. She did, to find me naked on the bed.

"Okay, what do you want?" she said, as if she was on the last hour of a 13 hour shift at a brothel. "How about I give you a BJ*?"

"Sure, whatever you want" I answered.

So she gave me a blowjob, mixed with a handjob, and then finished with a rimjob. Yeah, that's right - a rimjob!

She gave me all the --jobs and I came like a rocket.

And then when I was 'done' she carried on packing her suitcase. And I went to sleep.

I'll deal to her properly at the weekend!!


*I don't recall her referring to it as that before. In fact I don't think she's ever called it a 'BJ' ever -until now. I have no idea where this vocabulary is coming from. [See: 'cuntlicker']

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