Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More Retreat 'Learnings'

Just over two weeks ago I was on island resort with my wife sharing her cabana as she finished her four day workshop/retreat with her sub-group from the Business Networking Group (BNG) she's a member of. She's the only woman in this subgroup, the other seven are all men. I wrote it about some of it here, but there were other nuggets of information I also managed to glean that I haven't blogged about previously...

I'll attempt to do that now, so we can wrap this up, but bear in mind there is no narrative this time, just the info.

Swinger Wife had a Facebook photo similar to this...
The Swingers

As I teased here, I learnt that one of the BNG guys (in a separate sub group to my wife, therefore not on this retreat) was a 'Swinger'. His wife liked to have sex with lots of men who were not her husband, and her husband liked to watch his wife have sex with lots of men so... some of the BNG guys in my wife's sub group have had sex with her, while others have 'just' had blowjobs from her.

Apparently at an after party to a BNG event at a private house she had five guys lined up outside a guest bedroom, and they all came in one by one and fucked her. While the husband watched. My wife and I went to that afterparty but missed all the action -  we had no idea what was going on upstairs. Yes, I felt a little left out not to be invited, but then given my age and size I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. She likes them young and good looking, apparently.

My wife (who told me all this in secret) was shocked. SHOCKED! But also titillated, I could tell. She showed me the woman's Facebook profile and although there was nothing overtly risque in her photo albums I could see straight away the hidden clues. There were plenty of sexy selfies, plenty of her with a bunch of guys at a party, and one of her wearing a masquerade mask that was a dead giveaway. Trust me, I've read enough sex blogs and seen the photos on FetLife over the years to recognise she was real.

The funny thing is that she's made a few comments recently on my wife's Facebook - like how she'd love to be invited to some of the girly wine nights my wife goes to, and how hot 'n sexy my wife is at such and such event - so... given this woman swings both ways (so I'm told) I guess my only entree will be via my wife. Ha!

The Players

The guys in my wife's sub group are all Players, even the married ones. When I wrote this story up I finished it with my wife and I going to bed and our buddy trying his luck with a woman at the bar (after having fucked Tinder Girl at dinner time). Well, of course he scored and we got to hear all about it at breakfast the next morning, prior to him flying out to Europe. Apparently this second girl was really great in bed, unlike Tinder Girl, and was "a total nympho". He said they fucked all night long and did "lot's of freaky stuff".

Swinger Wife also had a Facebook photo similar to this...
which was the dead giveaway
I take the second part with a grain of salt since I don't think he really likes 'the freaky stuff'. He'd told us the night before about his one time doing anal. It was with a 27 year old Dutch woman who was staying with mutual friends. She offered to give him a legit massage (she was trained) because he was so stressed after separating from his wife. When she turned up at his house her hold-all included massage oil - and a whole bunch of sex toys!! It seemed she had no intention of giving him a 'straight' massage - and they had sex for two hours. He said it ended when she offered him anal sex, which he'd never done before. He tried it but freaked out because he didn't like 'the mess' on his dick when he fucked her ass. He ran to the bathroom and showered immediately, and then told her to leave when he came out and found her still there. Given his awful behavior with Tinder Girl I'm not surprised he over reacted like that.

The 'Free Pass'

As I mentioned here, one of the guys had a photo of a Hot Babe as his screensaver. No big deal, plenty of guys do. This one was an absolute babe, in a black leather bikini, with a Doberman (dog) on a leash. It was obviously a BDSM fantasy pic, and again, it was no big deal. It was shown to me during The Dinner Fiasco and ALL the guys were hootin' and hollerin' about it. Yes, they were grown men, but they were drunk and obviously it had been a big topic of discussion during the retreat at some stage. When my wife came down to my end of the table the screen saver was mentioned again (or was it BDSM?) and my wife got all excited and told them to show me the screensaver. At which point they said they already had, but got it out again anyway.

She was this hot but more BDSM'ish 
My wife then proceeded to tell all the guys how hot she (the Hot Babe in the screensaver) was, and that if I (her husband) ever got the chance to have sex with a woman like that it would be alright by her, because she was giving me a 'Free Pass'. There was more hootin' and hollerin' and I got the distinct impression this conversation had already been had before, with the guys all saying they'd love to fuck her (the Hot Babe) if they had the chance, and my wife (acting as their surrogate wife) giving them permission because "who could blame any man for wanting to fuck her".

As I mentioned here this was the first night I'd joined them on the island and I was a little surprised at how my wife was behaving (notwithstanding they were all drunk, since that was a given). They had clearly all bonded closely, and my wife seemed to have taken the role of Sexy/Cool Sister. You know the one: she wants you to fuck all the cheerleaders and does her best to help you get them. 

There was so much sex related banter - and my wife seemed determined to hold her own and remain in the thick of it. The problem is that I knew she was all talk, and half the stuff she was saying was BS. At one stage she was telling them all about the 3way I'd had before she met me. She kept urging me to spill the details, but I refused, saying it was private. The truth was I've never had a 3way and I had no idea WTF she was talking about - and yet I couldn't say this because she would look like an idiot.

So... where now is the sexually open up-for-anything wife of mine 
that I reconnected with on the island? Find out tomorrow....

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