Monday, June 20, 2016

Saturday Night Spanking ~ Part 2

Last Saturday I posted Saturday Night Spanking? as a preamble to what I thought was the 'Weekend Sex' part of our new Sex Schedule. As you'll recall my wife recently suggested we schedule sex twice a week since she has finally accepted our sexual frequency is low. (Something I've been whining to myself about since I started this blog, and the blog I had before this one)

So last week Wednesday we had some incredible sex, probably because my wife was really keyed up and excited for it (that story here) which made me look forward to what the weekend would bring.

It brought cystitis, which is no fun at all.

My wife gets this a lot, which perhaps explains why we don't have sex so frequently or when we do it's not penetrative. I've read a few things on it (this and that) but I still don't get it. She only gets it when she has sex, so does that mean I have a poisonous dick? I wash regularly (including showering before sex) so why would I have a bacterial cock?

I don't get it.

The only other scenario I can imagine is that she's sleeping with other men and getting it that way, but that seems impossible unlikely too awful to contemplate.

Equally annoying is that my wife doesn't want to discuss it, which I don't understand. Every time I try to get into she shuts me down - clearly it's a can of worms she doesn't want opened.

If any readers know more about Cystitis and would care to comment feel free to do so below in the comments section. My wife takes some herbal pills from the Health store, because she says she doesn't want to take antibiotics everytime she gets a flare up.

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