Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Night Spanking?

As I mentioned yesterday, I had sex with my wife on Wednesday night. She had agreed during our island getaway at the beginning of this month that our sexual frequency was low and she promised she would try harder to be more engaged with me sexually. Apparently the 7 other guys on her BNG retreat (in the four days prior to my arrival - I was just there for the weekend, not the actual retreat part) had impressed upon her how the male sex drive works, and she said she would be more mindful in future.

I sent this photo to her Facebook inbox on Friday afternoon and asked her
if she was ready for Saturday night. I was in the room and could hear her laugh
when she opened the message. She told me I was a pervert. [image source]
She suggested we schedule sex in order to 'get our groove back on'. which is actually a common recommendation from most relationship advisors/therapists. She suggested we commit to Wednesdays and one Weekend night - either Friday or Saturday. Our first week back from the island saw us having sex on Wednesday, but by the weekend we were back to our old habits ie I'm-not-in-the-mood.

Then 3 days ago my wife surprised me by reminding me it was Wednesday night and initiating sex. As you'll read here it got quite hot 'n heavy! My wife was wet as fuck and came more than once - I think this 'scheduled sex' agrees with her!! (Even if her dirty books are doing all the foreplay for me) It was during the sex that she asked for me to smack her ass, spank it good, and I became convinced she was serious ie not just talking dirty again. I told her then that we could try that properly on Saturday night (when our daughter wasn't in the next room) and she said 'okay'.

So in the days since I have been dropping little comments here and there about how I'm going to give her the spanking she deserves on Saturday night. Does she want it gentle or rough? Does she just want a light smacking so her cheeks are red, or hard enough that she feels it the next day when she sits down? Just small light comments to see her reaction. Thus far she hasn't called my bluff and so I think we might be taking a new step tonight - we shall see.

I'll keep you posted.

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