Friday, June 10, 2016

The Mysterious Case of the Brazilian Pussy ~ Part 3 (final)

I didn't plan on there being a Part 3 so I'll make it short and sweet...
this is pretty much what my wife's pussy looked like - and she's 50!
My wife went away last week on a 'retreat' at a resort with 7 men from her 'Business Networking Group' (BNG). She had 4 days with them before I joined her on Friday night [link], staying for the rest of the weekend. At about 11pm on Friday I discovered my wife had got a 'brazilian' for the vacation. Obviously she needed to look good in her bikini on the island, but did that require her to go full brazilian? She was so vehemently against them previously so what brought about her change of heart? Did she do it for them (the guys) or for me?

We got on the bed after dinner (well after) and started making out, hot and heavy. Then she said she had 'a surprise' for me, and stood up. She dropped her skirt and revealed her bald pussy - I was both elated and confused (for the reasons I've mentioned already). She was oblivious to my turmoil; and was grinning like a Cheshire cat. She jumped back on the bed, turning herself around so her pussy was facing me.

"Eat me!" she laughed.

So I did.

Her pussy looked great, so smooth and bare, and I started licking and nibbling at her folds. There was only a vague hint of stubble at the very bottom of her lips, indicating that had probably been the most sensitive part during the waxing process. Having waxed my chest once I know how painful it is, so having it done to your genitals must be excruciating. (Although I've read that some people enjoy that!)

My wife seemed to be enjoying it too, and was soon writhing around on the bed, holding my head between her legs and giving me instructions: "Yeah, ungh, that's it, hold it right there, ungh, JUST THERE, mmmm that's it, nnnngh, oh god..." etc etc. Then her back arched steeply and she clamped her thighs around my head as she came, hard.

Then it was my turn.

I got up and kneeled between her legs and fed my cock into her wet hole. She brought her knees up to her chest, and then spread herself for me. Or herself perhaps, since she had now wet her finger and was running it up and down her slick slit. She fingered her clit as I thrust in and out her, pounding away as we both marvelled at the sight of my fat cock sawing in and out of her bald pussy. She really did look just like a pornstar and I told her just how hot she looked. She replied in kind:

"Yeah baby, look at my smooth pussy, mmmm, fuck me with that big cock, cum all up inside my cunt, yeahhh, spray it all over my hot bald pussy"

Wow! My wife really was mastering the dirty talk now - although I was a little confused as to where she wanted me to deposit my load. I decided it would be fun to paint her bare pussy so I pulled out and sprayed my sticky mess all over her waxed pussy. She immediately started rubbing it over her smooth skin, purring as she did so "mmmmmmm!" She loved the shaved/waxed look as much as I did, apparently. Was she a convert?

I found out the following day when I reminded her about that tirade she'd launched into last August and how bad it made me feel. She said she had no recollection whatsoever of having said that, and insisted she had no problem with going 'brazilian' for special occasions. She even suggested she might try keeping it that way if she could, since I obviously loved it so much. I said I knew she had a big fear of ingrown hairs so if she just wanted to do it from time to time that would be fine. I said there was no point in her maintaining a brazilian if we were only having sex once or twice a month - which led to another discussion about our frequency. (More on that subject is coming later)

 Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.


This post has also been submitted to 'Kink Of The Week' since this week's subject is Pubic Hair.


  1. Now i like that shot ;-) I am very neat too ;-)

    1. I shall now mentally attach your head to that body! :-)
      (or is that too creepy?)


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