Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Mysterious Case of the Brazilian Pussy ~ Part 2

You probably need to read Part 1 to get the preamble to today's post. Seriously, read it.
Honestly, is there anything more beautiful than pussy?
Some days I can't understand why all women aren't lesbians...!

My wife went away last week on a 'retreat' at a resort with 7 men from her 'Business Networking Group' (BNG). She had 4 days with them before I joined her on Friday night [link], staying for the rest of the weekend. The night I arrived I discovered my wife had got a 'brazilian'.


Don't get me wrong, when my wife 'revealed' her 'surprise' at about 11pm that night I immediately dove down and started eating her out. I think we all know by now that I love going down on her and ~OMFG~ I absolutely go nuts for bald pussy. It just feels so.damn.good. So good!! Don't ask me how, but I think it even tastes better!

But as I was going to town on her smooth bald pussy the dark thoughts crept into my head. "Why had she done this when her last discussion on the subject had been so negative?". Did it have anything to do with the fact she had gone away with 7 guys? Obviously she wanted to look good in her bikini on the island, but did that require her to go full brazilian? I mean, she was so vehemently against it previously so what brought about her change of heart? Did she do it for them (the guys) or me?

Compounding my angst was 'the dinner fiasco'.

I'd left home at 7am and by the time I made it to the island it was 7pm. My wife had said she would meet me when I got there, but she didn't. She was texting me as the ferry came into dock, telling me she would meet me at our Cabana. She didn't. She was still with the guys in one of their cabanas, having 'post-workshop' drinks. Yeah, the 'workshop' that finished at four fucking thirty so thanks a bunch.

My wife turned up at 7.30pm all hugs and smiles. She was genuinely pleased to see me, and even though I could smell the cocktails on her breath she didn't appear overly tipsy. I presumed we would have dinner together - I hadn't eaten since lunch and was ravenous - but she had other plans. Apparently the 'retreat' didn't finish until after dinner, so she was going to have dinner with 'the guys' but I could join her after that for drinks at the bar. I got the impression there had been a lot of 'drinks at the bar' (and back at their cabanas) from the stories my wife shared about her four days without me (told as she got changed for dinner).

My eyes widened as I saw what she was getting changed into - and what she'd changed out of.

She'd been in a two piece bikini with a sheer see-through shirt over the top. Perfect for daytime beach or resort wear but possibly not really appropriate for going to a cabana with a bunch of men in the early evening. That's when I learnt the private cocktail session had started at 4.30pm. Were all those texts she'd sent me from 6pm onwards really designed to find out how far away I was, giving her time to sober up before I arrived at the resort?

What she changed into (I didn't see her change - she was keeping her 'surprise' a secret) was just as eye-boggling. She was wearing a short black skirt with a diaphanous blouse. All very classy and upmarket, but it would possibly have been more classy if she had worn a bra. Yes, her breasts looked great but I could already see her nipples poking out. What sort of treats had she been giving these guys before I got there?

As she kissed me goodbye (to go to the resort restaurant) I pinched her nipple. "Hey!" she cried out, "don't do that, I don't want to flash my headlights"

To late for that, I thought. They were already poking through the flimsy material before I tweaked them, and besides, they already felt stiff when I got to them. She was already excited by what she was wearing - now her nipples were rock hard and jutting out.

You might question why I'd made it worse for myself, but I'd already figured they weren't going to see anything that I was pretty sure they hadn't already seen before I'd got there. If my wife wanted to display her braless boobs at dinner then she may as well know that I knew she was braless. As she left she said "I'll text you if it's okay to join us for a drink after dinner - I'm sure it will be okay...."

WTF? It had gone from 'join us after dinner' to 'I'll see if it's okay...'

Forty minutes later I snuck into the restaurant (it was the only one in the resort) to have my dinner, studiously avoiding my wife and the BNG by sitting at the opposite end of the room, in an alcove. My meal arrived before theirs did because ~ naturally ~ they had two more rounds of drinks at the table before actually ordering their meals. I watched my wife laughing and drinking with these guys, but I had no idea what they were saying.  It was clear they had bonded like high school buddies.

About an hour later I was spotted by one of the guys when he passed me on his way to the toilet. He stopped and chatted with me for a few minutes, claiming he had no idea I was there. A few minutes after returning to his table (after he'd been to the toilet) I got a text from my wife: "it's okay, you can join us later xo"  WTF did that mean? When is 'later'?

I got my answer a few minutes later when my wife came over to my table. Evidently her buddy had only just told her I was there. She pulled me back to their table and poured me a wine. I said Hi to the guys and we chatted like old pals for another hour. Naturally I was pumping them for information, and they were drunk enough to spill it. Boy, did they spill it! It deserves a whole post of it's own (honestly, it was a real doozey) so I'll save that for a future post and cut to when my wife and I were alone in our Cabana that night...

We got on the bed and started making out, hot and heavy. Then she said she had a surprise for me, and stood up. She dropped her skirt and revealed her bald pussy. Wow! I was both elated and confused - for the reasons I've mentioned already. She however was oblivious to my turmoil; and was instead grinning like a Cheshire cat. She jumped back on the bed, turning herself around so her pussy was facing me. "Eat me!" she laughed.

So I did.

(There's a footnote to this story, in Part 3 - Final tomorrow)

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